Within the rabbit hole lies my wonderland. It's demented and feeds off my current emotion or thought. Lunatics, like myself, shouldn't show the world inside their head. However, I choose to.

Who loves Ketchup!?

Pikachu loves ketchup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pika pika pika pika-chuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~

hahahahaha I'm dumb. But Friday night at 1 am... Ok early Saturday... cosplay was afoot!

I have a night life?!(ball talk)

Holy ball pits in chuck E cheese!!!!!!!!! I actually go out and have fun on the weekends and after my shifts at work!!!! How'd that happen?! I don't know.

But yeah, Tuesdays tend to be movie night with Otter. The theatre does a discount for movies every Tuesday, it's balls deep amaze!!!!!!!!!!! O_O

I've taken up seeing Nono again. She ran into me, had the balls to come up and talk to me. I respect anyone willing to make amends with me, and be the first to take the first step. There's no way I can have a life out here without her. Honestly I did miss her a lot. We're friends after all. But yeah, I'm happy she's doing well too. We don't go karaoke anymore, but we play with her puppers and I get to hangout with her boyfriend and roommate, they're soo much fun and really cool says me!

Recently Otter's been taking me to music events. I'm very much ok with this. They're really fun, and I enjoy seeing him get into it and skank in the pits. I've even told him it's kinda cute. Meh. I mostly enjoy seeing him go into fight mode. Like the time in Ska Wars........ *has a flash back moment* hehehehe he got to throw punches in the pit, and I punched a guy in his ribs, shoved an annoying couple away from my personal space.

I don't talk to Dan Dan anymore. He was getting to be a distraction. And kept bashing on G-Dragon. He has the perfect amount of eyeliner, damnit! Plus he kept talking about having big thighs like if I was supposed to be like "oooh I love a man with big thighs!!!!" nah bish, I like thighs from fried chicken! Also he was a major cornball.... Geeze...... Sweet guy, but too much a cornball, and wanting to act like a sugar daddy. Bleh...

But yeah I keep going to the beach at night or Little Tokyo. Honestly my favorite place that I've gone is up on the hills and looking over the whole city. I really do like the simple things.

Sure I hang with L too and my family. But there are times I just like to stay in and Skype with Rukie, Willy, Chappy, and Otter. It's fun.

Oh, I might take up wrestling with Grandpa!

that's mah life atm.

It can't be helped

Hey guys~ I guess I wanna get a feeling and thought out of my twisted, sick, mind. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be back home, but....

I miss Louisiana. I really do. I miss being able to say I walked along the Mississippi river, without having to leave the state. I could be in two places at once in a sense. I miss the late night drives to waffle house and listening to the music being played. I miss the people. Well the people I like. Yes, that includes my ex.

We had our good times as much as our bad. But, I just want to be on the good times, since I haven't ranted about that in a long time. I owe it to that relationship and to myself to acknowledge and be ok with the good. That way I can accept the bad.

I loved it when I could just take away his game controller and beat a fighting game level. It was great whenever we'd go for a drive, he always blasts his music just so we can sing our lungs out, pure with the sheer enjoyment of it all. But yeah Shit happened after.

Either way, I miss the good times out there. As for the relationship itself.... ... uuuh well... I'm happier that it's over. I feel it just wasn't going to work out. It was way too problematic. But I hold no ill will to him. It's something that happened, we had our moments, we were in love. I feel bad that I lost love for him. But I was pushed passed limits, and when you're pushed away so much, you fall out of love, you know you're nothing. So you just, stop trying.

Like I said I just wanted to get some shit out of my head. I am missing stuff, but it's a given, I was out there long enough I mean I considered it home 2. Bleh... feels suck, and so does thought. Oh well.

Onision of theO

I think I've become the Onision to this site. To that I say~ OMG thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on he's one of the most hated youtubers amongst others because of his honesty and how he speaks his mind. I'm obviously not the sam pepper of thi...

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Bleached mah hair!

Over the weekend I decided to bleach and recolor my hair. I was surprised how well it bleached. Since my natural hair is dark, almost black, I decided to bleach that first, then the colored parts. It didn't take off the color from the blue, but I didn't want my hair to break so I think I look pretty damn good as a blonde~

What's you're say, sweetie?