hi. :)
im 13 and i live on the east coast of the united states !
ive liked pokemon since i was ... hmm ..
4 ?!
thats almost 10 years .
my mom wont let me on myspace anymore so ive decided to bring myself back alive on otaku !

i do art trades & requests !

if you would like one ...

either sign my guestbook or message me !

Stephie :) XD

shore (:

soooo remember how i menationed james at the shore house ? well i like him more now XD

we were going to leave my house to go to the shore for a couple of days at like 10:00 . it was "too late" for my mom & michael . [step-dad] so we got up at like 7:30 and left my house at 9:15, right before contractors start nagging my mom about the back yard & the basement . we got to the shore at 10:45 and i went straight to lindsay's house [awesome naighbor who also likes pokemon as much as me] like i told tyler [james doesnt have a cell .. XD] . it took them till about 11:30 to come over dripping wet and james says "where the heck were you ? we were waiting at the beach . " and there was a girl with brown hair and blue eyes with them too . and tyler goes, "oh this is katelyn, our cousin" [whew . what a relief] and i say, "hi" and then james goes " katelyn it is so nice to meet you . oh why thank you stephanie . it is a pleasure . " [haha] so then we waited on the porch for lindsay while she ate her "breakfast" at 11:30 . then when she came out we all walked to the beach from lindsay's house .. [considering she lives like 2 houses down from me and im RIGHT before the little bridge thing over it] and went into the water . i had a little too much soda before i went into the water though .. so i started hiisterically laughing about absolutely NOTHING . hahahha . after a little james, lindsay and i sat down in the sand with a sand crab and james's skim board . guess what we did ? we made a hockey rink out of james skim board and used the sand crab as a puck . XD

but then james said he was hungry and went back for lunch . after waiting about a half an hour with lindsay , we went back to lindsay's house for lunch also . then about 10 min into sitting at lindsay's computer, my mom calls and says, "you do know tyler & james are at the beach right now, right ? " and im like "no ! seriously ?! we just freaking left ! " [aah !] so we went back down to the beach .. again . then after swallowing like 4 gallons of water , it started to pour . so lindsay, me, tyler, james & katelyn all ran to tyler & james house for shelter .


since they have an outside shower thingy tyler got in first . and since they have a hose that only shoots cold water , we kept spraying it and it sucked all the cold water out of tyler's shower and guess what happened next ? tyler starts going .. aahhh wtf ?!

... then katelyn got in .. and then james .

my mom called right as james got out and told me what time the get smart was playing at . the lowest time was 8:00 and the later was 10:40 . we were going to do the 10:40 cause my mom takes FOREVER and she said michael and her were both "exausted" and needed a nap . oh yeah . sitting on the beach all day is "exausting." so james runs upstairs in a towl yelling to his mom "mom ! come here !" so she talked to my mom and said no because it was their last night with their cousins . that was like at 5:30 .

i ended up sitting next to james on the bench by the shower and we were all listening to i-pods comparing music . then katelyn suggested we all go ride bikes and i said i didnt have one but they all have like 10 to spare .

so james brings out his grand mother's bike . im like HELL NO .

so tyler and james go into the garage to find another bbike and james comes back out and steals tyler's bike . then i steal james's bike . tyler catches james & steals his bike back so james ends up riding his grand mother's . we played hide& go seek tag with bikes until james & tyler's mom called all of them into dinner . that was like 7:00 .

so i went home, took a shower and then lindsay came over for a little bit while i wated for tyler to call me like he said he would . .
he called while i was drying my hair so when i went upstairs i called him back and we ended up going on the beach and tippig lifeguard stands .

then my mom called and told me i needed to come back so i brought lindsay, tyler, james, katelyn and myself upstairs . -9:30 .

tyler & james told, my mom when they would be back to the shore again and they both gave me thair screen names for AIM .

we got to their house since their mom called them to go home and after katelyn and tyler went inside it was just me and james .

he started walking up the stairs untill i said, "wait . can i have a hug before you go ?"
he was like [smiling] "umm .. okay . :)"

it was magical .

then when he was about to open his door to go inside .. he turned around and said
"see ya ." [still smiling]

and i said "see ya"' smiling also .


next day .

it was 10:00 .

i went over to their house to say goodbye ..

and james explained how he broke his nose ..

haha . totally like james .

so they had to go and i sais goodbye .


i wont see them again till august the 8th .. :(