some say punk others say pop = I say whatever man~
you'll say meat they'll say vegetarian = I'm with ya on meat!
he'll say sports she'll say meet the kardashians = The Simpsons hoes!
it's the darkside it's the light side = there's my side~
others say chocolate some say vanilla = get the swirl bitches!!
You say cartoons, they say sitcoms= hello anime mah bitches!!!
You say mang they want comics= oth please me .... so GIMMIE!!
... in the end TOAST is the best!

welcome to my world within the rabbit hole!
info time!?!!

Name: teapartyprincess a.k.a The Young Miss

Other names: Alice, tea, imouto, bunny, sis, Dree, and whatever the fuck else ppl call me~

Sign: virgo

Age: old as all hell

Loves: TOAST,the simpsons, twilight zone, anime and manga stuffs, coffee, sweets, spicy, taboo topics, crazy ppl, funny things, fam fam,mr. burns, and most of all my bitches, the colors silver and pink (but silver is the all time best!)

Hates: people that cant take the hint that they are unwanted, cabbages, cough syrup, life with no flatirons or other hair stuffs, ppl who have crossed me to a point, drug abuse, crappy shows books and movies based on those stupid books, and most of all i hate raw CARROTS

Basic personality: Lovely lunatic, you get me and you see me how you do, nice, mean, cruel, funny whatever ^^

Additional information: my username has nothing to do with that retarded politcal group or anything like that... I am the leader of the group of friends i cherish most, also im a triplet here and has other siblings younger sisters and big brothers.. you guys should know who my big sis is ^^

ok this is my intro, you dun like it you'll hate the posts here darlings ^^


Okay mah bitches you know I love to cosplay. If I could I would cosplay 24/7. I love coming up with new characters to cosplay.
I have always wanted to do a group cosplay or just have someone cosplay with me. Shayde, is crazy enough to say he wants to cosplay with me.
Yay!!! I can't think of what to cosplay with him, he can't either. We're in a blank state of cosplay. Now I have you, reading this! Guess what?! You can give me a suggestion and I will be really happy about it! yay you!

Rule of Gaming twins

Shayde and I can't wait for Mortal Kombat X to come out!!!! Oniichan loves it when I explain the game to him and I love the game in general. Fighting with him on that game is ... well we played MK before, it was fun but damn we are sore losers with each other. Oniichan if you're reading this, you are one. When I beat you, you had a hissy fit. I did too, coz you started. When I play normally I won't flip out. UNLESS you pause the game to look up attacks.... it drives me bonkers and I will scream and call you a cheater, or smack you with your own controller.
Surprisingly from me ranting about what bothers me about gaming with others, made me and Shayde even closer. We're the same type of gamer. In other words, don't pause the game to try and beat us, do not touch us in anyway if we're playing a game we really like, AND if the game is boring we'll still play it but are willing to stop to play. We came to agreements for games too. But I told him if I'm ever mad at him I will sneak up on him and tickle him during a game he's into. (but I'll try not to when it's at an important part coz that's fucked up like I might as well break his xbox which I wont .... I need that for MK) It's funny, I play games a lot less than he does, but we have the same rules. I know not everyone has the same rules.... which is why I rarely like to play games in a group. Someone gets yelled at or a death glare from me.
I really can't wait to play the game. As most of you know, MK is my all time favfav game! But, like I said before, I don't play games as long as Shayde does. My hands get tired and I stop to do other things. But that's how I am as a person. Shayde doesn't mind it, I wouldn't mind his game play so much if he were atleast good at fake listening xD he's learning to multitask though. There is one plus to have a twin/boyfriend as a gamer otaku, they help you pick characters for cosplay. As for shayde, having a cosplayer twin/sister is just a perk for him, he gets to help me pick a cosplay, if the first to see, and the character can be one he greatly favors.

A huge plus about Shayde, he loves going to anime conventions too! ...but the first time we met irl I wore cosplay.... a lot... and he didn't see me much in normal clothes. Woops! ^^"




Monday is my favorite day these days. Even though that's the day my cousin comes to stay over for the week and bothers everyone, because she's just THAT ignorant and obnoxious.
Anyway, I'm aware that Monday is a grieved day for many, it usually means the weekend is over and work, or school, starts over again. I used to hate Mondays, because that's the day you're stuck with assholes. Well, it all changed when my mancat decided to agree that Mondays were our hangout day. So far it's been awesome.
We usually meet up at an old school infront of the building we would sing in (yes we were both in chorus and still sing) If we don't meet there, then the park. Anywho we go back to his place and play video games which leads to movies, food, eating, then... GRAPPLING!!!!! His mom is really cool and nice, but it's funny how she tells us to be quiet so his aunt won't hear us. We must avoid the wrong idea at all times.... only his mom gets it T^T well on his side. Everyone I knowand family gets it. So ja
Last night his mom called and told him next time im over to keep his room clean. She acts like his room is like this

Really it's quite clean. I guess she wants it cleaner since now when I go over we take cat naps. Mondays are awesome.