hello! this is (as you can see) my fanfic world!! yeah me!
the story i will be posting is called 'Kiuya the Eight Tailed Wolf' here is the summary.

A six year old girl dies and God givers her a second chance. She goes to the Naruto world and becomes a ninja. Little does she know that she has more in common with Naruto than she thinks. Oc will have bloodline-limit.
there you have it! enjoy!

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What color/kind of socks are you wearing?
[] Red = loud
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i am a gorgeous, sweaty, sexy, athlete with a hot boyfriend who ran shirtless with a pickle because i'm sexy as hell.

22 interesting facts about itachi

dude! you guys should read this! its soooo funny!!! XDhttp://www.fanpop.com/spots/itachi-uchiha/articles/42672


this is my first sprite i have ever made(successfully)!!!!XD Yes!!

Team Placements

-In the Academe-

There was a loud chattering noise in the class room. Kiba's dog, Akamaru, was barking loudly and trying to mark any girl that went bye him, which was where the most noise was coming from. The rest was from the fan girls of Sasuke's hoping that they would end up on his team.
Eve turned tword Naruto who was sitting right next to her. Naruto had been awfully salutary since the incident with Mizuke.
“Hey Naruto, are you OK?” Eve asked with worry in her voice. Naruto just stared at her. Then he finally replied.
“Why didn't you tell me?...” He solemnly asked.
“Because Naruto, I thought if I interfered with the Mizuke incident to much, that I would ruin your relation ship with Iruka. Get it?” Asked Eve.
“I guess so.” Naruto replied. After the little conversation between Eve and Naruto, Iruka walked through the door with bandages on, and a clipboard in hand.
“OK everyone, settel down now.” He politely said. They continued to talk, loudly may I add.
“I said, SETTEL DOWN NOW!” Iruka yelled. Everyone immediately shut up.
“Good, now for team placements. Team one will form of... ” He said. (you know what? I'm going to skip ahead to team 7, OK?)
“Team 7 forms of: Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and Eve Rains.” as he listed the team you could here a grown from Naruto and him banging his head against his desk, and hard. Eve was kind of happy, she did have a puppy-dog crush on Sasuke, but nothing major like the other girls.
“OK class, the bell is going to ring here in a minute or so. So, Sakura, your going to be placed on a special med team.” He he stated while shifting his wight to the right leg. Sakura raised her hand.
“Yes Sakura?”
“Um, sensie, why do I get placed on this special med team?”
“Thats a good question Sakura, I'm glad you asked. Well you see here, since there was an odd number of students this year and since you have the best chakra control, you have been placed in the Medical Corp.” Iruka replied. Sakuras jaw dropped to the floor. A cloud of sarrow seemed to form over her head.
“But Iruka-sensie! I-” She was cut off in mid sentence.
“No but Sakura! You of all people should be honored to be on the Medical field. It's very rare to have medical ninja.” Iruka stated.
“OK.” Sakura said sorrowfully. She really wanted to be on Sasukes team (like every other fan girl out there).
“OK, now that's over with, now for team eight: Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aberama, and Kiba Inuzuka (A/N:how do you spell Shino's last name?).” Iruka stated. He continued, “OK students, after lunch you will meet up with your teams and wait for your sensies. Under stood? Also there will be an additional test when your sensie pick you up got it?”
“HAI!” Said all the students together.
Then the lunch bell rang. “Good luck!!!” Iruka shouted with a smile. “And may Kami have mercy on your souls.” He whispered with a sinister tone. (A/N:can you imagine him holing up a flash light to hold face and saying that at the same time? Lol!)

-With Eve,Sasuke, and Naruto.-

Eve, Naruto, and Sasuke were walking down village streets deciding on what to eat for lunch. Then Naruto's stumack growled, loudly. Eve giggled at this.
“We should get something to eat soon, Naruto's tummy says it's hungry.” Suggested Eve. A couple seconds later Eve's stumack growled. “And my tummy agrees.” Eve and Naruto laughed, Sasuke hned.
“Come on Sasuke, don't be so negative! Smile for once!” Eve stated while pouting. Sasuke just stared at Eve, then he looked away a couple seconds later.
“Come on smile!” She said enthusiastically. He still didn't smile, then an idea hit Eve. She whipped around behind Sasuke, grabbed the corners of his lips and tried (key word is tried) to pull and his lips wouldn't move! Sasuke got tick marks and his eyebrows twitched in annoyance.
“The guys got a permanent scowl! That, or this guy has some pretty strong facial mucels.” She thought.
“Eve, freaking stop it or I'll kill you.” Sasuke said dangerously. She stopped.
“Sooo. Where do you think we should go? OH! I know!How 'bout that sushi bar by The Old Mans shop?” She suggested.
“Not a bad idea Eve, I haven't had sushi since.....well I don't know when.” Naruto said.
“OFF TO SUSHI LAND!!” Eve yelled happily while smiling.
“Eve, how much candy did you eat this morning?” Naruto said cautiously.
“THE WHOLE STASH!!” She said with a hyper active grin.
“CANDY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!” She said while bouncing up and down like the hyper active nut she is. (A/N:Eve is the image of me, so I'm calling myself an hyper active nut. lol)
“Ah crap.” Naruto said disappointingly with his head hanging low.
When Eve, Naruto, and Sasuke got to the sushi bar, and the nut ball had finally settled down.
Eve sat down in between Naruto and Sasuke. She looked at the menu, choosing carefully. Naruto and Sasuke seemed to be doing the same thing.
“Are any of you young ninja ready to order?” Asked the waitress sweetly. Eve was the first one to speak up.
“Yes, I would like five plates of sushi with shrimp, octopus, and a little bit of wassoby on top please.” She asked. The waitress jotted down her oder and turned to the boys.
“What about you two genital men? What would you like this evening?” Asked the waitress.
“I would like the same order please.” Naruto stated. She jotted that down too, then turned her head to Sasuke and asked, “ And what would you like?” (A/N:Hint: Sasuke has never had sushi, and has never even tasted wassoby. OK?)
“I would like one plate of sushi wish shrimp and a lot of wassoby.” He said coolly. Eve and Naruto looked shocked.
“Your going to regret that. Wassoby is really, really spicy. One time I put a tea spoon on my sushi and I ate it, and after it being in my mouth a couple of seconds my mouth felt like it was on fire!” Eve said with a quavering voice. Eve shivered. She had definitely learned her lesson that day. (A/N: that really did happen to me, dear lord, I thought I would never have wassoby again. But I changed my mind) Sasuke just “hned” and ignored her advice.
'They're just pulling my leg, right?' He thought. when the plate of sushi got to our hungry hero's, Sasuke notice that wassoby was a light green color and smelled....weird. Not a bad weird, but not a good weird either. (A/N:the smell of wassoby is kind of hard to explain. Sorry) Sasuke just shrugged his shoulders and took a bit of the wassoby and the shrimp sushi. Sasuke chewed a couple of times then got wide eyed. His face blank, but you could see a little bit of red start to show. His face got redder and redder till it looked like it was on fire.
'I can't take this any more! I NEED WATER!!!!' Sasuke thought while grabbing his glass of water and gulped it down so fast that Eve and Naruto couldn't see it.
After Sasuke had gulped down his second glass of water, relief finally filled his face.
“I warned you, but noooo! You don't listen. You should listen to somebody who clearly has more experience.” Sated Eve in a “I Told You So!” tone.
“Shut up.” He said with a paranoid face. Naruto and Eve polished off all the sushi, even Sasukes.
So the payed for their meal and left for the Academe.

-After lunch and after everyone has left with their sensies-

Naruto noticed that Eve had blue prints for something.
“Eve what are you doing?” Naruto asked cautiously.
“I, my dear friend, am setting up the most humiliating prank ever!” She said with a sinister tone.
“Now Sasuke, Naruto, COME HELP ME WITH THIS OR SO HELP ME?!?!” She yelled while wiggling her finger.
' I don't think that all that candy worked it's way out of her body yet.' Naruto and Sasuke thought while they were walking over to Eve to look at the blue prints.
Eve paled, her tummy was doing the gerguling sound and it hurt. Then it felt like something was going to come out of her mouth.
“RIGHT AFTER THIS COMERCAL BREAK!!!” She said while running to the girls bathroom.
-A couple of Minutes later(A/N:Eve has back from the bathroom for like 20 mins.)-
Eve, Naruto, and Sasuke were just finishing the final touches when they herd the clanking of ninja sandals agents tiled floor. Eve chuckled evilly. 'This going to the most exiting prank yet! I've been waiting to try this out on that scar-crow.' Eve thought, anticipation filling her to the brim.
Eve was getting jittery and was hopping up and down like when she was high on candy. They could hear the foot steps come closer ans closer till the door nob started to move, and then it started to open ever so slowly. The only thing you could see was white hair, a mask, and a forehead protector. Then the door swung all the way open. An eraser fell on Kikashi's head which was tied to a string, which was attached to a leaver with a pie on it, which that one too was attached to a tub of lard that pored all over him, and then that led to a whole bunch of bright pink feathers coming down by the thousands. Now after all that happened, Kikashi was ferrous. Eve put on a face that only Sasuke would have, a blank one.
“Serves you right for being late!” Naruto yelled with a smile on his face.
“So your the one that did it, I can tell by that smile on your face.” Kikashi said with venom.
“Nope! Not me.” Naruto said with a glint in his eye. Eve had a slight smile, then that developed into a grin, then a giggle, then a full blast laugh. She was laughing so hard that she was on the floor holding her gut with one hand and the other pounding on the floor. She was really trying to to calm down but she just couldn't help it! Sasuke put on a slight smile at this.
'Her laugh, sounds so....sweet. Wait, what am I thinking?' Sasuke asked himself.
“I -giggle- out -giggle- did myself -giggle- this time -laugh, laugh, laugh-!” She blurted out in between giggles and laughs. Kikashi put on his eye smile.
“So Eve, who all helped you with this little sceem of yours?” He asked.
“Well, I thought of it, I got Sasuke to hook up the pie that's now on your face, Naruto got the lard up there, and I got the feathers,” She paused for a moment and went to the desk she sat at while she was waiting for him to get here and pulled out a blue piece of paper and walked over to her new sensie and said, “Here, if you don't believe me, look at this.” She handed the blue piece of paper to Kikashi. He looked at the paper and noticed that it was well planed out.
“Now Eve, did anybody help you with this?”
“Yeah, the boys really helped out a lot with editing them. There was some bickering but we did.” She stated.
“OK, meet me at the roof in one minute. Oh, and don't be late.” Kikashi said with his eye smile, then puffed away.
“Hypocrite!” Naruto and Eve yelled.
-At the Roof-

Naruto, Eve, and Sasuke had finally got to the roof top. It took them about thirty minutes. You might think, “What the heck took them so long!?” Well the reason why is because the Academe has like, fifty flights of stairs!That, my dear readers, is why.
“I said not to be late.” The hypocrite stated.
“And you have room to talk? Hypocrite.” Said Eve with an evil glint in her eye.
“But, I told you not to be late, but nobody said that I had to be on time.” Kikashi retorted with a bright pink feather getting into his mouth, then immediately spitting it out.
“Hmm, touche.” She said. After that little conversation between Kikashi and Eve they sat down on the steps.
“OK everyone time for introductions. I'll start first. My likes are none of your consers, my dislikes are also none of your consers. My dreams are to....Well, I fell like my dreams shouldn't broadcast in front of little kids, and last but not least, my name is Kikashi Hatake.” He stated.(A:N/ if you know or have a guess as to what Kikashi's dream is, tell me in your review. Hint, he's a pervert.)
“Ok, now for your introductions. Ladies first.” Kikashi continued.
“Well..My likes are playing the flute, drawing, reading, writing, ramen, shrimp, sushi, sweet and hot candy, spending time with my friends, training,wolves,stories with a lot of adventure, singing, and helping people who have lost there way in life. My dislikes are preppy people, jerks, my spelling, my grammar, and really sappy love stories. My dream is to be the best Jonin sensie I can be to a group of Genin. Oh! And my name is Eve Rains.” Eve said with a wolf like grin (A:N/ if you have ever seen Princess Monanoke the part when that big wolf demon is....uh...disembodied, and has that creepy grin, that would be like hers but not as creepy).
Kikashi noticed that they were waring different outfits then he had seen on their profiles. For some reason, people on these parts never wore different outfits.
Well Naruto and Eve were.
Eve was waring a blue sleeve-less t-shirt that looked like it used to be a long sleeved shirt, and was wearing baggy cammo pants with black sandals and had her headband around her neck.
Well for Naruto, he was wearing a sleeve-less cammo hoddy, with black baggy pants with dark blue sandals and had his headband on his head.
But for some reason when Kikashi thinks too much he starts starring off into space and he also has the strangest look on his face like if he just saw a new is issue of Icha Icha in front of his face that was sighed by Jiriya. (A:N/ just Imagen him drooling with a satisfied look on his face.)
“Uh, Kikashi-sensie.....Earth to Kikashi!” Yelled Eve.
“OH! I almost forgot, there will be no additional test. You have already proven yourselves by making that trap. So now I'm going to be scrubbing all night to get this lard out of my shirt.” Kikashi mumbled something about making them scrub the toilets in the hospital. Now everyone, go home and get some sleep. You'll need it, trust me.” Kikashi stated.
“Why?” Eve asked with her curious look.
“I'm having you guys spar so I can get a ruff idea on what your skills are.” He replied.
So they all went their separate ways. Well Naruto and Eve like together so they went the same detraction.

Holy CRAP!!! this thing was 14,723 characters, and 2,748 words! O-o Also....I'M SO SORRY THAT IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO UPDATE! TT_TT.

:The Cheap Trick! And We Are Now Ninja!

-6 year Time Skip!-.^^

“You'll never catch us! Mwhahahahah!” Yelled Eve to the Ninjas that were chasing her and Naruto.
“It think we lost 'em.” Said Naruto. Naruto and Eve were grinning mischievously, when all of a sudden they bumped into someone.
“I-Iruka-sensi!” They both yelled in surprise.
“And where do you think you guys are going? Hmmm? Oh that's right back to class I presume. Or is it to vindilies the Hoegake moutin some more?!?!” Yelled Iruka. Then he talked about how soon to be shinobi/kinoichi should not act this way, especially the kinoichi of the year. And yadayadayadayadaya. After his lecturer, he tied the two up and dragged them to class.

-In Class-

“Ok everyone, we're going to review the the Transformation justu before the exams!” Yelled Iruka while he was dragging Naruto and Eve to the front of the class.
“Iruka-sensi, can we transform into anything we like, or does it have to be you?” Asked Eve curiously.
“Yes it can be anything you like.” Replied the teacher. By now Iruka had untied Naruto and Eve so they could do the transformation justu.
“Ok you two trouble makers, one of you have to go first for punishment. So who will it be? How about you Eve?”
“Ok!” Replied Eve with sheer determination in her voice.
“Transformation justu!” Yelled Eve. There was a big cloud of smoke, after the smoke had dissipated there was a gorgeous white wolf sitting where Eve had been. All the Girls in the class said that it was beautiful. Most if the boys didn't say a thing, except Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke just 'hnd', while Naruto said it was the best transformation he had ever seen.
“Thanks Naruto!” Eve said sweetly while smiling at him.
By the time everyone was done it was lunch time.
“Awe man, I'm starved!” Complained Naruto, while walking outside to got get their favorite ramen.
When they got to the ramen stand, the guy that owned the stand greeted them, and placed their orders.
“Naruto, theres something I need to talk to you about when we're done eating. K?” Eve said in a serious tone.
“OK.” Said Naruto. After he said that, twelve, large bowls of Miso ramen were sitting on the counter, ready to eat. Six bowls for Naruto, and six bowls for Eve.

-After lunch in the woods by the Academe-

(A/N: You know what? I'm going to be lazy this time. Eve talked about her being from a different universe, and how his life is a TV show. Oh and she didn't tell him 'bout kyuubi.)
“You promise not to tell a soul? Please Naruto, I don't ask you for much, just please keep this between you and me. Okay?”
“Since when do I tell people your secrets?”
“ Oh, that's easy. I seem to recall that there was this one time I told you who I liked and you went and blabbed it to EVERYONE!!!”
“ Ok, Ok! I get it, I'm a loud mouth. I promise not to tell anyone, thats my Nindo, My Ninja way!”
“Thanks Naruto-niisan!” Said Eve, and pecked Naruto on the cheek. Naruto started to blush, so he nervously scratched the back of his head.
“Hey Naruto?”
“Do you mind if you meditate with me till the bell rings?”
“Sure, theres nothing better to do, so why not?”
“Thanks again!” Said Eve. After that, Naruto and Eve crossed their legs, closed their eyes, and cleared their minds.

-In Eve and Naruto's mind-

'where am I?' thought Eve as she was walking through what seemed to be a sewer. The water was 'bout a foot deep. There was piping every where. If you listened hard enough, you could hear th hypnotic, drip, drip, of the leaky ones. (maybe thats why the place looks like a sewer.)
'I must me inside my mind.' Thought Eve.
'I might as well explore. It's better than just standing here.' Thought Eve as she slowly walked off into the unknown.
Eve walked forward till she met a fork in the road.
'Which one should I take? The left one, or the right one?' Eve pondered to herself.
“Ahhhhh!” Someone screamed from the left road, sewer, thing.
'That sounded like Naruto! Hold on Naruto I'm coming!' And with that thought, she dashed down the left road, sewer, thing (I don't know what to call it).

-Not to long after-

Eve was fastly approaching to where Naruto was. She could see him in the distance, but still wasn't quiet there yet.
“Naruto!” Eve shouted.
“Don't come any closer! There's a vicious monster in there!” He Said while pointing to the gigantic cage.
“And over there!” He said while pointing to a cage not to far from it.
“Naruto there's nothing to worry about, they're behind bars. Besides, they probable have a pretty good seal, so they wont be able to break out unless the seal breaks.” Said Eve.
“Oh. But how did you know 'bout that?” Naruto asked while crossing his arms, and giving her his thinking face (I think that face looks to funny! And cute. lol.).
“Did you forget what I told you back in the forest already?” She asked with a little hint of disappointment.
“Oh! Now I remembered!” Naruto shouted. He looked around a little bit.
“Hey Eve do you know where we are?” Asked Naruto.
“Nope! Have no clue as to where we are.” Eve said. Well she did know, it's just that, she didn't want to tell Naruto.
“What are you doing in here you humans!?” Asked a demonic feminine voice.
Eve Stared at what she could see of the Demon. What she could make out of it was: It was a gigantic white wolf, with eight, angerly swaying tails.
“Who are you?” Eve said to the wolf.
“I am the great-” Kyuubi started. The Kyuubi wasn't paying attention till he heard the “who are you?” part, so he thought Eve was talking about him.
“Not you, you stupid fox! The wolf.” Said Eve slightly anoiod.
“I, human girl, am Kiuya the Eight Tailed Demon.” Said Kiuya.
“Oh thats a beautiful name.” Said Eve. She absolutely loved wolves
“Naruto, I think we should go now. Lunch time might be about over now.” Said Eve. Naruto on the other hand was not paying attention to what Eve was saying because he was having a shouting match with the Kyuubi.
“Naruto.” No respond.
“Naruto!” still no respond.
“Naruto!!!!!!!!” Screamed eve as loud as she could (And thats pretty loud).
“What?!?!?” Yelled Naruto.
“I think we should go now. Don't you agree?” Asked Eve. Something had hit Naruto, (As in a thought.) how were they going to get out?
“Eve how are we suppose to get out?” Asked Naruto.
“Huh, I never thought of that.” Eve turned to Kiuya. “How are we suppose to get out?”
“Like I'm going to tell you.” Said Kiuya.
“Fine, if you wont tell use I guess i'm going to have to make you.”
“How so?” Asked Kiuya.
“Like this.” Said Eve. She closed her eye and imagined the 'Dora the Explorer' song playing, and the 'Telatubes' hugging Kiuya, and last but lest, she imagined her being registrantted so she couldn't do a darn thing about it. (I basically got this idea off another story. I can't remember which though.)
“Ok! Ok! I'll tell you! Just make it stop!” Kiuya pleaded. “You just imagine your self back outside. Now make the it stop!” Kiuya said. The music and Telatubes all went puff.

'Thank Kami that ended' Thought Kiuya.
“K. Bye Kiuya, bye stupid kitsune!” Said Eve,
“Can we just get out of here?” Said Naruto.
“Shesh, what crawled up your but?” said Eve. After she said that, the two of them imagined them selves outside.


Bring!! Went the bell. That meant lunch was over.
“Hurry up Naruto! We're going to be late!” Eve said while running to the Academe.
“Ok, Ok! Sheesh!” He said.


“Ok, Everybody! Line up alphabetical order by last names! Which means, Eve! Your up first!” Said Iruka loudly. Eve walked through a door to the right of the chalkboard in Iruka's room.
A couple of minutes later Eve walked out with a headband around her neck.

-A whole bunch of unimportant people later-

Sasuke came out with a headband in his pale hands.
“Naruto Uzumaki, your up next.” Said an assistant examiner. Naruto walked as calmly as he could through the door by the chalkboard.
“Ok Naruto, all you have to do is create three clones then you pass!” Said Iruka happily at he desk.
“Ok!” Said Naruto.
' I can do this, I can do this!' He repeated inside his head. Naruto mead a seal, a mass amount of chakra surrounded Naruto, then there was a big POOF! And a cloud of white smoke surrounded most of the examination room. When the smoke cleared, the could see one, yes one, sickly look-alike of Naruto sprawl on the floor.
Mizuke was sitting right next to Iruka. Mizuke had the smallest smile on his face. He had big plans, big plans indeed.
“Sorry Naruto but you fail.” Iruka said solemnly.
“Don't fret Naruto, you still have next year.” Mizuke said with fake smile.
Naruto slowly walked out of the examination room.
“So Naruto, how'd ya do?” asked Eve exididly. Then she looked at Naruto's solemn expression.
“You didn't pass did you?” She asked. Naruto slowly shook his head yes.
“You want to get some ramen together?” She asked.
“No, I just want to be alone right now.”
“Ok, I'll be at the ramen stand if you need me. K?”
“Ok.” Replied Naruto.


Naruto was swinging on his 'I'm depressed' swing. This was the third time, THIRD TIME, that he had failed the exam. He squeezed his hands around the rope so hard that his knuckles started to bleed the tiniest bit.
“Hey Naruto.” Said a voice. Naruto looked up. It was Mizuke.
“Oh, hey Mizuke-sense. What are you doing here?” Naruto asked solemnly.
“To just tell you that there was another why to graduate.” Mizuke said.
“Really.” Mizuke replied.
“So what do I have to do?!?!” Naruto asked exididly (how do you spell that?). Mizuke explained what Naruto had to do.
“So what your telling me is that I need to 'steal' a scroll that says 'top secret' on it, and learn one justu before anyone finds me?” Asked Naruto with his funny/cute thinking face.
“Thats right.” Said Mizuke.
'My plan is going accordingly. Not to long till I kill the demon brat and steal the scroll for ultimate power!!!' Thought Mizuke.
“Ok! When do I start?” Naruto asked eagerly.
“Let's see here, it's 4:00 pm right now and it doesn't get dark till eight. So 'steal' the scroll at eight' o' clock.” Mizuke said with a fake smile.
“Alright!!!” Naruto screamed out of joy.

-four hours later at the ramen stand-

'I have a really bad feeling that I'm forgetting something.' Thought Eve.
“What?!?!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT NARUTO STOLE THE SACRED SCROLL!?!?!?1?!?!?!?” Iruka screamed at the top of his lungs.
'I totally forgot that Naruto was going to get tricked by Mizuke!' Eve thought.
“Hey old man! I really need to go! I'll pay me bill when I get back! BYE!!” Yelled Eve to the old man who ran the stand. Eve dashed off into the wood to where she thought Naruto was.

-In the Wood with Naruto-

Naruto was breathing heavenly. Naruto was sprawled out on the ground looking at the canopy above him. Oh how wonderful the stars looked in the sky, they looked like little diamonds.
“There you are Naruto. Your in big trouble for what you have done! I just can believe that you would do something like this!” Said Iruka furiously.
“Oh you mean pass the test. Yay I couldn't believe I did it to!” Naruto said surprising Iruka.
“What test?” He asked.
“The test where I have to 'steal' the top secret scroll in jiji's library.” Said Naruto.
“Naruto who told you about the test?” Asked Iruka.
“I did!” Said a voice.
“Heeeey! Mizuke-sensie! Not only did I learn one justu I learned two!” Screamed Naruto.
“Now Naruto, give me the scroll” Said Mizuke.
“Naruto you were tricked by Mizuke! Don't give him the scroll.” Yelled Iruka.
“Naruto I want to tell you something. You want to know why people hate you don't you. It's because your the Nine-tailed Fox! And for that, this will be your last day on Earth!” Yelled Mizuke while spinning a Fuma Shiriken (I'm just going to call it Fuma. K? K.). When it was ready to fire, he aimed it at Naruto and let go. Naruto was so petrified that he just stands there, eyeballs the size of dinner plates. Naruto closed his eyes waiting for the impact. But it never came. When he opened his eyes he saw a unconscious Iruka.
“Well that didn't go as planed. Oh well, I have another one. This time I won't miss!!” Mizuke yelled. He wound up another Fuma and fired.. Naruto tried to get away but to no avail. Naruto got into a ball and waited. Nothing. What he saw amazed him. Eve, with a deep wound on her cheek and holding the Fuma.
“Come on Naruto, I know your better than this. How 'bout we teach him a lesson?” Suggested Eve. Naruto felt all the fear leave him. He stood up beside Eve and whispered,” Hey Eve, do you know the multi shadow clone?”
“Yay why? Oh I get it. Lets do this.” Eve whispered back.
“Multi Shadow Clone justu!” Naruto and Eve said in unison. Fifty of Eve's and Naruto were every where.
“ Time for some but whopping!” they said all together. And started to punch Mizuke to a pulp.

-Minutes later-

(A/N: Iruka has waken up.)
Naruto and Iruka were sitting on a huge tree trunk.
“Naruto close your eye's” Said Iruka. Naruto closed his eye.
“Ok, now open.” He said. Naruto felt something on his forehead. It was Iruka's headband.
“But-” Naruto started.
“But nothing, you earned it. You are now a Genine.” Iruka said.
“Yahooooo!” Naruto screamed for joy. Eve was sleeping. She was wiped out. Iruka picked up Eve.
“Well Naruto, I'll drop you and Eve at your guy's apartment. Then I need to go to the hospital.” Said Iruka. So they started walking tword Naruto and Eve's apartment.