yeah, this is a place that i get to vent with poems....
your welcome to comment or request anything; I do haikus and the type of poems i write here(if you can even call it that).

A poem of everything and nothing

Color on the walls,
One tree in space.
Nothing is true, everything is permited,
To live in a free county.
On our own, our brains live,
Uranus, who the hell thought of that?
Racing in our lives is all we live for.

Onece upon a time,
Nothing lived...

To be in world filled with hate,
Hell, it is hell.
Earth is going to burn.

Walley was a simple robot,
All alone on poluted
Simple as can be.
Intracat meanings upon meanings.

Platoon's 'bout to stike,
Assassins of the creed, fallow Nocturnal.
Into the shadows you go.
Nothing is
True, evrything is permited.

Incinrate the
Hell's fire burns.

Taking in carefully,
Heat is in the battle.

Holly Frost Farms, a place from Skyrim.
Aedra are the gods, like Talos.
Nirn is the world.
Daedra are Aedra cousins,
Shegorth is deadric prince of madness.

Honor thy kingdom.


Bones are walking everywhere.
Losing their marrow,
On the hills,
Oh on the hill.
Days on end.
Yearning twilight.

Hurry on wolf.
Another hunter comes.
Nothing good comes out of them.
Darling sunshine,
She might not be there in next wake

poem that came to me

A couple of nights ago, a poem popped into my head so i wrote it down. I sadly dont have a title for this one. ^^'

Cut me open,
Rip me out.
Watch me bleed
Inside out.
Pour it in
One small spout.
Watch my insides
Scream and shout.
Outside skin.
Insides thin.

Burning suns,
Scars can't be un-done.
Just leave me on the floor.
Crawling skin
Out the door.
Outsides slick.
Inside thick.
Im sick of it.

Outside placid,
Insides acid.
Writhing nails
Outside scales.
All of them are blind.

Cut me open,
Rip me out.
Watch it bleed.
Falling out.
Dripping in
One small spout.
Watch my insides
scream and shout.
Outsides sins.
Insides thin.

Im on the floor,
Numb to the core.
Ice covered walls
And falls.

Giving up...
I've just given up.
I was in a rut,
So I've just given up.
I just do my thing.
I sometimes try again,
It all just depends.
Like I said,
I've just given up.

Caged Lion

I a lion in a cage. I tend to keep to myself because I'm shy. I wonder sometimes what I'm going to do with my life... I can be very indecisive. I hear my heart telling me to swallow my weakness, To be the me I want t...

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Diamond Box

The strings to my heart are here...
inside of me,
but no one can get to them.
Why you ask?
For they are encased in a diamond box.
You can not get to them
for the diamond is there,
there is one way though,
so do not fret.
All you have to do is find the diamond keys.
Be for warned,
the keys are elusive ones though;
for they hide in the darkest parts of the mind,
with the flames of ice.
There is no knowing of exactly where they are,
you just have to wait and see,
but I will give you one hint though.
Think well and hard for its for the keys:
One key is with the hidden,
the other,
you have to search your own heart.
Hurry though,
the diamond box is a ruthless one,
it will soon suffocate the one encased.
So you must hurry...
The heart's a wait'n.

Never Ending Game

Never Ending Game

I build myself up,
just to tear it all down.
In the end,
I wear a never ending frown.
Have you ever been unhappy with yourself
for any period of time?
Well that's how I feel
all the fucking time!
Blemishes begin again,
these stretch marks upon my skin,
are nothing compared to
how this black heart of mine,
feels all the fucking time!
The never ending shame!
That keeps coming back again!
To come and blame again!
I just want the pain to end,
and to never come back again;
but I know it's not true,
by myself I can't do.
I just need someone to help pull me through,
or this game will come back again
but with a vengeance upon my skin...
That's why it's called
... The Never Ending Game...