Moka (Keri)

My little sister Keri is just amazing. She doesn't understand a lot of my problems since shes still a child, but she always listens. Keri is always there when I need her, and she reminded me not everyone has my level of self-esteem. Having the ability to give her more self confidence has made me believe I can do it for anyone.

Keri is the first person I go to when I don't understand something on the site. She is sweet and innocent, and has a lot of problems with older gentlemen. Which is fine, because me and her have a special relationship. She shows me how to work the site, and in return I show these gentlemen down a flight of stairs (head first). My little sis Keri is very important to me, protecting her is also important to me. Keri was there the day I was looking for someone to listen, not to help me with my personal life. Keri is always smiling and listening so if you see her talk to her, see in her what I do. Keri your my confidence builder little sister and I love you for it :)