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iDefyn Iris Zero

Long time, no see!

Today, I'll present my current manga obsession, Iris Zero, by Piroshiki and Hotaru Takana.

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The manga takes place in a world where more than 90% of children are born with an ability called an iris that allows them to see specific things -- whether those be little things like what's for dinner or things like feelings or what others are suited for. Irises are a relatively new development, so adults don't have this power. And Iris Zeros, the few children who are born without it, are treated as outcasts. Toru Mizushima is our titular Iris Zero. To avoid confrontation, he keeps to a policy he calls "low exposure" (lit. "low ratings") and tries not to stand out. But when the super-popular Koyuki Sasamori barges into his life, his exposure goes over 9,000 he's suddenly dragged into the limelight.

On top of having a unique premise, the story is pretty psychological and has just the right mix of drama and comedy, so that it's not too dark even when it tackles some tough topics. The characters are fleshed-out and likable, too. (I could write a whole iDefyn character post for Toru, Hijiri or Asahi, but that'll come later.) Also, with the exception of one questionable scene, there's almost no fan service in this series. (Even the creator writes a bonus manga jokingly calling the series "Sex Appeal Zero".) So I highly recommend it. If you haven't yet read Iris Zero, give it a try!

iDefyn Johan Anderson (Yu-Gi-Oh GX)

[UPDATe/Intro] This is my First post here at iDefyn. This is such a fun and wonderful world and I love reading about the many different animes and wonderful characters here. Please allow me to add my own contributions as well. *bows Japanese style...

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iDefyn Koyu Ri

Koyu Ri is a supporting character in the anime/manga, "The Story of Saiunkoku" (Saiunkoku Monogatari). He is a young civil servant whose current duty is babysitting serving the emperor, Ryuki.

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Koyu is considered a genius, and he was a top scorer in the imperial civil exam at the age of 16 (the youngest examinee to pass at his rank, at the time). However... he has an absolutely horrible sense of direction and gets lost even in his own home. Due to some painful experiences with marriage proposals, he hates women. And he has somewhat of a short fuse, especially where his bothersome best friend, Shuei, is concerned.

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This guy is such a fun character, and this manga/anime is a blast!

iDefyn Clannad

Clannad is the story of two kids who meet in high school, get closer as they work through problems together, and eventually get married and have a family. Boring, every-day stuff? Emphatically NO!

The main characters are Tomoya (a so-called delinquent with family issues whose worst offenses are skipping class and playing pranks) and Nagisa (a frail girl whose wacky parents dote on her). Throughout the first season, they meet a host of off-kilter characters and help them out. A barrel of laughs comes along with these characters' bittersweet stories. All the while, an alternate fantasy world is weaved into the story bit by bit.

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The second season is Clannad After story, which focuses on life after high school (and Nagisa and Tomoya's romantic relationship/soon-to-be new family life). It starts off with the same tone as the first season. In the second half, it completely changes gears. HAVE A TISSUE BOX NEARBY!!

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I personally have a love-hate relationship with this series. It's so well-done, you have to love it; but it will make you bawl like a baby. Clannad is definitely in my top 5 anime.

iDefyn Toradora! Taiga

Hey guys^^today I define Toradora's Aisaka Taiga...she is the most rebellious anime girl I've seen till now and I've watched more than 90 animes!

She has a fiery personality and never admits defeat. She's a number klutz and depends on Ryuuji for food but still looks down on him aand picks on him calling him a 'dog or a 'mongrel'. She's really storng too but desipte all that hard core exterior shes a marsh mellow from the inside. Though she has an ordeal revealing her feelings...

In appearance she looks like a doll. With a short height and locks of beautiful brown hair she looks really cute...But looks aren't everything, are they??