Hey ppl.....I had to make a new Sasuke World because my old one had alot of mistakes and that does not fit my title!! So here's a new world!!

reality smack in the face!!

I just realized that..Sasuke will never go back 2 the village...well onlyso he can distroy Konoha for Itachi and he might kill Naruto 2 but can he do it!? Hmmmmm....I wonder....

Ok...this is random...don't ask


Sasuke in Shippuden

WARNING SPOILERS In the Shippuden episodes Naruto returnes to the village after 2 years...when Naruto finds everyone again he get's a mission from the Fifth Hokage(Tsunade) the mission is to get Gaara of the sand back!!
After they find him a new member joins Naruto and Sakura!! His name is Sai...and they get a new sensei to help as well...Captain Yammamoto!! They get a new mission to find...Sasuke!! After a few episodes....they come to none other then Orochimaru's hide out...and they know Sasuke's there!! So later in the episode Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Yammamoto stare Sasuke in the face...he jumps of the ledge and takes his sword then.....inside the cage of the fox: Naruto looks at the fox and the fox comes out of the cage only in spirit and want's to give Naruto all of his power to kill...Sasuke...but then Sasuke comes and says ''I see....so this is your sourse of power''!? Then after that....well I won't tell u anymore!! U will just have to watch them fight on youtube.com!!

Pervy sage dies.....

If u haven't seen the Naruto manga then don't read!! Pervy sage died of Pein because Pein wanted revenge and took it out on Pervy sage!! And after he died Naruto gained Pervy sage's frog type look!!

Sasuke's story so far

WARNING:SPOILERS The story in Naruto so far is when Naruto was a new born baby the Fourth Hokage sealed a beast inside of him(9-tails)!! And then after he sealed it in him he died!! When Naruto started to grow up people alwasy shuned him!! He was always enveous of kids and there parents, all he really wanted was a family...so as Naruto grew up he had more friends(Sakura, Sasuke, Iruka sensei etc) and so as he grew up even more people still thaught of him as the beast who distroyed Konoha. After the Third Hokage died Naruto learnd what it means to care and protect someone close to u!! So after time went on he became friend with Sasuke Uchiha. They always were so jelous about each other! While Naruto wanted to become like Sasuke, Sasuke wanted to become more stronger to kill someone!! And one day Sasuke ran away from the village and Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, and Choji went out to look for him! As everyone fought there hardest so did Naruto, when Naruto fought someone Lee came in to help him!! So after Lee started to fight Naruo went on to look for Sasuke!! Then Naruto finaly caught up to Sasuke...and then....there friendship was at a test....at the end of the fight...Sasuke won and left forever!!