Welcome! and such~ to a world that'll probably bore you or entertain you for god knows what reason. I'll just be posting some random doodles i do on here and putting up some life stories that I wish to share. thanks for stopping by!

I made a fort!!!

dead at work today. no business what-so-ever. so boss-man says to fold a shit load of boxes. I do so, and an hour later, i am in a box fort (just kept piling boxes). he comes back where i was and just starts laughing his ass off. then we put them away. so it was a boring, fort-ful day.

So I manage pizza...

as the title says. i am now manager at a pizza place, which means more money and more hours~ so, yeah, that's good. 8-10 hour shifts (which is a lot better than 4-5 hour shifts. I work all the time now, though, so keeping up on my art will be tricky, but i can only do my best. priorities and neccesities come first. It's a bit peaceful here now, since everyone save a few family, are away for the night. I'm going to take this time and enjoy it, maybe play a little harvest moon <3

here's a picture of me and a little piggy i impulse-bought at Wallyword:


it's been a horrible week. just one thing after another. my brother had to be taken for surgery, a minor one, but little complications made it difficult and kept him at the hospital longer. I came down with strep throat, been horribly sick the last 3 days and tuesday morning i found out my grandfather passed away. he was a great man, by far, and i can't believe he's gone, but all you can really do is mourn. death is a painful thing, and being forced to acknowledge it is just part of life. we like to think of our close family as invulnerable to it, but in reality, nobody is. (emo moment: everybody is entitled to a few)

r.i.p. pap keith 7/26/11

Chibi Fail!

I am horrible at drawing "chibis"...no really, i did a request for somebody (wolverine as a chibi) and it came out lookin' like something from friggin' wind waker! oh. my. but it was ALOT easier to draw with the wacom, so that's a plus~ tomorrow's gonna be a rough day at work, so i'm off to bed! laters~

Wacom <3

it is a LOTTT cooler today thanks to the rain. I love storms :) my wacom came in the mail today, so i's having a blast messing around with it. i swear i'll get serious and draw something worth while on it :) i just have to find the time with all this work :p until then, imma practice with it more and get a feel for it. it's a lot different than the ones i used in school, smaller. but it's easy to use <3 love it :)