Ikari Warriors

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Hey there ya'll. Love the King Of Fighters? Well this is a site for you.

Well this is theO version of the club. You can also

visit us at


any questions feel free to ask there are 9 mods who can answer you and all the

positions are taken however you can still join the club and

there are still different positions.

Mods so far:

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xaos(Clark Steel)

theralfjones(Ralf Jones)

Teapot Domescam(Whip)

winterlionheart(Leona Heidern)

Ryosuke Forever(Heidern)

Metal Slug Reps:

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Sasuke Uchia(Eri)

Red Kie(Fio)

Tarma(majin luffy)

Marco Rossi (Yuzna)

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In order to join all you have to do is subscribe to this club and we shall subscribe you back

members: zelman clock fan
C ko
Angel Zakuro

King Of Fighters XIII Review

It's been almost a week since King Of Fighters XIII has been released in North America, and other parts of the world. Believe it or not it hasn't been released in Japan by the time I'm writing this. The release date in Japan is December 1st. Anywa...

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KOF 13 pre-release gameplay stream

Atlus and Level Up held the official KOF 13 pre-release stream some time ago. If you missed it (like I did ><) Good news, it's up on Level Up's youtube page, so you can watch the pre-recorded stream. Definitely recommended, you can see the pro players playing and learn some tricks. I'm in the middle of watching it myself and I learned some tricks by watching how they play Clark Steel, and Joe and Iori.

Ikari Warriors moves in KOF 13

To get even MOAR hype for KOF 13 (as if the awesome soundtrack you get as a pre-order bonus wasn't enough) here's the official ATLUS USA videos featuring the Ikari Warriors DMs

Leona's moves

Ralf's moves

Clark's moves


Want to see how the game is shaping up since EVO 2011? Well, IPLAYWINNER.com has a bunch of videos of gameplay at PAX Prime. Good news! Just as I thought, the load times indeed seemed to have improved since EVO.

Want to see the videos of the trials, color edit and some matches, then go here http://iplaywinner.com/news/2011/8/29/pax-prime-king-of-fighters-xiii-trial-modes-color-edit-mode.html Courtesy of the guys at iplaywinner

KOF 13 Console gameplay

If you missed it live at EVO (I'm glad I stood up to watch it live) here's the console build that was playable at EVO (Otakon too)

So go ahead and see for yourself how it looks. Don't be afraid to comment what you think of how it's shaping up so far.