A boring post.

My anniversary with Otter went really well. I hate that everyone thinks they have a better phone than mine... uuh excuse you my filters are better for me. bish. Sorry for that rant, I just really hate selfies!.... but I take them.

I'm going to AX once again! As for cosplay.. really gotta work on those..... Might do D.VA... maybe. Dunno. ummm my contacts ripped so I gotta replace those.... thanks for the jinx nono!!!

Work is much better. I hope I won't be covering too many more shifts coz im tired! And I'm dogsitting this month. This was pet sitting month. Aweek ago I was pet sitting cats! now my dogs. On the plus with that my parents will be in town for AX so I wil be free!!!!! except for the day I work.... damnit.

ummm I didn't do anything for valentine's day.. otter forgot. the dick all the while his friend asked me advice on what to do for his date. Was I jelly? no. Welll except that the friend made plans for a date... like in general. Don't ask me on a date and have nothing planned waiting on me to plan it. I will cut a bitch!

Im gonna meet more of his friends for Slayer. So that's cool. With traveling.... that's... I dunno... but whatever.

Oh! I got a new piercing!! I fucking love it!!!! I have SPIKES!!!! on my ears!!!! SPIKES!!!! :DDD Next month Otter might gt another tattoo. If I see one I really REALLY like.. I might.

I really wanna go to Disneyland again, because it was so much fun last time! OOOOOH and I would really like to go with L! I hope I run into her at AX again!

Oh! and final I've been watching the anime Citrus.... I'm so addicted to it. That's all I can think of for now. I know there's more to tell. But here's you're really boring post!