Yoinked off Tumblr

1. Who was the last person you held hands with?
My niece... while we were walking across the street. What... she don't need to be hit by no cars.

2. Are you outgoing or shy?
a little bit of both..... weird.

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
Umm..... no one that I can think of.

4. Are you easy to get along with?
Depends.... sometimes....

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?
Ha, no. But I'm not that kind of drunk. I'll just laugh it off and go to bed.

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?
I can't really say I have a type..... Its weird.

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?

8. Who from the opposite gender is on your mind?
I've had this girl Ariel on my mind for a while now..... I honestly don't know why...

9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
Depends on with who... Like if my dad comes up to me and wants to talk the ins and outs of sex.... yeah... get the fuck away. But I joke around with it around my friends and shit.

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
My sister.

11. What does the most recent text that you sent say?
Come get me

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
Not really know.

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

15. What good thing happened this summer?

16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
No. She gave me cold sores...... like for forever..... Gah. its gross.

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?
Um... yeah. but not like little green men... like Steven Hawking's type Aliens.

18. Do you still talk to your first crush?
Hahaha No.

19. Do you like bubble baths?
I prefer showers honestly.... but I've been bathed out.... We don't have a shower here. Gah.

20. Do you like your neighbors?
Holy hell no.

21. What are you bad habits?
Smoking. Picking at scabs, biting my nails.

22. Where would you like to travel?
Someplace natural.... like mountains or hills or forests. Waterfalls maybe.

23. Do you have trust issues?
I can't trust you with such sensitive information.

24. Favorite part of your daily routine?

25. What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?

26. What do you do when you wake up?
Try to go back to sleep.

27. Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?
Darker.... I hate going out in the sun and bursting into flames.....

28. Who are you most comfortable around?
Probably no one... Keri probably. Shes cool.

29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?
Weird story... I've never been broken up with... all my relationships just fizzle out into nothingness. No drama.. just strings hanging.

30. Do you ever want to get married?

31. Is your hair long enough for a pony tail?

32. Which celebrities would you have a threesome with?
Steven King and Meat Loaf

33. Spell your name with your chin.

34. Do you play sports? What sports?
35. Would you rather live without TV or music?
Tv. But Tv still needs to exist so I can watch GOT on my laptop.

36. Have you ever liked someone and never told them?
Yes. Most people.

37. What do you say during awkward silences?
Obama right?

38. Describe your dream girl/guy?
Um..... Strength. Not like muscles... but just strength.

39. What are your favorite stores to shop in?
Ones with things on sale.

40. What do you want to do after high school?
Own a mansion with a butler.

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Um... not everyone. Like murderers Rapists... so on and so forth..... Fuck those guys.

42. If your being extremely quiet what does it mean?
Probably need to piss.

43. Do you smile at strangers?
Um...... Sometimes.... but really

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?
Hahaha... Um.... the ocean? full of demon fish? No thanks. And space? I saw that movie.... Fuck that. I'm staying in bed.

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
The fact that everyone judges me on how long I sleep in.....

46. What are you paranoid about?
I'm paranoid about dark corners that I can't see completely.... Perfect size for that girl from the rung to hide in...... I will either check to make sure the isn't there or assume she is and leave the room as quickly as possible.

47. Have you ever been high?

48. Have you ever been drunk?

49. Have you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about?

50. What was the colour of the last hoodie you wore?

51. Ever wished you were someone else?
All the time.

52. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?
There is no 'one thing'. Everything.... just.... just take it.

53. Favourite makeup brand?
I don't know any makeup brands....

54. Favourite store?
Ones with fashionable and affordable clothes.

55. Favourite blog?
Don't know.

56. Favourite colour?

57. Favourite food?

58. Last thing you ate?
Cereal and Milk this morning.... Holy shit its 7pm I need to eat something.

59. First thing you ate this morning?
Cereal and Milk.

60. Ever won a competition? For what?
Art things......

61. Been suspended/expelled? For what?
Hahahahaha. what?

62. Been arrested? For what?
No.... I was detained once though.

63. Ever been in love?

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss?
I asked someone to kiss me, they did. end of story...

65. Are you hungry right now?

66. Do you like your tumblr friends more than your real friends?
Ah...... same.

67. Facebook or Twitter?

68. Twitter or Tumblr?
Tumblr I guess.

69. Are you watching tv right now?
70. Names of your bestfriends?
Keri. Mills.
71. Craving something? What?
I cigarette but I only have a few left and they need to last till the morning so.... Gah.

72. What colour are your towels?
White.... a gold one and a red one.

72. How many pillows do you sleep with?
None actually....

73. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

74. How many stuffed animals do you think you have?

75. Favourite animal?
Cats and Dogs....
76. What colour is your underwear?
Funny story..... All I had to do was look down to answer that one... its a no pants kind of day you know.

77. Chocolate or Vanilla?

78. Favourite ice cream flavour?

79. What colour shirt are you wearing?

80. What colour pants?

81. Favourite tv show?
Game of thrones..... Breaking bad.... WAlking dead. Bates Motel.... I don't know.

82. Favourite movie?
Boondock saints.

83. Mean Girls or Mean Girls 2?
who cares.

84. Mean Girls or 21 Jump Street?
don't know.

85. Favourite character from Mean Girls?
I don't know.

86. Favourite character from Finding Nemo?
Its either the surfer dude turtle or that pelican.... I liked them.

87. First person you talked to today?
My sister.

88. Last person you talked to today?
I said something to my niece I think.

89. Name a person you hate?
Nancy..... Gah.... So stupid.

90. Name a person you love?
My neice... because she is cute and sweet and nice to me.

91. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
Fucking Nancy... She is a racist cunt and no matter what she says I just want to rip that smug, superficial smile of her goddamn face.

92. In a fight with someone?
I have been.

93. How many sweatpants do you have?

94. How many sweaters/hoodies do you have?

95. Last movie you watched?
Lego movie.

96. Favourite actress?
Sofia From Orange is the New black.

97. Favourite actor?
um..... Don't know. Tony stark. Whatever.

98. Do you tan a lot?
Ha... NO! I'm pale and sun burns not only my skin but my internal organs....

99. Have any pets?

100. How are you feeling?
I'm alright. a little annoyed

101. Do you type fast?

102. Do you regret anything from your past?
Oh my god yes!

103. Can you spell well?
Off Coarse I does.

104. Do you miss anyone from your past?
Yes. but such is life.

105. Ever been to a bonfire party?

106. Ever broken someone’s heart?
I doubt it. If so... sorry.

107. Have you ever been on a horse?
Horses don't like me.... its mutual. Fuck those sweaty, smelly beasts of terror. Yes I have been on one but I was seven and it kicked me off.... Her name was Shannon. Fuck Shannon the horse.... Who names A horse a person name.

108. What should you be doing?
I should be getting something to eat but I'm a lazy piece of shit.

109. Is something irritating you right now?
My life situation.

110. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?

111. Do you have trust issues?
We've talked about this already.

112. Who was the last person you cried in front of?
Um....... A front desk agent at a hotel I was staying at. That wasn't awkward at all.

113. What was your childhood nickname?
I don't think I had one really... my sister called me booger though.... I don't remember why.... but I'm sure it had something to do with boogers.

114. Have you ever been out of your province/state?

115. Do you play the Wii?
I have a few times...

116. Are you listening to music right now?

117. Do you like chicken noodle soup?
No chicken..... Just noodle and broth... Thanks.

118. Do you like Chinese food?
Um.... I guess.... I like egg rolls.... nor really into rise....

119. Favourite book?
Harry Potter.

120. Are you afraid of the dark?
.... not normally... sometimes though I freak myself out.

121. Are you mean?
No. Fuck you.

122. Is cheating ever okay?
Um..... Depends. Cheating on a test? Yea. Cheating on an asshole partner? Go for it. Cheating on a loving person who trusts you completely and has put their heart in your hands and you betray them? Do what you want... but I hate you.

123. Can you keep white shoes clean?
I can't keep black shoes clean....... How do you do that. Its the ground. Cigarette butts, dirt, dog shit. If you have clean white shoes that are over a week old I'm just gonna assume that you and Satan are really close and he is doing you a favor.

124. Do you believe in love at first sight?

125. Do you believe in true love?
I think that once you get to know someone you can love them completely and junk... but soul mates? like there is only one person in the word for you? Well its a good thing you two speak the same language and found each other through the 7 billion 47 million people on the planet.....

126. Are you currently bored?

127. What makes you happy?
My cat. Ice cream.

128. Would you change your name?
To butt Particles Magee? yes.

129. What your zodiac sign?
I think its Sagittarius.

130. Do you like subway?
The sandwich? yes. The transpiration... hell no.

131. Your bestfriend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
Have sex with her. She'll see her mistake after that disappointment.

132. Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
We've talked about this before.

133. Favourite lyrics right now?
You say: "we should walk when it calls. Just move on, don't stop or you'll fall" Please stay.

134. Can you count to one million?
Yeah.... but I'm not gonna.

135. Dumbest lie you ever told?
So many dumb lies to choose from. I got caught cheating on a test once..... A lot of stupid lies I told to try to get out of trouble... none of them worked.

136. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?
Closed. But they always end up open when I wake up. Kind of sweet that someone in the house feels the need to check on me.

137. How tall are you?
Tall enough.

138. Curly or Straight hair?
My hair is wavy.. kind of curly... kind of straight.

139. Brunette or Blonde?
Used to be Ginger... but now its more brown and swampy.

140. Summer or Winter?
Winter. I can wear tons of clothes.... only so much you can take off.

141. Night or Day?

142. Favourite month?
September. Fall is pretty.

143. Are you a vegetarian?

144. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

145. Tea or Coffee?

146. Was today a good day?
It was okay.

147. Mars or Snickers?

148. What’s your favourite quote?
O that I could be bound in a nut shell I would count myself king of infinite space.... were it not that I had bad dreams.

149. Do you believe in ghosts?

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?
The word woman was not used as a derogatory sediment, but simply as a name.

Never stop my thieving ways. Stolen from Madeline Hatter

Stolen from Madhatter who stole it from ForeverOtaku who stole it from Hifsa:
We are all thieves... no regrets.

[x] you own at least 5 black shirts
[ ] you like skinny jeans
[x] you're listening to music right now
[x] you have painted your fingernails black before
[x] You have more than 300 songs on your ipod/mp3
[x] Have attempted suicide
[x] Like the color black
[ ] hate girly girls (No, they are so cuuuuute)
[x] have kissed the same sex before
[x] Like to be alone (being alone can be a good thing folks)
[ ] hate popular music (I like what I like, no shame here)
[ ] keep hair in front of your face (Too short man)
[/] give people evil stares (People who deserve it)
[ ] Hate your parents or one of them (I love them, love my back guys.)
[ ] Life sucks for you right now (Not starving, not crying, I'm pretty well off)
[x] have been called emo
[ ] Dislike the colors pink, green, teal and baby blue
[x] own thick-rimmed glasses (my uncle picked out the frames... I don't wear them unless I'm reading)
[ ] Complain a lot
[ ] own a studded belt.
Total: 10 1/2
[ ] own more than 10 minishorts
[ ] own more than 10 miniskirts
[x] have kissed more than 7 people
[x] have been called a slut/gigolo/male-whore
[x] drink a lot
[x] You wear dark eye makeup (Used to... kind of manning up)
[ ] wear low cut shirts
[x] have been called a tease
[x] Flirt with everyone (I've been told I do... I'm just being nice/shy)
[x] love the opposite sex
[ ] Go to parties/sleepovers at least once a week
[ ] wear tight clothing
[ ] own 5 tube tops
[x] you've kissed more than 2 guys/girls
[ ] Like wearing swimsuits
[x] Sit on the opposite sex's lap (They've sat on mine ~///~ so.... cute/hot/more please?)
[ ] People hate you
[x] Its nice to be naughty
[x] you cuss because you think its fun
Total: 11
[ ] own at least 5 jerseys
[ ] Have 10 or more trophies
[ ] Wear hair up almost every day
[ ] Own 5 or more sweatpants
[x] Dont wear makeup (Huh???? why?)
[x] Have/had played lacrosse
[x] Play/played more than 2 sports
[ ] Play sports
[x] Can play a sport if you've never played it before
[ ] On first string
[ ] You play/played Tennis
[x] You play/played Basketball
[x] You play/played baseball-softball
[x] You play/played soccer
[ ] You run/ran track
[ ] You play/played football
[ ] Been called a jock
[ ] Have set a record
[ ] Are friends with your coach
[ ] Love watching sports
[x]can do 17 push-ups in 20 seconds (This is new because I'm trying to get muscles)
Total: 7
PART 4 (Doesn't apply to guys).... so I can't do it.... man.
[ ] Own at least 5 polos
[ ] Own at least 5 pink shirts
[ ] Own at least 5 designer bags
[ ] Wear ribbons in you hair sometimes
[ ] Love pearls
[ ] Only like popular music
[ ] Read tons of magazines
[ ] Love shopping
[ ] Go shopping usually once a week
[ ] Voted prom queen
[ ] Have dated a jock
[ ] Like attention
[ ] Always have your cellphone with you
[ ] Have more than 50 contacts on your phone
[ ] More than 30 guy contacts
[ ] Hate emo people
[ ] Wear make up
[ ] Is stupid
[ ] Wear heels
Total: 0

[ ] Wear your pants above your belly button
[x] Wear glasses/contacts
[x] have/had braces
[x] In/have been in advanced classes
[ ] On Math team
[ ] Have all A's (
[ ] Have been called a nerd
[x] Is bullied (was, I'm just an easy target.)
[x] LOVE to learn (Depends)
[/] Like your teachers (Half and half)
[x] Watch history channel
[ ] Never go anywhere on the weekends
[x] Have been called weird (Who cares tho
[/] Scared to talk to the opposite sex (Cute girl at book store.... AH)
[ ] Don’t have pictures of yourself on MySpace (Don't have a myspace, nerds have myspace)
[x] Read a book a month in your leisure time
[x] You read on your last spring break
[ ] Have your own website
[ ] Wear pocket protectors
[ ] Done/does test corrections when you got above a 90 on it
[ ] Did/does extra-credit when average is over an 85
[ ] Take notes on what the teachers tell you not to worry about.
Total: 10 Really?

[x] like baggy/ long clothing
[ ] like to talk like a thug
[ ] you own gold/ silver chains
[x] have a flat brimmed hat
[ ] like to wear a certain color because of a gang
[ ] you are in a gang
[ ] you mostly listen to rap music
[ ] you own clothes from lines such as ecko, sean john, g unit, 69, south pole, rasta, notorious
[ ] you have a nice sound system in your car
[ ] you never walk... you strut
[ ] you don’t like haters from rival gangs
[ ] you have a thug nickname
[ ] you hate emo people
[ ] you hate punk kids
[ ] you have made a gang
[ ] you can name more than 20 rappers
[x] you can dance
[ ] you want to rap when you are older
[x] you love turntables
[ ] hate the punks that are in fake gangs.
Total: 4
Multiply each number by 3 then repost as_ % Emo,_ % Slut, _ % Jock, _ % Girly, _ % Nerd, _ %Thug
Emo: 30%
Slut: 33%
Jock: 21%
Girly: 0%
Nerd: 30%
Thug: 12%

quiz i might have already done

1. Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?
YEah. I've dated one before.

3. When’s the last time you were aggravated and happy at the same time?
Just today actually.

4. Would you ever smile at a stranger?

5. Is there someone mad because you’re dating/talking to the person you are?
No. I weeded out petty fuckers a long time ago. Well... I take that back. My sister is kind of pissed over this girl I talk to who I dated once and never got over and she thinks its not helping me to move on.

6. Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone today?
Nine inch nails- The day the world went away. Ty.

7. What exactly are you wearing right now?

Tee shirt, jeans, went out of the house today.

8. How often do you listen to music?
at least four hours a day.

9. Do you wear jeans or sweats more?
Jeans... or I walk around in boxers. No sweat pants needed.

10. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2014?
I would hope so. Its kind of boring right now.

11. Are you a social or an antisocial person?
I can be social, but in general I'm reserved. I need an outgoing person around me to be outgoing. I'm nice for the most part. can carry a conversation.

12. Have you ever kissed someone whose name begins with the letter ‘A’?
Ariel. yes.

13. What about ‘R’?
.... no... can't say I have.

14. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes. Legally? no.

15. Do you care if people talk badly about you?
I bit, in the end I try not to focus on negative things. it only makes life hard and I don't want a hard life.

16. Are you going out of town soon?

17. When was the last time you cried?
Almost did at the laundry mat today.... haha, big strong tough man here.

18. Have you ever told someone you loved them?
This is something I have problems doing. but yes.

19. If you could change your eye color, would you?
I'm okay with them as is.

20. Is there a boy who you would do absolutely everything for?
Wade. not in a gay way, but I've been worried about him for a while and i want him to get better.

21. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having.
Laundry mats and buses. Things where there are people all around you but no faces you know. but a lot of people who notice when you're messed up.

22. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead?
It kind of makes me cringe.

23. Are you dating the last person you talked to?
My sister? no, you sick fuck.

24. What are you sitting on right now?
the computer.

25. Does anyone regularly (other than family) tell you they love you?
Keri. I really should stop doing that.

26. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?
Keri. She is dating someone else, and before that she was dating someone else and before that she was dating me. I thought because I was her on the side guy I would have her after she broke up with the other guy but fuck that.

27. Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night?

28. Do you get a lot of colds?
Every year, at least once.

29. Where is the shirt you are wearing from?
a guitar shop. Its a gibson shirt. I like it a lot.

30. Does anyone hate you?
a few people. butt fuck em. Let em hate. I've got better things to put my time into.

31. Do you have any empty alcohol bottles hidden somewhere in your room?
Empty? hell no. toss the empties and keep it full.

32. Do you like watching scary movies?

33. Do you want your tongue pierced?
hehehe. not anymore. the things a guy does to get a girl.

34. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be?
7. I never want to be seven again.

35. Did you have a dream last night?
Yea. Zombies came and they sent all the school kids to kill the zombies so the teachers were save. Walter White was in it and at the end we were rehearsing a play and he asked if I had ever considered crotch stuffing..... subconscious fears about my body. AH.

36. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
I don't know.

37. Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?

38. Do you think someone has feelings for you?

39. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?

40. Did you have a good day yesterday?
Can't remember so it couldn't have been too bad.

41. Think back 2 months ago; were you in a relationship?

42. In the next 48 hours, will you hang out with a girl?

43. Has anyone told you they don’t want to ever lose you?
This girl named Nancy. When I was 14 I was suicidal. She told me that she didn't want to lose me to this. since then she has had a kid and is getting married and is happy.

44. What’s the best part about school?
The part where I quit.

45. Do you have any pictures on your Facebook?

46. Do you ever pass notes to your friends in school?
Don't go to school.

47. Do you replay things that have happened in your head?
Yes. come up with comebacks and things to say. smile at the good times ot cringe at something that happened long ago that everyone but me has already forgotten.

48. Were you single over the last summer?

49. Is your life anything like it was two years ago?

50. What are you supposed to be doing right now?
Probably going to the bathroom. But I'm lazy.

51. Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?

52. Are you nice to everyone?

53. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

54. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months and not cheat?

55. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
I'd like to think so. but I've been told I'm an open book as well... and yet no one seems to comfort me when I'm sad. what does that tell you? how should I know.

56. Do you think you like someone?

57. Have you kissed someone whose name starts with a ‘J’?

58. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?
I prefer to have friends in general. I like them. I miss them. I don't make them easily. I don't give a shit what they have in their pants. I'm lonely.

59. Has anyone of your friends ever seen you cry?
Wade when I was drunk. a girl named Keri.

60. Do you hate anyone?
Not a lot of people, and no one I feel like thinking about right now.

61. How’s your heart?

62. Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about?
Yes. somethings I've never talked about, and never will.

63. Have you ever cried over a guy?
One who died.

64. Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?
My mom.

65. Are your toenails painted pink?

66. Will your next kiss be a mistake?
I don't know.

67. Girls love it when boyfriends cry; correct?
How should I know?

68. Have your pants ever fallen down in public?
My cousin pants me in front of a lot of people.

69. Who was the last person you were on the phone with?
Stef. Hes okay.

70. How do you look right now?

71. Do you have someone you can be your complete self around?
Keri. I'm depressing myself with her right now.

72. Can you commit to one person?

73. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?
Yes. Keri bro.

74. Have you ever felt replaced?
All the time.

75. Did you wake up cranky?
Brian Cranston told me to crotch stuff in my dream.... how do you think I felt?

76. Are you a jealous person?
I'd like to say no, but I'd be lying.

77. Are relationships ever worth it?
I'm beginning to wonder.

78. Anyone you’re giving up on?
My mom.

79. Currently wanting to see anyone?

80. Name something you have to do tomorrow?
Wake up. watch my little cousin.

81. Last person you cried in front of?

82. Is there someone you will never forget?

83. Do you think the person you have feelings for is protective of you?

84. If the person you wish to be with were with you, what would you be doing right now?
Not this damn quiz.

85. Are you over your past?
I could lie, but no I'm not.

86. Have you ever liked one of your best friends of the opposite sex?

87. Is there anyone you can tell EVERYTHING to?

88. If your first true love knocked on your door with apology and presents, would you accept?

89. So, the last person you kissed just happens to arrive at your door at 3AM; do you let them in?

90. Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?

91. Will you be in a relationship in 2 months?

92. Is there anyone you know with the name Michael?
yea. a cousin.

93. Have you ever kissed a Matthew?

94. Were you in a relationship in January? How was it going?
Not really? it was very very VERY complicated.

95. Were you happy with the person you liked in March?

96. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive?
I guess.

97. Who do you have texts from?

98. If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say?
Go for it, you're a star.

99. Have you ever kissed someone older than you?

100. Who’s in your profile picture with you?
My little cousin.

101. Ever kissed under fireworks?

102. Has anybody ever given you butterflies?

I'm 22? get out!

Post this in your Journal with the title saying,

"I act like a __ year-old".

[x] You know how to make a pot of coffee.
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar.
[ ] You own a credit card.
[x] You know how to change the oil in a car.
[x] You've done your own laundry.
[ ] You can vote in an election.
[ ] You can cook for yourself.
[x] You think politics are interesting.

Total so far : 4

[ ] You show up for school late a lot.
[x] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket.
[ ] You've never gotten a detention.
[x] You have forgotten your own birthday.
[x] You like to take walks by yourself.
[x] You know what credibility means without looking it up.
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week.

Total so far : 9

[X] You know how to do the dishes
[X] You can count to 10 in another language. (German, spanish)
[ ] When you say you're going to do something you usually do it.
[x] You can mow the lawn.
[ ] You study even when you don't have to.
[X] You have hand washed a car before.

Total so far : 13

[X] You can spell experience without looking it up.
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name.
[x] Your favorite kind of food is take-out.
[X] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need.
[x] You understand political jokes the first time they are said.
[X] You can type pretty quickly.

Total so far : 18

[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment.
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party.
[X] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay.
[X] You have been to the beach.
[X] You use the internet every day.
[X] You have been outside 3 or more times a day
[ ] You make your bed in the morning.

Total: 22
I'm 22.... apparently. Fuck what my birth certificate this online quiz says I'm 22... can I used this to buy alcohol?

won't stop thieving things.

Stolen from Kyle who stole it from TDE. Who probably got it pirating on the wide seas.... shame on those boys. Count me as one as I too have stolen it. ^^

Your Loli/Shota side:

[ ] You tilt your head when you're confused.
[ ] You love sweets and cute things.
[ ] You are often confused and lost in conversations with your friends.
[ ] You blush simply thinking of sexual things.
[ ] People often call you cute.
[x] You care a lot about your friends.
[ ] You embarrass yourself a lot with silly question or statements.
[/] You like bright, soft colors. *Don't hate em*
[ ] You enjoy listening to cute, sweet, gentle songs.
[ ] You add things to the end of your friend's names
[ ] People often say "aww" when you've done something clumsy/silly.
[ ] You like anime/movies about romance, love and friendship.

Total: 1 1/2

Your Tsundere side:

[x] You come off as tough and confident on the outside, when you are actually soft and emotional on the inside
[x] You often hide your true feelings for someone.
[ ] You are caring but deny it when someone tells it to you.
[x] You are protective.
[/] When someone bugs you, you tell them right away strongly, but are still on the inside worried that you've hurt them.
[ ] You are easily embarrassed.
[ ] Compliments make you feel awkward and you always deny them.
[ ] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings.
[x] You can be violent at times.
[x] You may hurt people a lot, but regret it right away
[ ] When people say Thank You, you often reply by saying it was for yourself
[x] You never cry in front of others.

Total: 6 1/2

Your Yandere side:

[ ] You are often loving, caring, sweet - until someone upsets you badly.
[ ] When angry, you're normally hide it until the time for revenge is right.
[x] You can at times, be obsessive.
[ ] People have said you are "two-faced".
[ ] People tell you you're nice, but can be creepy at times.
[x] You scare the crap out of your friends when you get upset.
[ ]People find it weird to see you anything other than gentle and smiling.
[x] When you're upset, sometimes you still smile, even when saying something harsh.
[x] You can get very violent.
[ ] You love to help people, but often love to help yourself more.
[ ] You like slow, sweet, but twisted songs.
[x] You like colors like dark blue or light red.

Total: 5

Your Kuudere side:

[x] You don't show your emotions to others.
[x] You hide your true feelings.
[x] When you become close to someone, you slowly open up.
[ ] Although you don't show it, you are easily made happy.
[x] You care for others a lot, still you don't show it.
[ ] People think you are mysterious.
[ ] You can be shy.
[ ] You aren't very loud, rather silent.
[ ] You know who to trust and who not to.
[ ] You choose your friends wisely.
[ ]You like simple colors, like light purple or white.
[/] You are rather mature.

Total: 4 1/2

Your Dandere side:

[ ] You are a shy person.
[ ] You are quiet and don't speak up for yourself.
[x] You look down instead of straight forwards when walking.
[x] You sometimes go to extreme levels just to get out of public speaking. (Same cam also be said for anything that would involve me looking intelligent to others because I honestly don't feel like I am)
[ ] You have stage fright.
[ ] You are stoic and not very open.
[ ] You hide yourself with your hair at times.
[ ] Your face starts boiling when speaking with others.
[ ] You speak very quietly in case you say something silly or you sound weird.
[ ] You are afraid of meeting new people.
[x] You are a hard worker.
[/] You do not have as many friendships as others, but those you do have, you cherish very much.

Total: 3 1/2

Result: Tsundere