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Long Time No See!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been awhile huh? I'm posting this because I'm bored and because of my lack of time on The Otaku. But, I am glad that I'm finally posting something. So yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As If

Well today was a total bust. Im on drawers block nothing to draw! Any ideas.
Please comment i really do need comments

Montana People

When Montana people look away from the screen then back of at the screen then look away again. Their heads immediately look back the word they were looking at and thought it was another word. That's what my cousin did. HAHAHAHA

Dumb things I do!!!!!

I messed up on my classes haha my bad. Well I passed my sophmore year yay. Nexr my junior year wish me good luck.


Sometimes school takes forever to get out. But thencyou realize what you didnt listen on ans now you regret it. Next up is mt junior. My classes are hard as crap. My classes are U.S history, journalism, p.e, american lit ap, common core math 2, math success, and well the other two I cant think of right now