Side Stories

Entry 6: Little Bit of Everything

I have no idea why I named this entry that, but ya know what? I don’t really give a fuck. You’re mine to do whatever I want to. Wow, that sounded wrong, I’m sorry precious. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. I should probably think before I write sometimes… maybe… eh… more than likely not. I’ll just word vomit all over you. That’s what you’re here for right? I’m not good at naming things in the first place. Maybe I should ask Hale what to name my journal entries. On the other hand, I don’t know if he names his journal entries. He would probably give me that weird look like he’s digging into my soul to figure out why the fuck I name my journal entries. Yeah, your right precious, I’ll just keep doing whatever the fuck it is I’m doing. Naming these damn things is fun and who gives a fuck if the title to the entry makes no sense am I right or am I right?

Anyways, classes have been normal, as normal as they can be anyways. Advanced classes don't seem to be as hard as everyone else says they are. Oh right, I forgot, I actually ran into Torin yesterday. He's an understudy in the research and development division here on campus. I would never have thought I would hear him being in that division of all places. He didn’t even recognize me. But I have changed a fuck ton since he last saw me. Gotten older, taller, bigger, I mean seriously, I think if anyone of the older kids from the foster home I was in saw me they wouldn’t recognize me.

Would that be considered an achievement? I don’t know, what do you think? In a way, I think of it as one, it means that I’ve grown up and I’m more mature. Pfft, me more mature, that’s a good one. Once a kid always a kid, no matter how old ya get right? There are just somethings you can’t outgrow. Anyways, Torin said that they’ve been keeping him busy and he’s been mostly looking into some old legends, but when I pressed him for more he just brushed it off and asked me about classes. I don’t know about you, but I fuckin wanna know what legends he’s looking in ta. Seriously, who fucking wouldn’t be curious? Next time I see him I’m going to see if I can get his number so I can sit down and have a talk over food or something.

On a different topic, Sasuke, Gil, and Aaron still aren’t back. It’s been close to a week now, I know, I know, don’t get bitchy with me because I keep forgetting to write in you, I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better. I miss them, it just doesn’t feel right with them gone. I swear if something bad happens to them. Everyone else is taking it pretty rough with the three of them being gone too. Jay sleeps here in the dorm. He doesn’t like being in his dorm alone. I don’t blame him. If my two best friends were taken and I have no idea where they are, I wouldn’t want to sleep in an empty dorm either.

Other than Jay, Shiro is taking it rough too. I haven't seen him smile since they got back. I've even tried poking at him to try to see if he would argue with me, but I got absolutely nothing from him. I'm honestly worried. I wonder if there's any way I can talk with the headmaster and see if we can get another small group to go and search for them. I'll let you know how that goes when I get a chance to talk to him. Maybe after class tomorrow morning I'll ask. Kyo has been trying to keep both Jay and Shiro moving and going to class. Hale and Tate have been doing most of the cooking. Their cooking isn’t bad, but it’s nothing like Sasuke’s. I also miss Disney movie nights. Yes, I know, I did complain that we were watching Disney movies at first, but it was just all of us getting together and letting go of our responsibilities and enjoying each other’s company. That was so much fun and I loved it so much.

Okay, okay, I’m just downing myself, I think I’m going to give you a bit more of my story now. I know right! Wow, it’s about fucking time we get back to the story. Well, ya know, I need to talk a bit thank you very much. I know you don’t mind, I’m just poking fun. Considering I can’t get Shiro to banter with me right now I needed to just talk. Alright, back to story. Give me a moment while I go back and see where I left off.


So, going like a year or so past when I first met Kyo, Jay, and Shiro for the first time, it was around the autumn festival time. The equinox festivals only last a day and they aren’t all that big like the solstice festivals. But anyways, I was like 12 and it was close to the autumn festival like I said. Some fucking brats decided to paint bomb the house. Let me explain to you what a paint bomb is a water bubble that's had the water carefully siphoned out and a mixture of natural pastes that were created from flowers and whatnot are mixed with the water outside of the bubble and then carefully placed back in. We don't have plastic here on Amoura. The water bubbles, in your hand kinda feel like a water balloon, but when you pop it into your mouth it turns into water itself as it releases the water that it’s holding. That shit comes in fucking handy to grab and go when you’re in a race. But we still have metal canteens to carry water around in all day.

Anyways, yeah, we didn’t know who did it, but it was actually my old roommates, the fuckers decided to tell me that when I was leaving to move in here. If it weren’t for Sasuke being there and helping me pack when they told me that, it would have been one of a bloody fuckin fight and I wouldn’t have held back. The Mitchel’s were who I considered my family. I want to defend them from whatever happens to them. One of these fucking days I swear I’m going to get them back. Though Sasuke did give Benno a good beating in the tournament. Fucking laughed my ass off because he got what he deserved.

Either way, we cleaned the house and then the next night the fuckers came back and us kids were out playing with sparklers. One of the assholes decided to set firecrackers around the area that we were running around in and Zula ended up getting hurt really bad. I kinda accidently got really pissed off when that happened and I sent sparks everywhere. My sparks set off the rest of the sparklers and I accidently burned Teo. I was grounded for a month for that. I guess one of my sparks gave one of my old roommates a fucking nasty burn too. Ha, he deserved it the damn asshole. None of that would have happened if they didn’t hurt Zula with their fucking firecrackers. I run into Teo from time to time around campus and get lunch with him. He doesn’t hate me for the burn. He said that he actually get’s a lot of people asking about the scar. Teo thinks it’s cool that he can say that he got it from the lighting prodigy. I don’t know how that’s an achievement, but whatever floats his boat right?

There’s nothing really too exciting that happened between the ages of 12 and 16. There were birthday parties, I tended to get in a few fights here and there then got grounded for kicking their ass. Almost got a concussion from falling out of a tree getting a kite down for one of the new kids that came into the house. But yeah, nothing all that exciting. About a week after my 16th birthday there were placement exams being held for the academy. That’s what I was looking forward to the entire time. I was finally going to be able to get out of the Mitchel’s and start living on the academy campus. I could finally start learning more about my element and how to control it better. Sure, the school that is outside of the academy was okay. It was more so helping everyone learn some dragon tongue, English, math, how to play nice with others, how to clean up after yourself, ya know, the basic things that you need to know in life to keep things moving forward. It also helps because no ones gonna wanna fucking clean up after your ass. You made the fucking mess, you clean it up. That's how I was taught anyways. Also, the fact that it was a huge step in my life. I was excited to be doing something new, to actually make something of myself. It’s the stuff that I remember the best. It was one of those who knows what’s laying beyond the border of trees that surrounds the academy? It’s a new adventure that awaits and I get to carve my own path! That’s what excited me the most about taking the placement exams.

But, before I get into all of that and tell you about the placement exams, I think I’m going to stop it there for the night. I told the twins that I would make dinner tonight and it's almost 6 pm so I should hope on that shit before I start getting hunger bikers swarming around me. I'll talk to you later my precious. I promise that I'll try to write in your soon.

P.S. I just realized, I didn’t sign the last entry. Not that it matters, but still, my bad. You’ll forgive me though when I forget to do it. I know you always do. Okay, now I seriously have to get going. See ya~ <3