some say punk others say pop = I say whatever man~
you'll say meat they'll say vegetarian = I'm with ya on meat!
he'll say sports she'll say meet the kardashians = The Simpsons hoes!
it's the darkside it's the light side = there's my side~
others say chocolate some say vanilla = get the swirl bitches!!
You say cartoons, they say sitcoms= hello anime mah bitches!!!
You say mang they want comics= oth please me .... so GIMMIE!!
... in the end TOAST is the best!

welcome to my world within the rabbit hole!
info time!?!!

Name: teapartyprincess a.k.a The Young Miss

Other names: Alice, tea, imouto, bunny, sis, Dree, and whatever the fuck else ppl call me~

Sign: virgo

Age: old as all hell

Loves: TOAST,the simpsons, twilight zone, anime and manga stuffs, coffee, sweets, spicy, taboo topics, crazy ppl, funny things, fam fam,mr. burns, and most of all my bitches, the colors silver and pink (but silver is the all time best!)

Hates: people that cant take the hint that they are unwanted, cabbages, cough syrup, life with no flatirons or other hair stuffs, ppl who have crossed me to a point, drug abuse, crappy shows books and movies based on those stupid books, and most of all i hate raw CARROTS

Basic personality: Lovely lunatic, you get me and you see me how you do, nice, mean, cruel, funny whatever ^^

Additional information: my username has nothing to do with that retarded politcal group or anything like that... I am the leader of the group of friends i cherish most, also im a triplet here and has other siblings younger sisters and big brothers.. you guys should know who my big sis is ^^

ok this is my intro, you dun like it you'll hate the posts here darlings ^^


I think from now on my only Valentine will be my mom. Why? well I woke up to find Shayde next to me.. snoring. We woke up.. he played video games. =_= So I go onto my email and there's one from my mom. First thing she wrote in the email was...

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Into the swamps!!

Mina!!! konichiwa!
It's your favorite lunatic here in the state of... well wherever it is that Shayde lives. I love it out here so far even though everyone keeps saying it's boring. I guess they though I had expectations. I don't. I think it's fun here so far. I hung out with Shayde's mom and she is just too sweet and his dad is much nicer in person. *giggles* she told me to pretend she was my mom while I'm out here, but so far she encourages my bad side! It's too fun. Yesterday I hungout with his friends watching movies playing video games. It was fun. Today I guess I'm here with the dog. So he can protect me while I hangout here. how nice. OH!!!! I got to go to a dog parade out here!!!! If you're not from Louisiana then you know when I say this. Parades suck and are BORING as SHIT! EVERY PARADE out here has stuff being thrown at you and everyone gets so festive for it! it's too great! No wonder people here are so happy.
OOOOOH Also I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow! Bwahahahahaha I'm going to be learning to shoot new types of guns too! so ja I'm becoming more lethal! YAY!!!!! I dunno what else to tell you guys coz I;m a scatter brain. feel free to ask something though.

Through her eyes.

Marceline the vampire queen was rarely seen by Finn and Jake, out of their immediate friends. Everyone went on with life not really ever looking for her. It wasn't that they didn't care, it was because she simply didn't want to be found.
All her life Marceline had friends, but slowly they'd only leave her with a memory they were alive. The ice king being the only exception, was the cruelest memory of all. The magic in the crown kept him alive to stay at Marceline's side. But, how can one stay by your side if they cant remember they were once a human. A loving human willing to do anything to keep a young vampire queen alive.
The memories of lost friends kept growing, seeing new faces change over the years until they were no longer to be seen were such torment. Getting attached to her loved ones has been getting harder. It's just better to shut them out no matter how much she enjoys their company. Why would she do this? Because, Marceline has the cruelest fate of her friends. Some of her friends may have a longer life span than others or may not even have the fear of what's on the other side. But in the end, her friends would fade, all but their memory. Marceline has gone through years of knowing this truth, and for so long she learned the true meaning of immortality.

Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying

Serious Rant...

I watch anime and I love it. It takes me away to a happy place. Anime gives you the greatest joy as you feel so many emotions from characters you get attached to. Whether the anime be sad or comical, one still appreciates the feelings they received from the show.
Why? They ARE children! Would you seriously go to a school and see a child thinking sexual thoughts about them? Do you watch child pornography? Do you find child abuse of any kind "sexy"?
Anime pushes the limits and now it's going too far with the constant sexual promotions. People wanting to go to Japan just for sheer perversion and think the country is based off the FICTIONAL shows!
Children are not meant to be sexualized! They are supposed to have a fun, loving, safe childhood. Lolicons!!! You are promoting child abuse!! Every time Any of us watch shows about lolicons we're sexualizing a child! It's fucking sick.
Want to end this? You need to stop watching shows with "lolicons" that would be great for starters. Just don't read or watch anime/manga about lolicons. When the artists realize no one wants this shit they will have no choice but to stop! If you keep watching such things, then you're just saying it's ok for a child to suffer abuse and should be sexualized. If you think a elementary schooler is "sexy", then you need help, and you need to be in jail you sick fucking pervert! Stop stealing a child's innocence!!!!!

perverted drawing...

I was bored and I remembered a comment on an old drawing. Nirvana doughnut, I wish I could tell you the characters aren't in a band and the spoon guitar and fork bass are dildos. I'm sorry they aren't. Mostly I'm sorry that it wasn't meant to be perverted. Why don't I post perv pics? Well for one a lot of members are too young and need to stay innocent and pure (seriously stay that way people it's awesome in the moe department!)
Anywho, I doubt you guys will ever see any perv drawings from me in the fan arts. Will I post any in my world??? I don't know yet.. I mean a crazy guy in a speedo forcing his sarcastic cabana boy to be his smexy lovin' muffin, isn't a drawing now is it? ... ok so I do have the characters drawn... But if it does turn into a comic, it won't be here... I don't want my glorious bronze god and cabana boy banned! It would break my organ that pumps toxic waste through my veins.
Yeah so just so everyone knows I do make perv drawings, I mean come on it's me!I have a world dedicated to a strip club fiction and I wrote a yaoi creepy pasta of Jeff having a "intimate" night with a waiting victim/ Too fun writing that for my niece Zuzu <3
All in all I just don't want to post in the fanarts or any of that. too much censoring. What's wrong with drawing a fairy chasing a gay cowboy for his pudding!? NOTHING DAMNIT!

spay and neuter you significant others~ <3