Is all hope gone

I look around and everybody is doing nothing about what is going on so I can't help but think is all the hope gone?

People just sitting and laying around asking whats going to be done but in their you can hear no emotion at all.

Is all the hope gone

I sigh as i walk around looking for somebody who has hope but i can't so I guess I'm the only one in this world who still has hope.

Others hope may be gone but that doesn't mean ma hope has to be gone as well

I Hope

I hope for everyone I hate to leave me alone

I hope for my love to be forever

I hope I have my boo forever

Hope is only a word but all you can is hope and never give up

I hope for his touches

I hope for his kisses

I hope to fell deeper into him

Why do I give up so much on hope

I hope for his voice to say I love you

I should just give up but no

Hope got me in a grasp

I got my boo

I get his kisses

I get his voice to say I love you

I get his touches

I got everything i wanted thanks to hope


Just a poem I wrote today