Ok, time to get to the real intros! Hmmm, what should i say? oh! i shall tell you of my fav anime/manga!
1.Fullmetal Alchemist
4.Wolf's Rain
5.Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
6.Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
7.Angel Voice
8.Oban-Star Racer
10.Shinobi Life
12.Sailor Moon
13.Fruits Basket
16.Blue Ramun

now fav songs!!
1.Wind, idk-but it's on naruto shippuden
2.Brothers, Vic Mignogna
3Hands Held High, Linkin Park
4.Your Guardian Angel, the red jumpsuit apparatus
5.Bleed it Out, Linkin Park
6 alot of songs by 30 Seconds to Mars

now for personality: i can be really quiet and shy in person, and it takes a while for me to get out of my shell, but on the net i'm just a ball of energy that can't be stopped!!XD I do have the tendency to cuss when i'm really mad or happy or just in general, and if you make me angry, get ready to put me on your ignore list, because i will annoy you till the end of time! i hate it when people make fun of the people i love, but i could care less if they made fun of me. hmmm, i think that rapes it up, if you want to know more about me, just pm me, i don't bite!

Wish list!

This is my wishlist for clueless's secret Santa thing. Lol Pokemon: Rayquaza mega evolution Swampert mega evolution Audio mega evolution Typhlosion Absol Froakie (cus he's adorable) Ikarishipping an...

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How It is

His constant grouchy-ness (almost, at least) toward me wears me thin. And the boys-ness, the "I'm better than you," air that tends to permeate around you while you're in a mood. Wears me thin. So thin. I'm tired. There's only so much one person can take, and I'm breaking. It's beginning to show, the cracks on my skin. Deeper by the day, the longer they are ignored.

In the moment, there are always things I want to say to change it, but I can never find the right words. Enough words. It just seems that whatever I have to say, you tear it down, and the attitude worsens. The air worsens.

So, for the most part, I have learned to at least try not to say anything. Just let you say what sharp words you say stab me. Let my silence be my answer. You do no understand. You do not understand me. You think you know, you know everything, right? But why would you? Why would anybody?

Though, I think the frustration is the worst of the emotions that float through me, like a noxious gas, in those moments. There is anger, yes, but mostly tears. Though, this last bought, I did not weep. I will not let myself. I am so tired of the tears. Tired.

I don't know how to deal with him. 18 years I have lived with him, yet it is a question I fear will never have an answer. I seek counsel with my mother, she listens. Sometimes it's what I need. But not with this. I NEED action; sometimes there is, but doesn't yield required results. My mother may be my friend, my family may be my friends, but I have no-one. I never really had anyone.

We may have been attached when we were younger, children, but not really. Not any longer.

Parents always working, siblings who never wanted to associate with you. Weird, they say. Your sister didn't want her friends to see you, embarrassment. That's what you were to her. Your brother wasn't an option. Always ridiculing you, calling you stupid, a freak. Those words always stung, you ignored it though. They collected like solemn snowflakes on your heart, but you ignored it. You moved on. That's what you always did. They didn't need to be a part of your world if they were gonna be like that. Only the things that matter are apart of your world.

Your world was that house, with the trees and the large green yard. So many trees. You also had the most awesomeness cat in the world. He would go outside with you, and you would play. Played with him and your toys. Your mom also ran a dog rescue at your house. It was awesome having all the puppies come through. But sad for all the broken dogs too. Too broken to have a true home. That was your world. Your world was happy, your world was the sun. You were also homeschooled, so you didn't even need to leave the house. Who needed to leave, when your world was fine the way it was?

Then you were put back into school. You were so excited to meet people your age again! Finally, people my age! You met an awesome girl on the bus that morning, she said she like your short spiked hair. You thanked her, and you talked.

Things changed once you got to school. The children didn't like you very much. They didn't seem to like your clothes, or your hair. It hurt, but you were sunny anyway.

Things changed though, school was hard. You didn't really understand much of what they were teaching, especially in English. What were these rules to writing they were talking about? You remember those Phonics classes you took while being homeschooled, you abhorred those. It was like that dumb class. Writing and reading was so hard for you. You just wanted to scream. Not to mention the spelling tests. Failed. Every. Last. One of them. Even when your mother, even if she was so tired from working in that factory all day, helped you study for the spelling tests. You still failed.

One night you studied really hard, and long, writing with your finger on the carpet while you spelled it out loud. You felt good going into that test. You knew how to spell those words. But when you got it back, that test said another thing. When your teacher handed you that spelling test, the one you studied so hard for, and you found out you failed. You cried. I don't get it. Why? That awesome girl you met on the bus made spelling look so easy. She helped you, but nothing really worked. Even so, she became your BFF.

But because you were failing these tests, your teacher talked to you, and your mother. She put you in a special spelling class. You studied together in a group. You chose which words on the test that you'd spell, and which ones you felt too hard. This helped, but not by much. At least you didn't get so many F's anymore.

Then came middle school. You remember that awesome girl you met on the bus your first day of school? Your BFF? You were too weird for her too, so she passed you a note during lunch that year that told you she didn't want to be friends anymore. She had the cool kids to hang out with. You almost cried that day. But no, she would not have the satisfaction of seeing you cry. Cry over someone who didn't matter anymore.

That day left a rift in your heart. The straw that broke the camels back. You were bitter. The sun no longer shined in your world, and they way your siblings treated you only served to make it worse. You got lost in the gloom, you were depressed. You cut, you bleed. Nothing helped. Last year of middle school, your awesome cat died. You were so sad.

You found a limited solace in your books, your games, your anime and manga. They put you in a place where there may have been darkness, but the light overcame it. Stories only served to shove the pain down, to forget about it.

And it seems by the time high school hit, you had shoved the pain so far down, you couldn't really see it anymore. You were -are- in the gray. And you are content being there. Most of the time at least. There's still that void, that rift in your heart, but you ignore it most of the time. Your family is distant, but you don't fight as much. Your sister seems to actually like you now. But she's all bubbly and happy, she doesn't seem to get you though. But sometimes it is nice just to be with her. You're in a similar boat with your brother, but it's not that different. Just, changed. You like him now, but he still doesn't seem to like to be bothered with your presence most of the time. It's sad though. None of your family members seem to care about how you want to just show them the things you love. The anime, the games, the stories, the movies. They don't want to, they're busy. It's boring. They don't understand what's going on. They don't want to so, sometime, it feels like they don't want you. But they share things with you sometimes, mom the shows she watches, your brother the games he plays or the music he listens too, your sister the girly things in life or the books she's read. You partake in these things because you love them. You can almost not say no to them, even if they say no to you.

But who's there for you? Who do you have to share the things you love with?

Relationship type thing... help me plz?

guess what? i'm not dead! :D i swear, even if i don't seem to have a lot of activity on theo, i'm still here, watching over it. :3 ... wow, that made it sound like i was dead and turned into an angel. O.o anyway, i would like your guys' advice... relationship advice.... So i like this guy at school. I've sorta liked him since december and he's a senior this year(I'm a junior, but we're basically the same age, he's only a few months older), which means he's graduating. which obviously makes me sad. this guy, lets call him Danny, is also one of my closer guy friends (i have like three guy friends total, and the other is his bro, but i'll most likely get into that latter). We ended up taking the same class as one another 2nd trimester, 5th hour which was Ceramics (which for you guys who don't know how trimesters work, at least where i go, there are only five school periods a school day) and had started to be closer friends. It was then, while i was driving home one day after school that I realized that i liked him. The school year is almost over, prom is only weeks away, its the last trimester, and the only time i get to see him is at lunch and before 1st hour. To get more to the point with this, it seems there are points where i treat him like any other friend of mine, not really thinking about how i have felt towards him. like i forget i liked him, but then it comes back, i'm reminded why i actually told myself why i liked him. okay, that made it sound like he acts differently when i remember why i like him, but he doesn't! He's just acting like his normal, sweet, goofy, nerdy self. And i can go on for weeks totally forgetting(or sometimes forcefully), that hey, i do(or did?) have feelings for this guy. i feel like this really isn't normal. But i find myself unconsciously doing flirty things, like touching him, smiling, and laughing at practically all his jokes. And i don't- i don't really flirt. Physical contact of any kind is like a huge thing with me, i tend to shy away from touching people. its just something thats foreign for me. And I don't usually get crushes that seem to... linger like this one has. omg, its like herpes, you seem to get rid of it, but it only comes back again! lol ...ahem, well, bad jokes to aside, i guess i'm not quiet sure whats going on with my emotions, and so it makes me even more confused when it comes to actually coming up with a means to deal with said emotions; act or ignore?

Oh! Him and a couple of my other friends are tentatively coming over to my house for a game night. I hope that ends up going well. :3 I was talking about it at lunch, and i asked my group of friends(Danny included) on who would be interested on coming over, and Danny was like, "I would love to come over!" it made me kinda laugh a bit over how enthusiastic he seemed about it. I guess its because the game we're playing is one he said he's been wanting to play. lol a girl can dream, right?

This is me, I guess

well, I notice that i don't really talk about what my life is like often. And I havent done it in a while, so how about an update? lets see here... I'm a junior in high school. For those of you who can't do math, I'm 17 currently, turning 18 in, what, 7 months?. My birthday in on my profile btw. so it's not like my age and birthday is any secret. I guess it would be fine to tell you guys my first name... its Jennifer. Ikr? so original. XD I think my grandpa named me that. that or my great grandpa. I have the most adorable cat named layla. She can be a pain in the ass sometimes. but thats nothing new. all cats can get like that.
hmmm, what else? I can drive. I have a silver grand prix. I swear, everything that can go wrong in a car, is wrong with that car. And the bad thing is, it's transmission is going out of it. oh, i'm not crying cause the car is gonna die, those are actually tears of joy. wanna know why? cause that car sucks, and once my mom gets a new car, my dad gets her old car, and then i get my dads awesomely reliable subaru!! so excited.
Other things about myself. lets see... I obviously love anime. But maybe you guys didn't know that i love playing video games just as much, maybe even more. I have an xbox360, a dsi, and a 3ds i just bought off amazon, along with the latest pokemon game. :3 for the xbox games i have are the fallowing: the mass effect trilogy, assassins creed series (all but the first), tomb raider, all of whats been released on disk for the dragon age series, viva pinata, fallout 3 and new vagas, skyrim, sleeping dogs, and fable 3. All i have for my ds is pokemon black. ^^ the games that i don't have but love are any zelda game and almost any harvest moon game. :33

you know what? this is tedious. if you guys want to know more than that, then just ask me in the comments and i'll answer any questions. got it?


I now officially have my very own computer!! :D yay! since my mom got a laptop for her and dad, and since everyone else has a laptop but me, she gave me the old desktop. its reliable, but its a little shitty. I mean like, the cpu fan broke and we had to take off the side of the tower and put a boxfan on it to keep it from over heating the cpu and frying it.
well thats all i wanted to tell you guys. omg, i'm just so happy right now!!