"Bleach Campus: Teenage Life" - The Introduction....

"Bleach Campus: Teenage Life" (The Introduction)

Hi, everyone! Sorry for bothering you. I just don't know why i'm here. Uhmm... I'm just eating my lunch with my friends at our school's canteen. Then after that, I end up showing here. Err, they said that I am asked to introduced our group to you. (Well, the reason is our unique story at BLEACH campus. That's why they chose us... ahehe.) Uhmm but now I have to do my task. Well here it goes...

Kurosaki Ichigo : "The Emo Guy, livin' the Emo Life"

He is Kurosaki Ichigo, the resident emo guy of the group. He's so silent and of course, not talkative. And that's the reason why we don't know him a lot. Because he don't talk that much.

Abarai Renji : "The Play Boy with intense COOL-Ness"

He is Abarai Renji, the resident "playboy" of the group. Even though he's that boastful, still, he can show what he got. He's good at dancing. And the information that I can really give you is that... He already have so many girlfriends.

Yasutora Sado : "The Sporty"

He is Yasutora Sado, the resident sporty of the group. He's good at any sport, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, volleyball, uhmm.. almost all sports, name it, he's good at it. That's why he's the school representative in national sports competition outside the campus. He's my idol in the category of SOCCER.

Uryuu Ishida : "The Nerdy -slash- Einstein"

He is Uryuu Ishida, the nerd -slash- most genious among all of us. ahehe. He's handsome, good at everything. (especially at academics) But I'm not sure if he have a girlfriend. Err.. I will admit, I have a secret crush on him. ( Pshhh!!! Don't tell him or anyone... PLEASE!)

Kuchiki Rukia : "The Transferee with Mystery"

Uhmmm. She is Kuchiki Rukia. She's a new member of the group. I don't have enough information to tell you guys, sorry. She's a transferee here at BLEACH campus. I heard she's an intelligent girl. She's also friendly. Hope we can get along.

Inoue Orihime : "The Suspect"

And by the way I'm Inoue Orihime. I built this club, I mean group. I'm the suspect of bringing them all together in a group. Because of the result of my experiment, (err, not really experiment.) I can say that even though we have different personalities, we can still get along and be friends. GOOD FRIENDS!

P.S : Watchout for our individual stories in the next episodes. err. post.

inoue orihime.