Within the rabbit hole lies my wonderland. It's demented and feeds off my current emotion or thought. Lunatics, like myself, shouldn't show the world inside their head. However, I choose to.


Yeah.. been getting more Piercings and I'm at 18 all in my face and ears. This weekend I volunteered to let a piercer practice a new technique on my ears. I'm way too excited I can't wait!!!!

Don't mind the dead filter lol

MAH EAR!!!!!!!!!!!

yup this is my ear... it's the left one. It got the spike piercing. I might do the other one... or get a single spike, or an industrial.. dunno yet.
April 13th is coming up!! you know what that means??? Friday the 13th!!! know what that means for me?! A possible tattoo or a new piercing!!!! why on Friday the 13th??? tattoo shop thing where they make certain tattoos for under 50... ususally!!! We'll see what happens bebe!!!!

A boring post.

My anniversary with Otter went really well. I hate that everyone thinks they have a better phone than mine... uuh excuse you my filters are better for me. bish. Sorry for that rant, I just really hate selfies!.... but I take them.

I'm going to AX once again! As for cosplay.. really gotta work on those..... Might do D.VA... maybe. Dunno. ummm my contacts ripped so I gotta replace those.... thanks for the jinx nono!!!

Work is much better. I hope I won't be covering too many more shifts coz im tired! And I'm dogsitting this month. This was pet sitting month. Aweek ago I was pet sitting cats! now my dogs. On the plus with that my parents will be in town for AX so I wil be free!!!!! except for the day I work.... damnit.

ummm I didn't do anything for valentine's day.. otter forgot. the dick all the while his friend asked me advice on what to do for his date. Was I jelly? no. Welll except that the friend made plans for a date... like in general. Don't ask me on a date and have nothing planned waiting on me to plan it. I will cut a bitch!

Im gonna meet more of his friends for Slayer. So that's cool. With traveling.... that's... I dunno... but whatever.

Oh! I got a new piercing!! I fucking love it!!!! I have SPIKES!!!! on my ears!!!! SPIKES!!!! :DDD Next month Otter might gt another tattoo. If I see one I really REALLY like.. I might.

I really wanna go to Disneyland again, because it was so much fun last time! OOOOOH and I would really like to go with L! I hope I run into her at AX again!

Oh! and final I've been watching the anime Citrus.... I'm so addicted to it. That's all I can think of for now. I know there's more to tell. But here's you're really boring post!

Meh. Shit happens.

So that shit you're wondering about? Yeah. It's feels. Why are feels shit? because feels can be shitty. Now with that said.... I just dunno. It's been getting harder and harder to wake up each day. It's getting closer to my anniv...

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The Wonderland Twins

This is a fanfic for the movie Descendants. Enjoy! The school, Auradon, is home to many sons and daughters from popular fairy tales. Of course, after happily ever after, the kingdoms...

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