20 Questions Game ^o^

Real simple you ask me something, I answer it. One rule: it cannot be very personal, Address, phone number, etc, and nothing that breaks my security clearance, anything else period is fine. I have nothing I'm ashamed to admit, so ask away. But remember, you choose to read the answers on this post, I'll put the most sensitive answers in spoiler text, but if you see something you didn't want to honestly know, its your fault for not heeding this warning. Ohh and I would appreciate it if you didn't judge me, the questions asked regardless of their nature will have a truthful answer, past or present is irrelevant, maybe I changed since the events that have taken place.


why do you let me call you papabear?- as long as you acknowledge me in general, instead of just saying hi, I don't care what you call me ^_^.


Am I really worth everything you have done for me?? All the adjustments you have made for me...even things you may have sacrificed...am I truly worth it?- I grew up without a real family, thanks to you and everyone else sis, I kinda know what it feels like to have one, so yes, yes it was ^_^.

Why is number 49 your fave number?- My very first army callsign was Agent49, I never had a number with any significance before that, then shortly after I joined SFOD-D, I was renamed The Preventer. Then when I joined the PMC I became Spectre who I am now ^_^.

Whats your fave fruit?- I love lemons and oranges in that order, that way I get this super bitter sour taste ^_^.

How old were you when you first was kissed and who was out with?- My very first gf Heather Greensfield, and 9 years old.

First car you ever had?- Toyota Celica

They say a persons colour scheme that they wear reflects there inner personality...aside from being a sociopath how would you festive your self in personality?- hmm well, I'm really a nice person when I'm not working coz I don't have the same strict mentality, all of my ex girlfriends always said the terrorists wouldn't be afraid of me if they knew what a sweetheart I was -_-".

How would you describe my personality??((truthful as you can please...good bids and bits included))- full of life and energy, passionate and funny. Hothead at times and stubborn. very sweet and caring all these things make up who you are ^_^.

Are you scared of hurting me in some way?- I'm afraid of hurting everyone I get close to.

Whats your biggest fear?- syringed needles is the only real fear I have left.

Whats your biggest weakness ((aside from Mei xx))- I always have to be the hero, even if I have to give up everything to do it -_-".

How old was you when you first got laid?- about 14 1/2

have you ever measured it?? how big?? XD- around 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inchs, I never measured it myself but I did find out it's a little longer than my hand and my hand is about 7 inchs ^_^.

whats your favourite car of all time?- My Aston Martin DB9 of course, that's why bought it lol.

Do you judge how fast your going by Mph in America or some other method?-we use miles per hour in the US, but my speedometer lets me switch between miles and kilometers per hour ^_^.

Whats inscribed on your dog tags?- Last Name: Reigns
First and M Intial: Steven D.
Social Security Number: 401-33-****
Blood Type: O positive
Religious Preference: None

How old are your dogs?- Dieter is 11, Xavier is 9 1/2, and frank is about 2 1/2 ^_^.

Why the names that they have? I understand Frank... from the awesome Men in Black Pug lmao... but why the other two names? Dieter is a german shepherd, dieter is a german name XD. Xavier I adopted from an animal shelter, but that was his name ^_^.

Whats your favourite feature on your face? ((And you can't say everything lmao XD No big heads now XDD))- my eyes

Do You wish you lived nearer?- I love Los Angeles, I really do ^_^.

Would you kill to protect me?- that goes without question ^_^. I prefer to negotiate, but that doesn't always work ^_^.

Cause I am a soppy git and love fluff and stuff, How would you describe love in your eyes?- Irrational, overwhelming, clouds judgement, but still wonderful all the same.

How would you describe anger?- getting angry is a malice fueled hatred of someone to me. mad and angry are not the same thing.

Write me the beginnings of a story.... Once upon a time, there was an ulgy barnacle. He was so ugly everyone died, the end. I even made you an ending at no extra charge -3-.

what do you prefer the sand or the sea?- by sea I assume you mean living on a boat, and the answer would be sand, thats why I have a beach house XD.

Why is a Black Panther your idea house pet?- this answer envelops 2 questions you asked, a black panther is like me in every way a stalker of prey, quick to strike, always goes for the vital areas. If you raise one from birth they can be as loyal as a puppy also ^_^.

What animal do I remind you of?- A hippopotamus(no that's not a weight joke) a hippo will chase down and kill anyone that tries to hurt its family, even after said threat runs away ^_^.

match an Animal up to the rest of the close family in our circle hehe kiki ((It needs to be accurate hehe))- African wild dogs xd, if someone pisses one off, the other members go straight for the jugular XD.

What animal do you associate yourself with... ((Play along... no I don't believe in this crap bull shit lmao XD tongue))- Black panther XD, same reasons as for having it as a house pet ^_^.

What's your fave tattoo? x x- My black Dragon has a significant meaning to me, it's designed from an ancient story about a nightmare that would come at night and take the souls of evil-hearted men ^_^.

In the past have you customized your house number to something of significance to you? or even your registration number? XD- nope ^_^.

and Do you like your id badge photo... or does it make you look like a criminal lmfao XD tongue- the answer is both XD.


Annie Squiggle~

How many viewers is there on your world(s)?- I currently have 111 subscribers but anyone can see any of my worlds ^_^. the current total number of views for each world is= House of Ghosts[2,507], Fictitious Dream Dates[1.394], Zoology 101[533], Survive Everything[76], Favorite Characters List[65], and Blacksite: Planet Earth[103] ^_^.


o0o how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck pineapples?- Well a woodchuck normally chucks wood assuming this, the only reason it would be chucking pineapple is coz it has a sweet tooth in which case it wouldn't chuck wood since it's bland, or it has sensitive teeth so it cant chuck wood without hurting itself ^_^.

Sorry i have another question..... say you are put into the hunger games with23 other special forces peoples. How do you plan to win and how do you take out your first and last victim?- Sis this isn't one I can actually answer, but there are two way it will end anyone who isnt SFOD-D, DEV/GRV, 24th STS, or SAD, isn't gonna be a challenge, and when it comes to them the first one to find the other would win ^_^.

Zuzu Uchiha~

O_O if there was a zombie outbreak what would your weapon of choice be!??? O>O SIS MUST KNOW!!?- A knife and/or sword zombies need to be disarmed literally if necessary -w-, and there is no need to reload bladed weapons -3-.

O_O I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION! O_O Did you ever have a role model and i mean a movie star or some fighter out there who you admire? O_O- Steven Seagal, James Bond, Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, and Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell franchise, I've always wanted to be this badass secret agent for the government. That's why I joined special forces to fulfill that dream lol.


What do you want for ur Birthday? AND YOU CANT SAY NUTHING! XD Well it's not like I would give it to you. just wondering XD- Actually sis you could ^_^, I don't like expensive gifts for my b-day, I can get them anyday of the week ^_^, I am rich after all XD. I prefer stuff made with care, poems, letters written
or typed by hand, etc ^_^. Stuff like that is what I want, anyone can buy you something, but it takes effort to make it ^_^.

What's ur fave food and drink? my favorite foods are usually mexican, italian, sicilian, and american southwest , but I also like anything thats hot ^_^.

What's ur fave color? my favorite colors are silver and white followed by black and any dark shade of blue ^_^.

Here comes a silly question! If u can date a girl from anime, who will u ask for? Tifa lockheart and Aeris gainsborough, I'm greedy and want both -w-

Ummm...mind to describe urself? (both personality and physically) owo did I spell that correctly? hmmm well I have 2 personalities 1 is extremely sweet, kind, understanding, then their is the other personality the one they fear. Thats the real me all my hatred and anger thats the side known as the angel of death in my nice form I repress everything that pisses me off, then my enemies get the severe wrath of that buildup backed by my special forces training and years of combat experience, physically Im white 5'10", 195lbs, I have 2 bullet wounds on diagonally placed above the other, not perfectly but still pretty close to each other. I have several cut marks and a few stab wounds, I have an SFOD-D insignia and an american flag on my right arm, I have a dragon in the middle of my back, my name SPECTRE across the back of my shoulder blades and my previous nickname below the E of spectre ^_^

I know we hasn't known each other for too long, but can u be honest and tell me what do you think about me? Dovankiin sis, your funny and sweet and you make me smile and laugh, I can't understand why people think you should "grow up" if you did you would change and I dont want a "mature" sister I want you the sister that makes me smile everytime I talk to you, the sister I can talk to and she'll see the good no matter how bad my intentions were, I dont want a different sis, I want you to be my sis ^_^


What is your favorite elemental force(s)?- I have two favorite elements Light/Lightning and Ice ^_^.

How many women have you been with at once: 3 at one time, has nothing to do with the story below

How many lovers have you had in a relationship at one time?- When I was still living in Louisville, I was in walgreens buying a soda, when I met a charming young woman in line waiting to pay her and the cashier was talking about how she wanted to go to germany before she started college. Well it turned out she just got off work and was waiting for her ride to get off work and take her home, well I offered to give her a ride, so I gave her a lift to her house. She invited me in and she was gorgeous more than just physically so there was no way I was saying no. I went in and we talk for a bit more and we started kissing, another girl comes in I just assume it's her roommate, but it wasn't that simple it was her girlfriend and she didn't think very highly of me at first, I felt really bad so I offered to take them both to dinner. Well after that they both fell for me and it didn't take long for me to fall for them either. We dated for almost a year in fact all the way up until just before I joined the army, which for them that was years they had been dating and they wanted to get married which you couldn't do where I lived at the time, so I payed for them to go to San Francisco. I see them all the time now I get those feelings back everytime I talk to now, they're both still very special to me.