Yooo!! I`m nena!! ;DD

hi '-'

wellz i got my hair dyed as chirstmas gift from my aunt.. ^_^ it`s blueish, pinkish purple, and a little green :D lol kind of reminds me of miyavi`s hair!! XDDD well yeah when you were going to the hair place.... "FAUX" i was like sooo...

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lol this morning we we're going to the farmer's market, to buy vegies xD. & the car wouldn't start ;__; [my grandma's old car xD] then we were going to call tripleA.. then it started to work! yay!! thank you car & grandma XD ^_^ lol. ..so I'm going to post some pics I drew!!!!! ^___^ But my scanner broke.. ;_; so I took a pic.. it still looks good though!! [: but I need to re-size it. That won't take long though!!!! So yeah im posting art!!! xD and look what i did!! <3 ^o^ outta boredum xD i like this place.. puricute!!!!! <3
^---^ it's so cute xD



HiHi!!!!!♥ well..im not going to be here till sunday..so see everyone then!!!☺ btw..today was almost 100 degreez!!! :O omg... and i got a wii!! weeeeeeee!!!!!! xD ja ne till then!! :3 a vid..for idk!!! xD


Well today..i went to an ice-ceam social!!! =^.^= yay!! ice-cream!! :P now im listening to thegaztte n__n yay!! and yay ice-ceam again cuz today was freakin hot.. T_T lol

Yay!!!!!! ^^

OMG..yay!!! today is the last day of school!!!!! ^^ now i can use those e-cards, saying school's over!!! XD !_! YAY!!! BANZAI!!!! LOL yup..that all that happened today!!! =^^=