iDefyn Ajin

Author: Miura Tsuina
Artist: Sakurai Gamon
Genre: Sienen, supernatural, adventure, horror

Ok I don’t get to fan girl very much on my review world as I try to keep my eye super critical…
But seriously!!! Ajin! Its soooooo freaking cool! >.> It’s got everything I love in my manga! It has been a really long time since I’ve been this excited for a series!

At least so far, only 3 chapters have been fan translated but last week I made a trip to the nearest Japanese book store (They get imports from Japan and have a HUGE selection of manga in both English and Japanese) and saw that the series is on the second book published, which means in the magazines its probably at least a book or two farther along. Also the fact that it has a separate author from artist implies it might be based off a light novel or at least is being made in a team. (rather like Defense Devil, Trinity Blood, CLAMP or Death Note to give some examples of series based off novels and manga writing teams)
Ok shut up reviewer voice! (Referring to that last paragraph) Let loose!

The artwork is really cool! And I love the premise~! Ajin is written 亜人 and translates as something like Sub Human.
And yeah that’s what this series is about. There’s this new being called an Ajin that can’t die, nobody quite knows what they are, and there don’t seem to be very many of them. Typically nobody even knows that the person they knew was an ajin until they don’t die when they should have.
And in the first chapter our protagonist meets with an accident…

Being immortal has never looked so very cool and so painful! That’s part of why I like it! The action so far has been great and the drama also awesome, and I really can’t wait to read more! This series has so much potential and I encourage scifi, supernatural and action fans to give it a go!!!
And I thought I’d share my excitement with you all!

Anyhoo that’s one of the series I'm currently reading.

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