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Noticing whats wrong

Sometimes you have to wonder, what is wrong. But times you have not notice whats wrong. People think its alright to look down upon others. But its not. Just because you think you dont have any flaws. but look closely everyone sees it. You cant even see them.

Last A Lifetime

The moment you choose you path, is the moment you are destined for great things. At one moment you feel different, then you realize you have change. Not all changes will hurt you. But some changes have a certain effects on you. Once you see the changes, you may or may not want to change them. A wise person once told me,
"To Gain an Inch,You give an inch." Those words are precious to me. Hopefully you guys may understand that quote until next time. Peace out Shy Hyuga_


How many of you thought life was going to be easy? Well my over obsessive anime lovers, God didn't meant for life to be played easily. He made it hard so we can learn on our own mistakes. Until next time,
Shy Hyuga


Hello my beautiful visitors. Its nice to see all of you. So how ya been? Hopefully amazing. So onto business. I am glad to be finally have time to write on my world of Hyuga.
here is a poem for ya guys. I do hope you like it. Please comment if you like it.

A Flower That Blooms
By Yvonne Hester

Life is tough,
Its like a flower,
That is trying to bloom,
In the winter,
Its tough.

A flower in,
The spring time,
Blooms everytime,
In the sunlight,
Bathing in water,
These are essential,
Able to Live,
Live life how a flower does.

May not bloom now,
But somethimes they dont bloom,
But when you watch closely,
They grow until they bloom,
Like a living person,
They need tender love and care,
Able to live.

A flower that blooms,
Is a beautiful thing to watch.
(End of Poem)

I also related to this to bullying. In a way, a person needs someone there to watch them bloom. But some dont and they hide in their shells. Thats when a hug, comes in handy. To people ALL they need is one simple gesture to look at life. I seen many things in life. And one of them was bullying. I myself was bullied. There are ways to help. BE STRONG, BE INSPIRED, and help people be them, Instead of them not having anyone. YOU be that person they need. So please help me in the fight against bullying. If you are in elementry, junior high, high school, or even college. stick up for people who cant. Thank you and thats all for now.

Busy at Work

I am so sorry for all my viewers. I have been busy with work and my online creative writing classes. sorry i haven't updated in awhile. please expect this sorry.