Kaien shiba -

"Every time you and I connect with each other, a little bit of heart is born between us. Heart isn't something inside you. But whenever you think, whenever you remember someone, that's when heart is born. If you were the only one alive in the whole world, heart wouldn't exist now, would it?"

These words felt so true to me

D: nuuuuu!!!

my phone is not detecting my MSD card! DX *diesExternal Image*

Wrong timing

OMG! I'm overflowing with art ideas!!! few days back I was numb, no inspiration at all! External Image It was all awesome until I realized that I got my exams >_>

YaY!! :3

Promoted! Promoted! *happy dance* ahh! at last I can start putting up challenges >) but lately I have been slacking off a bit too much ~_~ so..umm.. once I get a considerably big break during my first sem I shall try to be ready with a unique challenge, maybe~

My Avi's good quality :3

Kita's comment made me to stare at cute yotsuba again :3 and I noticed that she and lil froggy weren't clear XO

so here is the larger size of the gif :D
External Image


My sketch of Lila :D