I got this idea from Itachi Uchiha. I decided to create a world where my fans can post pictures and videos relating to myself or Code Geass. So go head post away.
Two rules:
1. Respect each other
2. If you're going to post a spoiler then warn the viewers.
If you would like to post here and I have not added you as a guest poster don't hesitate to ask me if you can join. The more the merrier.


Good Picture ^^

Why so dead?o.o

Wow, this place is dead... Well, Lelouch, I really miss talking to you ;w;~ did you saw my pm?! It's Nana thought ^^" and when will you on again? I really miss you ><
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Name change

I'm changing my name to EnternalSnow54

My dear friend

Dear Lelouch,
It is fun to get to know you more,
I feel alot better then I was, my leg is better now days,
My friend say I'm weird in my pic, I will talk to you soom, love, your friend, Nana
My new pic:

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Dear Lelouch, today is my worse day ever, my boyfriend broke up with me and now I'm a heartbroken and feel like I'm without soul, only pain, and crying.
Hope you having a great day Lelouch.. Atleasts better then mine.

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