EmotionalFreak (Nikki)

Nikki is a very special little girl to me, I see a whole lot of my self in her when first came to theO and came back. She is very quiet, she talks to people she knows. But in this quiet nature I am reminded most of myself. I felt privileged that she talks to me and worries about me and is here for me. A lot of people I tried to talk to just ignore me, it fine I don't mind XD.

By my nature and talk about the military, I can seem intimidating because I am disciplined, But Nikki is to, she studied Krav Maga for 6 years and earned a green belt a very impressive feat for anyone. I have several disciplines in martial-arts. The fact that she knows the nature of having a martial-arts discipline makes me believe, that's the reason she doesn't seem intimidated by me. So I have my little martial-arts sis Nikki to care for while she cares for me to. You should get to know her she is very sweet and kind. I feel very comfortable talking to her. Thanks for understanding Nikki, love you always :)