The Otaku Host Club, which I am apparently a new member of, requested that I place this card in my world introductions. However, since my other world already has a picture, I decided to create this world for the fans I may receive from the Host Club. I welcome you to this cold world of mine.

Sakurasista (Trish)
Mocha chan
Sukikisu (Kiki)

Rein Akira: Host Club

Lunastarz: Host Club

A holiday request

Well, last night on the proboards the almighty Luna asked me to make it snow in Karakura Town. I said that I was already booked, but I guess it won't hurt to adjust their weather climate ever so slightly.

Besides, it's for Christmas Day, and she probably has a date with Ichigo. Who wouldn't want it to snow.

Note: Not sure if she means the proboards or not........

The Monthly Challenge

Kisuke just gave me a great idea, though he doesn't know it ^^

Anyway, from now on every month I will be hosting a challenge. Basically, I will post a quote from Bleach, and you will have to guess who said it. The first fan to correctly guess will get 5 points added to your tally.

Here is the first quote:

"The act of saving a comrade in need should require no thanks."


Taking Requests

I just wanted to let everyone who's been paying attention that I will now be taking requests for my "Soul Collections" wallpapers.

There are just a few things I need to know:

  • Who and from what anime/s or manga/s?
  • What is their character like?
  • What color is often associated with them?

Just comment below if you have one you want me to do.

A break.

For various reasons I have decided to take a break from the O, ProBoards, and even Skype. I do not know how long I will be gone, but should you really need me just tell Kira and she can get the message to me.

I hope to be back soon though...

Dear Fans:

I would like all of you to choose a anime character that best suits you. It could be your favorite character, or one that you roleplay.

The one you choose will be the one that represents you in various wallpaper/cards/video(maybe) that I make.

Note: ReiKiba if you want a different character please let me know. Otherwise I will continue to use Momo Hinamori.