Bleach (ブリーチ, Burīchi?, romanized as BLEACH in Japan) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he accidentally obtains the power of a shinigami from Rukia Kuchiki. A shinigami is a Japanese death personification similar to the Grim Reaper. Gaining these abilities forces him to take on the duties of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding departed souls to the afterlife.

"Bleach Campus: Teenage Life" - The Introduction....

"Bleach Campus: Teenage Life" (The Introduction)

Hi, everyone! Sorry for bothering you. I just don't know why i'm here. Uhmm... I'm just eating my lunch with my friends at our school's canteen. Then after that, I end up showing here. Err, they said that I am asked to introduced our group to you. (Well, the reason is our unique story at BLEACH campus. That's why they chose us... ahehe.) Uhmm but now I have to do my task. Well here it goes...

Kurosaki Ichigo : "The Emo Guy, livin' the Emo Life"

He is Kurosaki Ichigo, the resident emo guy of the group. He's so silent and of course, not talkative. And that's the reason why we don't know him a lot. Because he don't talk that much.

Abarai Renji : "The Play Boy with intense COOL-Ness"

He is Abarai Renji, the resident "playboy" of the group. Even though he's that boastful, still, he can show what he got. He's good at dancing. And the information that I can really give you is that... He already have so many girlfriends.

Yasutora Sado : "The Sporty"

He is Yasutora Sado, the resident sporty of the group. He's good at any sport, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, volleyball, uhmm.. almost all sports, name it, he's good at it. That's why he's the school representative in national sports competition outside the campus. He's my idol in the category of SOCCER.

Uryuu Ishida : "The Nerdy -slash- Einstein"

He is Uryuu Ishida, the nerd -slash- most genious among all of us. ahehe. He's handsome, good at everything. (especially at academics) But I'm not sure if he have a girlfriend. Err.. I will admit, I have a secret crush on him. ( Pshhh!!! Don't tell him or anyone... PLEASE!)

Kuchiki Rukia : "The Transferee with Mystery"

Uhmmm. She is Kuchiki Rukia. She's a new member of the group. I don't have enough information to tell you guys, sorry. She's a transferee here at BLEACH campus. I heard she's an intelligent girl. She's also friendly. Hope we can get along.

Inoue Orihime : "The Suspect"

And by the way I'm Inoue Orihime. I built this club, I mean group. I'm the suspect of bringing them all together in a group. Because of the result of my experiment, (err, not really experiment.) I can say that even though we have different personalities, we can still get along and be friends. GOOD FRIENDS!

P.S : Watchout for our individual stories in the next episodes. err. post.

inoue orihime.

IchixRuki is LOVE!

Ichigo and Rukia's most talk about love team, (especially talk by those ultimate BLEACH lovers! err. like me.) the IchiRuki loveteam was supported by many fans. This loveteam really gain so much fans and supporters. As we all know, Ichigo and Rukia were sometimes partner to other BLEACH characters like, Abarai Renji and Inoue Orihime.

And the said different loveteam gain a name like, IchiHime and err the loveteam of Rukia and Renji. (err, don't know the name.. gosh.) But the loveteam, IchiRuki stayed stronger, better and the very beautiful part is this loveteam was still supported by many. ahehe. This was mah short err, review of the team-up of Ichi-Ruki. That's all.

P.S = IchiRuki still RULES! and it will rule FOREVER! 1.4.3 IchiRuki. Loving the way they were.

~ Huami-chan (signing-off.. hehe.)
~ and please, SUPPORT ICHIRUKI!

"Drowning in Sweetness" -> Huamichan.


~ wew. IchiRuki reallly rockssss!!!!! To all mah fellow IchiRuki and BLEACH fans this featured pic was for yah... I found this pic on Note: This is not mine. I just posted it to share to mah fellow otakus.

~ I hope yah like this post!
~ Huami-chan (O_O)
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Bleach Character Types : Bount.


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Introduced in the anime, the Bounts are, like the Quincy, a clan of human beings with high spiritual energy and special powers. They were accidentally created by shinigami scientists looking for a way to create eternal life. Bounts consume the souls of human beings to survive; theoretically, a Bount could live forever by doing so. Although the Bounts have a strict rule to consume only the souls of the dead, the final group of Bounts has chosen to drain souls from living humans in order to become more powerful and destroy the shinigami world. Each Bount uses a "doll" in combat, a type of familiar possessing its own special abilities. Every doll is unique and is a manifestation of the user's power. If the doll is destroyed, its owner is destroyed as well.


Bleach Character Types : Quincy.


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The Quincy were a clan of spiritually aware humans who once fought against the hollows, using weapons composed of spiritual energy to slay them. As opposed to shinigami, Quincy absorb and channel energy from their surroundings. When a shinigami slays a hollow, this cleanses the hollow's soul and washes away its sins, allowing it to enter Soul Society. The Quincy technique to slay hollows simply destroys the soul entirely. Furthermore, using this method has the propensity to shatter the balance of the universe. When souls are destroyed, the number of souls entering and leaving Soul Society cannot remain equal. This issue prompted the shinigami to conduct a campaign to exterminate the Quincy about 200 years before the main storyline. However, at least two Quincy remain.