IchixRuki is LOVE!

Ichigo and Rukia's most talk about love team, (especially talk by those ultimate BLEACH lovers! err. like me.) the IchiRuki loveteam was supported by many fans. This loveteam really gain so much fans and supporters. As we all know, Ichigo and Rukia were sometimes partner to other BLEACH characters like, Abarai Renji and Inoue Orihime.

And the said different loveteam gain a name like, IchiHime and err the loveteam of Rukia and Renji. (err, don't know the name.. gosh.) But the loveteam, IchiRuki stayed stronger, better and the very beautiful part is this loveteam was still supported by many. ahehe. This was mah short err, review of the team-up of Ichi-Ruki. That's all.

P.S = IchiRuki still RULES! and it will rule FOREVER! 1.4.3 IchiRuki. Loving the way they were.

~ Huami-chan (signing-off.. hehe.)
~ and please, SUPPORT ICHIRUKI!