Relationship type thing... help me plz?

guess what? i'm not dead! :D i swear, even if i don't seem to have a lot of activity on theo, i'm still here, watching over it. :3 ... wow, that made it sound like i was dead and turned into an angel. O.o anyway, i would like your guys' advice... relationship advice.... So i like this guy at school. I've sorta liked him since december and he's a senior this year(I'm a junior, but we're basically the same age, he's only a few months older), which means he's graduating. which obviously makes me sad. this guy, lets call him Danny, is also one of my closer guy friends (i have like three guy friends total, and the other is his bro, but i'll most likely get into that latter). We ended up taking the same class as one another 2nd trimester, 5th hour which was Ceramics (which for you guys who don't know how trimesters work, at least where i go, there are only five school periods a school day) and had started to be closer friends. It was then, while i was driving home one day after school that I realized that i liked him. The school year is almost over, prom is only weeks away, its the last trimester, and the only time i get to see him is at lunch and before 1st hour. To get more to the point with this, it seems there are points where i treat him like any other friend of mine, not really thinking about how i have felt towards him. like i forget i liked him, but then it comes back, i'm reminded why i actually told myself why i liked him. okay, that made it sound like he acts differently when i remember why i like him, but he doesn't! He's just acting like his normal, sweet, goofy, nerdy self. And i can go on for weeks totally forgetting(or sometimes forcefully), that hey, i do(or did?) have feelings for this guy. i feel like this really isn't normal. But i find myself unconsciously doing flirty things, like touching him, smiling, and laughing at practically all his jokes. And i don't- i don't really flirt. Physical contact of any kind is like a huge thing with me, i tend to shy away from touching people. its just something thats foreign for me. And I don't usually get crushes that seem to... linger like this one has. omg, its like herpes, you seem to get rid of it, but it only comes back again! lol ...ahem, well, bad jokes to aside, i guess i'm not quiet sure whats going on with my emotions, and so it makes me even more confused when it comes to actually coming up with a means to deal with said emotions; act or ignore?

Oh! Him and a couple of my other friends are tentatively coming over to my house for a game night. I hope that ends up going well. :3 I was talking about it at lunch, and i asked my group of friends(Danny included) on who would be interested on coming over, and Danny was like, "I would love to come over!" it made me kinda laugh a bit over how enthusiastic he seemed about it. I guess its because the game we're playing is one he said he's been wanting to play. lol a girl can dream, right?