some say punk others say pop = I say whatever man~
you'll say meat they'll say vegetarian = I'm with ya on meat!
he'll say sports she'll say meet the kardashians = The Simpsons hoes!
it's the darkside it's the light side = there's my side~
others say chocolate some say vanilla = get the swirl bitches!!
You say cartoons, they say sitcoms= hello anime mah bitches!!!
You say mang they want comics= oth please me .... so GIMMIE!!
... in the end TOAST is the best!

welcome to my world within the rabbit hole!
info time!?!!

Name: teapartyprincess a.k.a The Young Miss

Other names: Alice, tea, imouto, bunny, sis, Dree, and whatever the fuck else ppl call me~

Sign: virgo

Age: old as all hell

Loves: TOAST,the simpsons, twilight zone, anime and manga stuffs, coffee, sweets, spicy, taboo topics, crazy ppl, funny things, fam fam,mr. burns, and most of all my bitches, the colors silver and pink (but silver is the all time best!)

Hates: people that cant take the hint that they are unwanted, cabbages, cough syrup, life with no flatirons or other hair stuffs, ppl who have crossed me to a point, drug abuse, crappy shows books and movies based on those stupid books, and most of all i hate raw CARROTS

Basic personality: Lovely lunatic, you get me and you see me how you do, nice, mean, cruel, funny whatever ^^

Additional information: my username has nothing to do with that retarded politcal group or anything like that... I am the leader of the group of friends i cherish most, also im a triplet here and has other siblings younger sisters and big brothers.. you guys should know who my big sis is ^^

ok this is my intro, you dun like it you'll hate the posts here darlings ^^

sugarplum homos

Like my title? No? Well then, you're about as useless as a dick flavored lollipop! hahahahaha
ok in all seriousness *sits down having a cup of coffee* there is a way to the light. It's on the left passed the soda fountain. Don't touch the soda fountain or you will get cavities.
So what's new people? What are your winter holiday plans? Have none??? well if it were possible I'd say come over to my house and I'll drown you in Asian gore movies! Just supply that sweet sweet candy ass of yours
Disturbed? Then my holiday goal is done mah bitches!

karaoke night

So Sunday night I went to a bar with my breast friend nono. It was a little intimidating at first. I wish I wouldn't feel so nervous at these things. Well I promised my friend I would get on the stage and sing to her (it was her birthday so ja). While getting comfortable her other friend and roommate were getting us drinks, I didn't want any, but thanked them. (personally I don't care for drinking alcohol but I don't mind it) Finally my back pone kicked in and I signed up. I sang The Used's "All That I got". It was so much fun and even better that they came to the dance floor cheering me on and singing along. The other people there stood and watched some clapped and cheered too. When it was coming to the screech part, this fucking drunk bitch tries to get on stage with me!!!! HELL NAH I'm singing mah song and don't need back up bye bitch! I screeched and growled that part into her ear! It was a blast and the car exploded into applause that was such a boost so much more than what a drink can give me. When I finished I got applauded again. And my friends told everyone I sang completely sober. Turns out everyone that got up before had at least one drink to calm them. Don't get me wrong, I was so nervous at first. I felt like a total dumbass up there with a voice that wouldn't calm the fuck down. Those awesome bitches helped me so much when they cheered, it calmed me down and made it so much more fun. This was the first time I ever sang infront of a crowd alone and without cosplay on!! (usually I can do it so much better if I'm at AX in mah cosplay like a BOSS) So yeah. I hope to go karaoking again and have a drink or two after again. I don't want to be hit on by another cheesy lame ass again though (he was pretty good looking, which is sad that he used horrible pick up lines.. then found out the hard way that I'm super fun but will turn you down no matter what) Seriously I will say I have a boyfriend and there are guys who just won't stop so I use violence. But again, Sunday was SO much fun and I hope to do it again soon!
I'm so happy to have been my friend's siren for the evening.


I updated my computer today, so far I found it alright but now that I can reply to comments again this isn't too bad. ^^
Let's hope this time I actually keep the comments.

Cosplay is the topic!

And there you have it! Animals cosplay too.... in this case, they're better.


Tomorrow is the day when a turkey comes out of your oven and kicks Santa in the ass and yells "My holiday BITCH!!!"
And if you're not celebrating that well ...... Miley cyrus will be twerking in your living room. Evnjoy :D