Within the rabbit hole lies my wonderland. It's demented and feeds off my current emotion or thought. Lunatics, like myself, shouldn't show the world inside their head. However, I choose to.

Shoplifters and crazies

Today I had 3 shoplifting cases. IT's annoying on the weekend people think I run a fucking toy store at times. I get there are interesting things, but fucking watch your damn kids! This is a store where I will tell you "if you leave a child unattended I'm putting them in a child sweat shop" My dark humor takes me far.
I have new friends, and I have to leave them behind because I'm moving out to live with Shayde. This sucks it's like no one wanted me around, and now people want to know me, they want me in their life. DAMn you!!!!!!!
I get people that come to work and ask me about Japanese culture, and it somehow ends with me playing therapist with them. People, stop bugging me about your problems!!! I', trying to fugure out how to matter to my boyfriend. Well not anymore, I'm just goona keep going to karaoke and dance with Julio, nono, and Rico! They're mah karaoke group. I love dancing with Julio and Rico, it's so fun. They twirl me, dip me, and just get me out of my shell.

yeah this was basically an update

Advneture's Time

Finn left his tree house, the sun had yet to rise. Finn hadn't slept, he couldn't. He was the last human, the unwanted human.

His dog, Jake, knew Finn's heart was heavy, but, he figured it was from his break up with Flame princess. He knew Finn loved her, and regretted betraying her every waking moment. There was nothing Finn could do to get her back. Bubblegum princess was just a crush he tried to rekindle feelings for again.

Finn, never let it show, who truly broke his heart. He grew up alone, and was found by Jake's parents. They adopted him, but before that, no one would go near him, a crying infant, abandoned. Though he had a home, he knew he was inadequate to Jake and his brother. Their father made it clear. Their mother somehow could hide the abuse, from time to time.

Finn would have been happy, he would have been over the princesses. He could have been the greatest hero, even if he'd never grown is arm back. But, he met his father. A human man, that helped in Finn's creation, a man who chose to leave his baby in the forest. A man who made it clear, that Finn, was unwanted.

Finn, walked to the final tree he'd climbed the day prior, he took the rope from his shoulders, and swung it over a branch. The night sky was still lit as the sun began to rise from the horizon. Finn took his final breath, breathing in the morning's new air, and climbed up the tree with the rope around his neck.
Jake awoke to the sun's beams on his face. He yawned and pounced onto Finn's bed in hopes of a surprise wake up routine. Finn was nowhere to be found in the treehouse. Jake found his scent after his panic, of looking for Finn, and followed it. Jake followed the fading trail, he stopped at the tree, lowering his head. Even if he were to take Finn out of the rope, it was too late. Jake lost his friend, and brother. He stared at the hanging corpse for a moment, then lay down awaiting his own eternal rest and reunion with his best friend.

Thank you!!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and gifts everyone!!! I have a treat for you~ I was a work for my birthday, so I got to be in my birthday suit~ I even took a pic, so you babes can see!

Aren't I cute? Well, jojo thinks I'm so cute, so if you don't, then you don't know cute! lol jk to each their own ^^

Tokyo Lifestyle..

That's where I work! I am no longer in training and I get an employee discount whenever I buy something. The boss said on our birthdays we can buy an item and get it 50% off!!!!! I'm so excited! I really want the costume yukata in there! I think I would look adorable in it! So Last night was my first day training, I did well. Today, I waited on my co-worker to get off her shift with me, and she showed me a cheap Japanese store, we got sushi after, then we had desert Japanese style crepes... those were so... OIISHI!!!!!!!
I had a lot of fun with her, and enjoy having her as a work buddy. I gave her a plushie too, as a thank you for getting me the job. I hope I can get her something for her birthday. Maybe a card, I'm not sure yet, I'd bake her something, but it's too hot to turn on the oven. I'll figure it out.
I am just really happy I have a full time job now.

Job Craze!

Hey guys! So, this week, so far, has been busy. Monday, I was feeling in a burger mood, so I went to Wendy's. On the way, a pizza shop next to it had a help wanted sign. On the way out if Wendy's, I decided to go in and ask what it was they were hiring for. They wanted someone to hand out the menus to job sites for a few hours. Not so bad, until he said he would drive me to the place.
Well, I went yesterday, and yes, I got into his truck. It remained professional, he handed me 3 pounds of paper and told me what to talk about and to get as many business cards as I can. So I did that, I bugged people for 3 hours yesterday morning. I got a few cards, and a lot of pick up lines. I know why he hired me on. I'm well aware there a guys that check me out daily. So I was hired to give pizza more of an attraction to these people. Pizza alone is sexy! It really is. I would choose pizza over Marik. And Marik is very sexy. Any whores so yeah did the job, walked into spider webs, and got burned from the sun. So I thanked him after he paid me and left to home.

Later one I wound up redying my green streak in my hair. It looks fantastic! I bought a bouquet for a friend because it was her birthday, and was surprised that it had her favorite flowers in it. I did good. I ate vegan "wings". They could have passed for chicken strips, not bad, thanks to the buffalo sauce they were drowned in. Why did the ranch have to be sweet? and why would you serve them on a fucking salad thingy?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU VEGAN RESTURAUNT I ATE AT?!?!?!?!!?!?

Ok, so we go back to the house for cake, and I get a text from a girl I used to work with. She's working in a Japanese based store at the mall. I've seen the store before, and though I prefer going to the one in little Tokyo, this one is nice to look around in too. So she texts me asking if I want to work with her. FUCK YEAH!!! Help me get funding for my move! I really can't wait, I really liked working with her at the candy shop. Now we can probably hangout more. Who knows, I'm just glad things are working out.