Sakura Haruno here~
To all my friends....
You can post,whatever you like here...such as story,wallpaper,video,comic and
anything else you like...^^
I hope you enjoy here...

If you want me to add you as guest world just send pm or comment to me,okay?
I hope we can enjoy here together...


Hi Sakura-san thanks for letting me be a guest poster

Sorry about my gramer *bows*

Don't do it!

It seems like it's never meant to be, but I'm still a SasuSaku supporter

Though NaruHina is my fav couple

Help me...

Hello guys!
It's me Sakura.I'm kinda boring...Can someone please
help me to make this worlds more fun?I need help...
Please pm or send comment to me.Okay?I will appreciate it.
Thank you...*bows*


Hi everyone! I'm Ten Ten! It's nice to see us all in one place!

Konoichi ROCK!


Sakura-chan... Thank you for the guest post *bows*

I really love the drawing you did ^///^