Within the rabbit hole lies my wonderland. It's demented and feeds off my current emotion or thought. Lunatics, like myself, shouldn't show the world inside their head. However, I choose to.

Valentine's day~

Hey lovers and singles and those in between~~~~ Cupid here!

Anywhores. I hope you all had a lovely day. If not... Candy is on sale like really good candy for really cheap. Just saying... you should totally indulge!

As most of you know I am cupid! So you know how I spent my holiday!? Working at my shop! :D

There were so many last minute valentine's day shoppers. Mainly guys. Then I got my eyebrows done coz I wanna be pretty damnit!!! So Ja then I looked for some stuffs for my sister with my mom, saw my hair dresser and gave him chocolates.
Yeah I had a bag of heart shaped chocolates and I gave some to my lyft driver and my hair dresser. I also made valentines for My mom, sister, L, and Otter. I didn't have time to get my dad V-day beer xDDD

L was so silly when I gave her the chocolates calling me the santa of V-day I was all "No, I'm cupid" :D

She said since she didn't get me anything she'll give me something on "White day". accidentally gender rolled ourselves. But we're ok with this because it's really funny. Good thing we weren't matching lol, we have that happen at times.

My mom gave me a love bug cake (my favorite treat that I haven't had in YEARS!!!!) It was so sweet mom even left a note for me and my sister. I also got a cupcake and some ramen!

All around it wasn't so bad. In all honesty I do hope everyone had a good day. Whether I adore you, or wanna see you crucified on my lawn for Easter, I really hope you had a good day. Why? Well because it sucks being sad on a day like this one and seeing people happy.. In other words envy is a bad look on anyone. Even Leo and G-dragon.

And since it's not V-day anymore~~~~

I really do hope I wake up on Easter morning with people crucified on my lawn and back yard. The ones I really don't like. And just to be a big, fucked up lunatic I am. I would love it for Donald trump to piss on them and give them each a big fat kiss saying their love for him is HUGE.

oki doki laters bitches~ ;D


Hello bitches~ lolz Ok story time though!
I'm almost off work atm so here's what just happened and omg!!!!

So I'm finishing ringing up costumers and a woman walks in, I don't pay her any mind until I look up and notice the blue highlight in her short bob. Did I mention she was Asian?! Yes!! She looked like Knives from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World!!!!!!!!!! We talk for a bit and she brings up my hair. She tells me that it reminds her of *drum rolls* RAMONA FLOWERS!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!1 So excited!!! She says that before leaving so I say "Hey knives! I'm glad the highlight came back to your hair!" we start laughing and she asks me how Scott is. I told her he died after level 28. Good times~

Work and stuff

So I'm at work, well walking to the backroom to unlock the doors ad all that happy, magical retail shit, when I bump into my coworker. The poor dear thought she was opening today and I'm here saying sorry no. I feel bad, but.... it's pretty fucking funny. On the plus she can go home and snooze awhile longer.
Yesterday I went to little Tokyo... and as you all may know I'm Yuiro's inner gayness~~~ So guess what I found~~~ A TIGER SWEATER!!!!!! aw yeah~ That's right fangirls, you may nosebleed~ But don't put cat ears on me.

Bleh seriously this site is dying, but it's all good. Just means I can be offensive as fuck! XD

How the church man saw me

So a few days ago I was at work, looking my usual self. I had on my crow shirt, yes I love the crow. Anywhores! As you know I rarely wear make-up and as a employee im actually nice xD
So a guy come in looking to get donations, I greet him warmly, and the second he saw me he looked like he was looking at a demon! He said never mind and as he left he called me satan. I couldn't resist so I said "oh no darling, I'm Alice the Antichrist~"

After that I decided to do whatever it was he saw, and what everyone truly sees in a demon. So many people think a demon is grotesque and scary.. Wrong.

The point of Lucifer was to tempt the humans. To the bible thumper in my shop, get it right dumbass!

I made rain!

Juuuuust kidding! I dunno. I think the storm followed me back home. It's been raining a lot and im ok with this. I love the rain. I have more fun in it now that I'm back. And it's gonna help with the drought so... yaaaaaaas!!!<3

For fun we'll just say I did a rain dance
Also yeah I feel so bad for being neglectful to Jeff!!! I'm sorry Jeff!!<3