CONTEST!!!!!!!......well sort of

Ok, I have a well I guess u can call it a contest, but I need help with a story I'm trying to wright.
If u go to the first story I posted on this world you'll see that it's old and, well not very detailed.
I'm writting a sequil to that story, but i don't know what to put in the story.
So pm me and tell me what I should do for Tyler's B-day. If ur lost go read this
I'm looking for ideas of what Matt can give Tyler for his birthday.
I'll write a yaoi story for the first adn secconed prize winners.
I've never done a contest before so if I'm doing anything wrong tell me
cuz I realy don't know how to do this



* ** *** **** ***** ****** **************** *************** ************** ************* ************ GRIZZLY ************ ************* ************** *****...

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Love Poem

My whole life, people have been telling me

To choose the right path.

My whole life, I’ve been trying to find it.

Searching, Wondering, hoping I could find it

But I never could.

Sometimes, I find something or someone,

that might be my way out.

My escape from a life of wondering,

But I always wonder, is it really the path

I’m meant to tack?

Is this the promise I was meant to make?

What is my path?

What was I meant to do with my life ?

When will I find that giant sign that says

“Welcome to your future”?

And most of all

who am I to spend the rest of my life with?

When will I meet him/her?

have I already meat him/her?

Will our lives be a good one?

And It’s all these questions that get me wondering,

When will my questions be answered?

Or, maybe

They’ve already been answered…..

Dark Vally

I'll be in the Dark Valley where Black moon fises and darkness is the only thing you can see He will be coming Getting closer and closer to a man who has deceved him his hole life Closer and Close...

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Emo is not a joke.

It’s not about cutting yourself,

it’s not loving death,

it’s not about wearing black all

the time,

it’s not when people are suicidal.

We don’t kill ourselves,

we don’t cause harm to others,

we don’t worship satan,

we don’t hate everyone,

Emo is a music genre,

It’s when people are emotional,

and everyone has their own way of expressing it.

Emo is not a joke,

it’s basically a religion