Butterfly Kiss(Kira)

Kira is my new niece, she is extremely kind and sweet. She shows everyone the proper respect, which I admire. She has some stress related problems but that's ok, everyone has some issues even me. She tries to be nice to everyone, even if her kindness is not always returned.

Me and Kira don't really have a lot in common she a goth, and I'm a suit. But we hate a lot of the same things XD. But we do have other things in common also, like our opinion on what a real vampire is and our love of adventure time, so with our differences comes our similarities. Above every other similarity we have there is the fact that we are family. Kira is a wonderful person and a wonderful niece, full of energy, even when she's sad. Kira is extremely funny, especially when she goes on her rants about stuff or people she hates. I feel a strong need to protect her and have a deep trust in her. I know she won't betray it and can come to me with any problems she has. One of the best things that ever happened was meeting a wonderful person like her.