what is the human breeding program: the breeding program is bacily humans breed to have special abilitys and to perform tasks that normal humans can't.

what is the resistence: people who have set up an active resistance agenst the human breeding program.(they will often kill breeders, or try to kill Ester him self.)


Millenear hads worked at Estar since she was 17 as a breeder(she was breed to be extreamly durable). when news of a misterous killer hits her ears, she can't help but think its a one of the resistence. she gains information from her predasesser , Prof. Kennidy, about a failed experement that got away and was never found, but that was over 20 years ago. Millenear trys to gain promition to investigate from Ester him self, she is tolld that Prof. Kennidy is allredy working on it.
when she was leaving the ester building at 2 am the next morning. she sees Prof. Kennidy and a girl walking side by side, she just smiles and shakes her head, watching them turn into an ally. about 5 min lator she feals a shaterd glass like pain in her head and runs to Prof. Kennidy side to see if aneythings rong. the moment she gets there the girl is on the ground strugaling to breath and Prof. Kennidy's heart is being torn out by a young man. moments lator she is throne agenst the ally's a brick wall, when she falls down the young man steps on the arm beraking it. she springs to her feet and bites the back of the young mans neck, penitrating skin and into the musle. then she blacks out...
when Millenear wakes up she is on a couch in Esters ofice with Wizamus, her pet entity, next to her. Ester is tending to the girl who he refers to as Miss. Kennidy. when Ester sees Millenear is awake he tells her that the boy last night was once a failed experement at the company, but since he can brake the unbreakable he should be recruted and put to good use. "i'm counting on you. his name is Boris, he is 26 years of age, and he shares DNA with a house cat"...
as if Millenear had enough to worry about with the ristancebeing runed by her elder brouther, now she has to finde an out-of-control misshap named Boris and train him in what ever feald Ester choses for him.


Millenear: born july 23. age 21. born into and sold out of the human breeding program. family murderd in front of her(because of her durablity she survived). after that she lived in a church, but had to leave because of what she was. she is part of what is called the human breeding program. she is itellectual, she can tell what/how someone is feeling/tinking by looking into there eyes, has a durable boddy, shares DNA with a fox, and can sumon the devle him self. works at the human breeding headcorters, a building called Ester, as a perfesionsl breeder. she is a company idle. she is proned to over working her self. she keeps a human form.

Boris: born july 10. age 26. he was born into the human breeding program, but his mom smugled him out (he was deffective and needed to be killed). he lived with his dad's brouther and his wife. they treated them with abuse, and he ended up killing them. after he mett Millenear hes been getting better. he is extreemly smart, excedingly fast, sociopathic, has a superegeo, and shares DNA wilh a cat. he was recruted by Millenear and now work at the human breeding headcorters, he kills off failed experements(ironic). keeps a human/cat form.

Chalice: born september 21. age 17. her father, Prof. Kennidy, was killed by Boris and she now loths him. she is now studing human breeding under Millenear.

Wizamus: created on june 19. age 7(created to look 14). Millenear made her out of an custom entity and a sole ord she got from a gipsie when she still lived in the church. she can transform with a chinchella, has ADD, cant stand the sent of blood or ink, a detatichable jaw, stomach is a botemless pit, and her sole is conected to Millenear's. keeps both a human and chinchella form.

Ester(William): born ???. age ???. he is head of the human breeding program and loves Millenear like a dauter.

Narohi: born augest 3. age 35.leader of the resistance and has a conection to Millenear.