can someone help me please im trying to submit artwork but its not working! ...

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what is up peoples, i havent been on lately cuz i just got a myspace, itz fun!


uuuuuuhhh okay! i just finished reading eclipse for the 3rd time. not surprising though i read twilight like 10 times, new moon like 4 or 5, and breaking dawn 2 times, i love the twilight saga soooo much!


duuuuudes i had the stomach-flu on monday and tuesday and it SUCKED. i threwup 9 times and lost 5 pounds. i felt like crap trulely i did. not to mention that today i had rehearsals for distict choir. i had to stand and do nothing but sing for eight hours straight excluding 2 little 10 min. breakes and lunch but that was it im so tired right now and 2marrow i have to go back and do the actual preform. ugggggh SO tired.

im upset

i was in the spelling bee today and they told me to spell waffle, im like ok?what an easy word, but guess what?i spelled it wrong instead i spelled wafle, im like wafl....wait o no....crap... then i walked away sadly. my face was sooo red, i was so embarressed. but now im upset, im such an idiot!