Within the rabbit hole lies my wonderland. It's demented and feeds off my current emotion or thought. Lunatics, like myself, shouldn't show the world inside their head. However, I choose to.


So I went to the Chat reunion. It was pretty fun. It was good to .... uuuh.. I can't say catch up. how can anyone catch up with me? I'm a lunatic! An on the chat, no one catches up we just be random about whatever we want! It would be awesome if the chat could keep going like that, but...~ let's face it. We all wound up having to adult. And the new otaku joining don't really have the same experience we did. Well the chat goers.
Either way, it truly doesn't matter. Everyone get side tracked with other shit. Meh I had fun.
So~ what's new boo? ..wait, you lookin' at my butt!? How dare! (I know it's a nice booty, but do be discrete~)

New stuff

No.. Your great granddaughter had to be a CROSS-DRESSER!!!!!!! Sorry, I'm watching Mulan... again.
Ok, so... I moved in with Shayde, and I'm unpacked and settled in. We went to a wedding together, it was tons of fun!
My dads (a gay couple that are my friends but call me their kid) want me to enter a contest. Yes, it is a drag contest, and yes, I have ideas. Sadly I don't dance too well, and really I can only sing.... This is a lip sync contest!!! x__x Thankfully my daddy can teach me the moves and I have the dramatics to back it up!
Sadly I haven't been keeping up with my creepy pasta fanfic, hopefully, I will be properly inspired in a bit.
That's pretty much it for now. Hope you're all well, and not too crazy!

The other hiar....

This is my fourth wig. IT's pretty, even though it's purple. I really do like how it looks on me, and so do the costumers.

Work Apropriate?


Yeah, I get bored and dress up as an anime character. Is my boss ok with it? Actually, he loves it! HE's rarely there, but has seen that more people come in because the hair draws them in. I love that wig.


Yush!! I had a pair of pink contacts! Sadly I have one.. I lost one at work, then I found it and it tore. I'm not crazy enough to wear a torn contact. So I like wearing just the one pink with my regular eye. xD

Many costumers at my job love it.