Side Stories

Entry 5: Okay, Back to the Story

I’m back! I’m sorry about yesterday, I wasn’t myself. Well, I don’t think you would be either if you found out another one of your friends was taken and because of a certain person that another one of your friends knew, which made your other friend cry. Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop, I don’t want to get started on that again and give you another entry that’s me bitching about this person that I don’t even know. It’s just UGH, you know? Okay, okay, gotta take deep breaths and relax. That’s not what this journal entry is for. Right? Right, glad we agree. Okay…where the fuck did I leave off on you? Do you remember? Of course, you do precious, let me go back and check.


Got it! I didn’t leave you off in a terrible spot. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Now, I just have to think of where I want to start you off at. Hmm…where to start where to start. No, I’m not just writing to fill up space, pfft, you’re funny…don’t tell Mrs. Kaisai please. >_>;

Anywho, I left off where I was 8 and I had just been brought to Amoura. I was living with a foster family. The foster family was the Mitchell’s family. I guess I can’t really call them a foster family. It was more so a foster home. There were about ten other kids who ended up leaving their families and coming here. If I remember right, I wanna say six of them were older than I was. They were around 12-15 years old. Like, I think two were 15 and they were going to be entering into the academy in about 5-6 months. Then they would live on the campus of the academy and get roommates and I thought that shit was just so fucking cool when I was little.

But now…pfft, who the fuck am I kidding I love being on campus and having people who I call my friends in the same house with me. I’m learning how to cook and it’s been great since I moved into this dorm with Sasuke and the others. Yeah, snowflake gets on my nerves, but what can ya do. Oh, and don’t tell him I called him snowflake. Apparently, there are only three people that are allowed to call him by that nickname. It’s like well fucking excuse me ice prince, you don’t need to be so salty about it. >3> Ha, get it, salty? Because sea salt ice cream and salt melts ice. HA, I slay me, Aaah, *cough* moving on with the story.

So yeah, there were ten of us that lived in this foster home. I didn’t get to know the older kids all that well. The other kids were younger than I was at the time. And they weren’t all from North America either. Teodoro pronounced Te-o-do-ro, we called him Teo though. He’s from Italy! Teo is an earth elemental. Then there were the German twins Alban and Abigail, I called them Al and Abby. Abby is the light elemental and Al is the dark elemental they were seven. Kierra, who was eight like me, came from North America, but from the south. If I remember right she was from Mississippi.

Well, I spent the first eight years of my life in New Jersey, so they seem a pretty good distance apart. I know precious, you’re thinking, then why don’t you talk with a jersey accent. It’s because I grew out of it. Considering I was only there till I was eight it didn’t stick ya know? Anyways, Kierra is an ice elemental. Serenity was six and she came from California. She’s a fire elemental and was a feisty little thing. She didn’t put up with any shit even though she was really small. And finally, there was Zula. She was six like Serenity and is a wind elemental. Zula and Serenity are cousins, that’s what they told me anyways. They did look a lot alike I’ll give them that. But, yeah that was everyone that was younger than I was. The one older kid that I remember was Torin. He was a lightning elemental like me. I think he was 15-16 like the others. But, he took me under his wing. He was like an older brother to me.

Torin, when the other kids were playing he would pull me aside and teach me some of the basics for our element. He told me that he snuck into the academy a few times and watched some of the older kids spars before he was caught. That…aaaaaaand he was also a pervert, but that’s beside the point, if ya know what I mean, “Well, if you’re gonna be a perv, you always end up starting young, besides who doesn’t like looking at girl’s panties?” I laugh every time I remember him telling me that when he would sit with me on the swings.

I don’t know if I can call myself a perv and following in his footsteps or anything. Hey now, don’t give me that look, who doesn’t like a good pair of boobs damn it. I’m a man, let me be!! Ha, good thing ya can’t fuckin smack me right now. Lemme-tell-ya if ya could smack me for all the times that I’ve “accidently” tripped I would be to the core of Amoura by now. Yeah, I’ve gotten my punches and slaps from girls, but ya know it was fuckin worth it.

I’m trying to change, I swear, after I moved in with Sasuke and the rest of the gang I’ve been a lot better, I haven’t been trying to touch, I’ve just been looking. I can at least fuckin do that right???? But, yeah, I’m getting better, slowly but surely. Anyways, I thought that Torin was a fuckin awesome older brother figure for me. It sucked in the spring when he enrolled into the academy and left the foster home.

The rest of the years there is kinda a blur now that I really try to think about it. It kinda felt like I had to take up the big brother role for all the younger kids there. I would stop fights from kids in another Foster home that was in town, get scolded by Mrs. Mitchell, but then she would patch me up and tell me that I did well in protecting the younger kids.

“You know, if I could ever have a child, I would want the child to be like you,” She would always tell me, “You’re brave, strong, and very stubborn, but you have such a big heart and are also so kind, don’t let other’s ever get you down.”

Those words have stuck with me all this time. There are most defiantly times where I forget those words, and I’ll get to that and how Sasuke was the one that brought those words back to meaning for me. But for now, I’m happy that I still remember them, because that’s who I am, that’s who I’ll always be, as long as I would stay true to myself, then there was no stopping me, I could conquer whatever came my way…at least…that’s what I thought back then. That was also before I knew I was the lightning prodigy.

I think when I was around 10-11 years old I didn’t know it at the time, but now that I think harder about it, I actually met Kyo, Jason, and Toshiro when we were all younger. But I think snowflake was being called by a different name back then too…I think it was Snow…maybe, I can’t remember. I had gotten into another fight, it started becoming a bad habit actually. But I didn’t start it a swear. All and all, I was getting my ass kicked, and kicked hard. It was four against one. They were all older assholes probably around 13-14. I didn’t want to use my element against them, but they sure as hell weren’t holding back using their element against me.

“You’re a pathetic excuse for a lightning elemental,” One of the older kids laughed at me as I was getting back up.

“What are you gonna do now, ya wanna be a prodigy.”

“Dude are ya fuckin serious? This brat wants to be the prodigy? HA! Don’t make me fuckin laugh.”

I remember telling them, “I will be the lightning prodigy and I’ll kick your asses to kingdom come and back.”

Then they proceeded to kick my back down to the ground and continue to kick me, “Didn’t anyone ever teach you to respect your elder’s kid?”

Before I could do anything else I watched as a kid with short blonde hair came flying in and kicked the kid that was closest to him right on the shoulder. I still laugh up to this day with what he said to the kid who was face planted on the ground on the other side of me, “Oops, my foot slipped,” I had no fucking idea that was Kyo at the time.

“Big brother, should I send the other kid flying? I think that would be fun. Or we could let snow bury them both in ice and let them stay there till it melts from the sun,” The shortest of the three and had blonde hair as well, but just a little longer than Kyo’s at the time. It was Jason.

“Hey, you punks just who the fuck do you think you are?” The other kid that was still standing turned his back to me and I watched at Shiro simply waved his hand and a snowball nailed the kid in the face.

“Watch your mouth, we’re all still kids here. There’s no reason for you to be swearing like an adult.” I just remember feeling a cold chill run down my spine from hearing how cold Shiro’s voice was to the kid he just hit with the snowball.

“Why you little,” When I looked over at the boy who had face planted into the ground he was up and had a bloody nose. But, as soon as he saw the three of them his eyes widened, “Shit man, come on, we don’t want to mess with them.” I was so fucking confused as to what the punk was talking about.

“What do you mean?” His friend asked him.

“Don’t you get it? Those are the Grim brothers and that’s the ice prodigy that’s with them.” The kid stood up and grabbed his friend.

“Oh shit, let’s get out of here,” The two of them took off running as I remember sitting up and wiping the blood off my face.

Jay came skipping over to me and held out his hand. He still has that big goofy smile that he always wears today as a kid, “You okay? Looks like you got beat up pretty bad.”

I took his hand and stood up, “They were nothing more than obnoxious preteens letting their tempers get the best of them,” Kyo huffed with his hands on his hips before he turned around and slapped my back, “Us prodigies have ta stick up for each other ya know? My name’s Kyo, this is my little brother Jason and mister cold shoulder over there is Snow.”

Shiro’s hair was so long back then. I think it was around his mid back length. He honestly looked like a girl back then. I don’t know what it was, but he wasn’t the same Shiro that I know today. Yeah, the two of us get in fights now, but we respect each other.

“So, you believe me?” I asked Kyo and he was all confident and pumped his fist.

“Of course, because I’m determined to be the metal prodigy, and Jay here wants to be the earth prodigy. But unlike Snow, it’s not as easy to spot any other prodigy. Unless you’re the maybe the fire elemental. But, I guess Mrs. Kaisai isn’t the fire elemental even though she has red eyes.”

“But, haven’t the headmaster of the academy and Mrs. Kaisai been gone for a while now?” Jay questioned

“Aren’t you being a little too much of an eavesdropper Kyo?” Shiro commented to Kyo. I remember him crossing his arms and looking at Kyo with an unpleased gaze.

“What bug crawled up your rear end there girly?” HA, I totally remember calling him a girl.

“I am NOT a GIRL!” He stomped his foot and he blushed.

“Then stop acting like a princess or imma start callin ya one,” He was not happy with that. Jay got between the two of us and the three of them left and I went back to foster home. It’s insane how I completely forgot that I had interaction with them when we were kids.


I think I’ll stop it there for not. It’s a bit longer than my normal journals, but I feel like this is a good stopping point, plus…I’m fuckin hungry. I need’s my foods! I am a warrior lol. Anyways, I’ll catch ya later precious. I promise I won’t stay away as long as I did. Well, I’ll try not to anyways. Trying to get my damn soul weapon has been kicking my ass. You be good and don’t do anything stupid okay? HA! Telling me not to do anything stupid is like telling a puppy to not chew on everything in sight when they start teething. I’ll try to behave, see ya~