The Wonderland Twins

This is a fanfic for the movie Descendants. Enjoy!

The school, Auradon, is home to many sons and daughters from popular fairy tales. Of course, after happily ever after, the kingdoms need children to grown and take on the roles for the fairy tale heroes. The children are brought to this school to be educated on their history and how to rule, save, or ever be a guest to a royal kingdom.

Children of the fairy tales are always welcome. Unless, they are the children of the villains. The villains were banished to the isle, along with their children, in order to keep balance to the fairy tale worlds. That all changed when few were selected to go to the school.

Of course you know the story of Mal and her friends. What a happy little tale. Along with her battle with Uma, the sea witch's daughter. Everyone remains divided. Good with good and evil with evil. But what do you do with chaotic neutral?

The popular tale of Alice in wonderland is an often favorite. Of course when Alice grows up we're not told of her anymore. Well, Alice had children with the mad hatter. They raised them in wonderland. The white rabbit their godfather, march hare their uncle, and the chesire cat.... their teacher. Jasper and Moon were their names, and they loved fun.

The wonderland twins were the pranksters of the school. Often bored, they did almost anything to have a laugh. They missed wonderland so much, and had a diet of tea and cakes. Jasper, the older of the two, would often praise his sister, Moon, for her ideas and fashion choices for the two. Moon, always stayed by Jasper's side, he was her older brother, her protector, and she adored him for it.

Before the were sent to Auradon, their mother had enough of their constant pranks and little games that teased the royals. She took their doorknob. The doorknob could be put onto any door, and it would lead the twins to wonderland. They couldn't be bothered with reality all the time. Infact it was the source to the boredom that made them act out. Alice did not care, she wanted her twins to be a proper gentleman and lady. Instead, she was the keeper to a delightfully mad young man and his lovely lunatic of a sister. The Madhatter found the two to be too odd for wonderland, too well behave, their thought process could be too logical. It forced him to agree with his Alice. They needed to understand the balance between the legacy they would rule.

Though they were in the Auradon school only 4 months in, they had made their mark. Everyone knew not to play with the twins. Playing with them always led to a prank. Mal had taken part only once. It was greatly regretted. The twins took the fall however, and were sent to detention. Mal forgave and thanked them, but they chose to stay away from her, for her own sake.

After a few weeks of detention and days worth of scolding from their parents, the twins laid on Jasper's bed bored. Moon climbed onto her brother poking at him, claiming how bored she was, and how unfair everyone was being. Japser chuckled, as he bucked his sister off him, tackling her, and telling Moon how annoying she was when she was bored. The two carried on in their silly, reckless banter. A pillow fight had begun shortly.

A knock came to their door, Moon got up to answer. As she reached the knob a pillow hit her in the face. She looked at Jasper, growing a grin. She simply told him she'd get him back and answered the door. Her face grew pale at the visitor and Jasper jumped off the bed, joining his sister standing straight. Both stayed greeted their visitor and began to be on their best behavior.

The were greeted by Ally, their older half sister. Alice was their mother, but she had married after her adventures in Wonderland. A man of wealth. A man who liked to spoil Ally, and make it known that she was their perfect child. Alice had made the mistake of going to wonderland. The twins were proof of her love to the hatter. her husband didn't take it well, but kept her. A man of wealth is often a man of greed. Ally, took after her father and made it clear to the twins. Anything she wanted, she'd have. Today was no different as she skimmed the room looking for something to take.

Ally scoffed and scolded the twins. Telling Moon how childish she was, and who could ever take her to a dance. She went on to Jasper, making fun of him for taking his twin sister to the dances. Giggling at him, how he could be so pathetic, so antisocial, to feel as if he didn't need a date. She laughed as she began to toss things around. As she went on about how odd wonderland children are and how the two ever got admitted to come to the same school. She walked over to the twins and held out her hand. She demanded they hand over their matching necklaces. Jasper and Moon each wore a simple chain around their neck, holding a tea pot. Their father had given them the treasures only a week ago.
Ally grew impatient as she attempted to put her hands on Moon to yank off the necklace. The twins screamed and shoved Ally away. Ally shoved back, still demanding their possessions. Jasper demanded Ally to leave. Ally glared and screamed to Jasper, how dare he tell his older sister to leave, how dare a wonderland freak tell the daughter of Alice and not the hatter to leave. She slapped Jasper until his face swelled. Moon screamed and grabbed Ally by her ponytail, dragging her out of the room. Jasper followed. The two looked at their older sister, she coward at them begging not to tell her father. They grinned and said "we are nothing to you, we are freaks...... if you want to keep it that way, don't ever come near us again, or this entire academy will know you're the older sister to wonderland freaks!" Ally left with a whimper.

Three days passed. Moon and Jasper had gone unpunished. Ally avoided them at all costs. Finally they were free of the constant reminder that they were simply the reminder of their mother's truth. Alice was no lady, nor was she mad. She was just a woman in an unhappy marriage, with a greedy man.

The twins didn't mind this man, he didn't bother them. He pretended they didn't exist, as they did with him. It always angered him. His anger grew everytime their father would visit to coparent them with Alice.