Heya! Zack SOLDIER 1st class here! Im glad that my friends have introduced this place to me. Now i can finally have a fanclub of my own..besides hearing about how much genisis,sephiroth,and angeal get all the attention. It will be good to have someone new join , dont cha think? *smirks*
Well i hope you guys find this place of intrest to you, sadly i've gotta run and do some training. After all a SOLDIERs work is never done!
I'll see you guys at the host club!!

If you want to become a fan dont be afraid to pm me! im always up for a little chat with some nice ladies *smiles and waves*


im not going to make a list of my fans because i have work to do -.- jeez angeal has seriously been throwing work on me this week. <3< maybe he wants to keep me focused. I just wanted to take the time to show my appriciation for my fans. Well i dont really know how to put it in words..so..i..uhm...well ..Im just happy to have the fans that i do and know that they care for me , its nice to have such a simple and complicated feeling as love. So thanks again to my wondeful fans. So ill be seeing you guys around soon? I gotta go...Tseng is watching me >A<;'''



So i have joined the proboards everyone! just so you know if you wanted to visit me or anything. i might not be on it a lot because ive been very busy with SOLDIER and what not.. but expect responses from me soon...when i have the time sorry.But for now so long!


My Host Club Card