My thoughts... my!?.....underpants!?
Yay i can post all about me.With some help from friends so they dont kill me and i think i slipped one over the edge a little.But who cares Burlington is where i am and without a care in the world!!!
tank joo for reading.


Last post....

Right now im addicted to facebook. My name on it is Jordyn Engel. Im posting drawing on it.
if it works, if not add me as a friend and so on so on...



I took her of TEEHEE

Y nite

On friday I went to Y nite and i sorta ditched Audrey and our other friend.I went around with Barbra and Haley and so on.Yesterday Me and Audrey went to a movie.I was in the goth mood so i went goth.Everyone was looking at my hair.It was awesome.I wanted to see Valkery but no to volent for a 14 year old.My mom is out so me and my dad are going to watch 300 and the Gladiator.Bye.



on tuesday at our school we haf2 put up chairs and all tht crap for church,then go 2 crch 4 2 periods then we hafta put them away,so basically we have aperiod in a half to work in the mornin!!!yay!!in the aftrnoon we lunch recess then an anti blly mting wich we talk about blly crap then band comes and the nonbnd get studyhall!!!wat now band members!!then we hav 2 periods until we leeve so the total is 3 and a half real learning periods of the day!!!that is y me luv tuesdays.
Queen of School~Yukia

14 bay

TODAY IS MY BDAY FINNALLY.The party the presents the food.The friends.I cant wait.