Within the rabbit hole lies my wonderland. It's demented and feeds off my current emotion or thought. Lunatics, like myself, shouldn't show the world inside their head. However, I choose to.

moogle hybrid thing.

Talking to shayde about flareons and moogles and came up with this... I think im more biased towards moogles......
he might redraw it. I dunno. We'll see.

So far I like his moogle wip

The truth about hope.

Hope is like Easter, something Religion uses in it's book of fairy tales. You know, the one called the Bible.

Like all fairy tales, it's just a story with a happy ending with a lesson involved. Or just a story with a lesson.

Reality, has a lesson on hope.. so does truth... It's fake. That's why fairy tales and religion talk about it so damn much. Just to blind.

The reality of the world is, there is no true morality. Something happens in your favor or it doesn't. Even if you worked so hard for it.

Everyone means nothing in the end. We will all die. We will only be the center of ourselves. The people involved with us will move on in time. No matter how great, or horrible, you will not be missed by all. Infact some people will have never heard of you.

Hope.. Just something to keep people going to think something good will come up. Things will work out.. without really knowing that. If there's nothing known... all you have is hope.. Just like all you have is the easter bunny.

Cosplay foiled!!!!!!

Heys guys! To those of you who don't cosplay or have short hair like super short hair... WIGS ARE ABITCH TO PUT ON!!!!!!!!!!! Usually I braid my hair into pigtails when it's still wet, put on the wig and pin it. ... It works ok.. my hair i...

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Annoying teen boy in shop.

Hey sugar skulls!!!!!! As you know I've been working and getting ready for AX!!! *insert cheers*

Ok so~~~~
One weekend about a month ago I had a group of teen boys come in. They were loud, noisy, obnoxious, all around rowdy! I was giving them small talk, being nice.. The one of them reaches his hand over the counter. I'm not ok with this, that's fucking so rude!!! So I grab his hand and move it to him and say "that's so rude, what makes you think you can act so horrible in a store!?" This brat starts claiming I hurt him and throws himself to the floor.
He gets up laughing as I say "yeah sure, get out". He begins to tell me he's going to sue me. I laugh. He and his friends get nervous. I begin to reply "Do you really think you can successfully sue me? You were reaching over my counter, I can have you arrested for attempted assault, even sexual harassment. There are cameras in here so from someone's point of view, you could look like a ballsy pervert. Plus... how old do you think I am little one?"

They all admit to thinking I was 16 max. I grin and say "wow you're really fucked now, coz you look 18. By the way, you can try to sue me after all that, but my aunt is a lawyer, and if this is not her field, she's more than happy to appoint a lawyer to me. Now again, I want you all out, and you are not welcomed back" After some more back and forth they leave, especially after being called perverts by random people.

Now let's fast forward to today. The boy who started the whole fiasco walked by with a friend. A man walks in with his daughter. I ignore the boys and greet the father and daughter, small talk and sell them a snack. I give them polite service. Finally the man points out the boys in the window.

The man says "That's my son out there, did you ban him from the shop??" I nod and say "Yes sir, he was very ill mannered and reached over the counter." The father looks over the counter and sees there's nothing there to catch anyone's attention. he looks at me and says "My kid told me you banned him because he wanted to see pokemon cards laying on the other side of your counter." I look at the man and say "Sir, I have no idea what your son is talking about. All I know is, I keep my laptop here and phone. I use my laptop for work and my phone plays music for the store. I don't appreciate him reaching over for either items then trying to look onto my laptop. I also don't appreciate how close his hands were to certain body parts"
Before the man can speak, his daughter tunes in saying he's been ban from a store before and even the movie theatre for his behavior. The two apologize to me. I accept and tell them not to worry about it. The father goes on to tell me he'll make sure his son doesn't come to my store and will be punished for his behavior. They leave and were lovely.

Lesson? Don't fuck with Karma, because karma talks to your parents! ^w^

ps: there were pokemon cards at the time, after the incident they were taken down because people were touching and reaching over too much.

Log Date75409

Yeah, I still like Steven Universe. I love the idea of Peridot and Lapis. Will it happen? I dunno. There's a lot I would love to happen in that show. I still adore the show, regardless.

So what's new? Well...yeah.... I pretty much live with Otter. I should just keep pajamas and spare clothes over there. He's met my entire family, including my grandmother. It was a nice visit all around. Yeah, it's like that with us.

There've been times when he's asked if I miss the south and Shayde. I told him the truth. I do miss the south and Shayde. But, I don't want to go back to either. They're chapters that are done. Sure Shayde's gonna be in my memory and all that. But, I just don't wanna talk to him. I tried, he became too pushy with the whole chance thing... bleh it was a mess. I wish we could be friends, but ... too... I just said the issue from last time damnit!

I love my white hair, I can't wait for it to grow more. I'm stoked for AX, rukie's wedding, and upcoming babyshower, Aaand~~~~~~` Around our birthdays, otter is taking me to Disneyland!!!!! I so can't wait!

I hope you're all doing well. Also, if you're going to AX have fun!!!!