Like the title say, random pics of me, my cat, and anime.

The Thing of my Nightmares O.o

so, i was browsing deviant today, and i stumbled upon some clay figures by lolofdoom. i was looking at them, and i was like, "yeah, these are cool, what else does he got?" i click on the button to brows his portfolio and i see pokemon with these weird faces. I click on the one that looks like a charmander, and this is what i got.

O.O ...holy shit. that things is like something out of a horror movie! and even though i am terrafied of this clay figure, i am strangley attracted to it. those "Ikemon".... you just can't help but love how strange they are. XD

Now go! Go my little minions and like, favorite, and comment on all of his Ikemon!! MUEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! XD link to his gallery.

an update

so this is an update abut the three cats that live in my house(and you get to see what my old cat looked like as well). :3 there is only going to be one that you guys have already seen, Layla. She is the biggest, and youngest out of all three cats...

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cat ^^

my cat layla now.


just felt like posting it here.


It's another pic of layla. :33