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Well Hinata has to worry about how she does things with her mom. Her mom has to help her daughter complete herself. One problem, her old friends wont let her go one her training journey with her own mom. As we know Orichimaru is evil. But in this hes nice to Hinata and her mom Hikari. Hikari, is the legacy that starts with the beginning of the Clan. Her Clan is called Hitomi. The Hitomi has a rare power where the ten tailed beast is evolved in this story. Hinata's eyes turn blue when she activates her hidden power. Their power is that they can see chakra points in color. It's like the Byackugan, but entirely different. Its easily to use with out any detect of any sign of their chakra to any kind of enemy. And no enemy can go through any of the barriers they put up. So basically they have power over anything or anyone with the right state of mind. So give me suggestions or tell me what can be changed.

The Introduction

: Well lets start the introductions :
Hyuga Hinata
Hyuga Neji
Uchiha Sasuke
Uzimaki Naruto
Well you know the rest of the people on Naruto!
When Hinata Was little her childhood wasn't the same. Her father disowned Hinata from the clan. And now she wants revenge for having her maiden name taken away. Her mother got exiled, and not allowed to see her children Hinata nor Hanabi. Hinata carries on a legacy called Hitomi Curse Seal. The Hitomi Curse Seal is passed onto mother to child. Usually its only passed down to the first child which is Hinata. Hanabi never meant her mother. Hinata lived with her mother after disowned by her father. Her mothers name is Hikari. Her godfather is Orichimaru.

shy people

Shy people like my self can change so fast! Because of these reasons below:
1. Bf/Gf relationships.
2. Got over your fears.
3. People bug you to death.
4. You have awesome best friends.
5. You have a awesome family watching over you.
6. Got to know people better than you think.
And that's why people get over their shyness!