some say punk others say pop = I say whatever man~
you'll say meat they'll say vegetarian = I'm with ya on meat!
he'll say sports she'll say meet the kardashians = The Simpsons hoes!
it's the darkside it's the light side = there's my side~
others say chocolate some say vanilla = get the swirl bitches!!
You say cartoons, they say sitcoms= hello anime mah bitches!!!
You say mang they want comics= oth please me .... so GIMMIE!!
... in the end TOAST is the best!

welcome to my world within the rabbit hole!
info time!?!!

Name: teapartyprincess a.k.a The Young Miss

Other names: Alice, tea, imouto, bunny, sis, Dree, and whatever the fuck else ppl call me~

Sign: virgo

Age: old as all hell

Loves: TOAST,the simpsons, twilight zone, anime and manga stuffs, coffee, sweets, spicy, taboo topics, crazy ppl, funny things, fam fam,mr. burns, and most of all my bitches, the colors silver and pink (but silver is the all time best!)

Hates: people that cant take the hint that they are unwanted, cabbages, cough syrup, life with no flatirons or other hair stuffs, ppl who have crossed me to a point, drug abuse, crappy shows books and movies based on those stupid books, and most of all i hate raw CARROTS

Basic personality: Lovely lunatic, you get me and you see me how you do, nice, mean, cruel, funny whatever ^^

Additional information: my username has nothing to do with that retarded politcal group or anything like that... I am the leader of the group of friends i cherish most, also im a triplet here and has other siblings younger sisters and big brothers.. you guys should know who my big sis is ^^

ok this is my intro, you dun like it you'll hate the posts here darlings ^^

perverted drawing...

I was bored and I remembered a comment on an old drawing. Nirvana doughnut, I wish I could tell you the characters aren't in a band and the spoon guitar and fork bass are dildos. I'm sorry they aren't. Mostly I'm sorry that it wasn't meant to be perverted. Why don't I post perv pics? Well for one a lot of members are too young and need to stay innocent and pure (seriously stay that way people it's awesome in the moe department!)
Anywho, I doubt you guys will ever see any perv drawings from me in the fan arts. Will I post any in my world??? I don't know yet.. I mean a crazy guy in a speedo forcing his sarcastic cabana boy to be his smexy lovin' muffin, isn't a drawing now is it? ... ok so I do have the characters drawn... But if it does turn into a comic, it won't be here... I don't want my glorious bronze god and cabana boy banned! It would break my organ that pumps toxic waste through my veins.
Yeah so just so everyone knows I do make perv drawings, I mean come on it's me!I have a world dedicated to a strip club fiction and I wrote a yaoi creepy pasta of Jeff having a "intimate" night with a waiting victim/ Too fun writing that for my niece Zuzu <3
All in all I just don't want to post in the fanarts or any of that. too much censoring. What's wrong with drawing a fairy chasing a gay cowboy for his pudding!? NOTHING DAMNIT!

spay and neuter you significant others~ <3

In need of relaxation

It's just been stressful lately. Let me tell you my usual schedule. Wake up, stretch abit, clean the house, shower make something to eat, clean the kitchen, take care of the dogs, feed tubby, and leave with my friends. Now with the puppy, I have to give her so much attention take her out every hour and because she's so clingy it's very hard to sweep, clean dishes, and worst of all shower! She cries if I'm in there too long and don't take her with e. I don't take her with me because.. she's a pervert. She keeps trying to poke her head in through the curtain. Tsuki all you or anyone will see will be censor bars!!!!!! So knock it off! I rarely get anytime to myself and my mom comes home late so I don't get to see my friends. I am seeing them today and talked to my mom about it. so that's cool. My sister is still a wanna be tyrant that can go to hell for all I care. Now things are getting hectic for me personally since next week I need to pack. Why? Coz I'm seeing Shayde for a month. yay!!! but packing is a bitch! Especially for that length you can't take just a carry on. So I have to make sure the suitcase is under 50 pounds and the carry on is a certain weight... and I have to get on of those huge granny bags... fml. If you are a girl you understand my hardship of traveling. there's so much to pack. Thankfully my mom gave me some tips. Still it's annoying. I've been looking for a suitcase but then I found out they're in the garage and I don't know which ones are broken. X.X
I think when I get to shayde's I'll sleep for days. .....Unless he greets me with a frap or candy... or something yummy to keep me up.

let's hope I get some rest before I leave because my health is going to shit!

Drunk Clubbing.

Getting drunk is... not as troublesome as people say. I've gotten drunk twice and no hangover, no puking, and not self loathing or violence. I'm more of a happy drunk. When I'm sober I'm a loathsome demon that's CONSTANTLY seeing red.
Anyway Sober or not I love going to clubs with my friends and dancing with them, it's fun. Gay clubs, straight clubs, they're all fun IF you go with people that make you happy and want to have fun with you. I finally got to go clubbing with my besticle, Monkey. He's too funny at a club, we both dance horrible, but it's too fun! I always dance with Nono, she's fun too I love helping her look for guys to hit on. I need to be the sober one for this! Thankfully no one grinds on me, well the exception of nono's friend (she's a girl) it was too funny. Why? she's alittle too short for me so...... yeah... I laughed a lot asking if she wanted a step stool.
I'm so mean xD
The funny thing about ALL of this is my first wifey. ( I don't to her anymore because.. I dunno she just doesn't talk to me so I gave up on trying) When we were still in school and such she knew how strict things were in my home. She had the freedom to go anywhere she liked, I had to be home by a certain time or there was punishment, and I'm not talking just a grounding (I go my ass kicked a lot even infront of her) Well she told me she figured I would become a hug party animal over doing drinking and shit getting fucked up in every way. Sorry wifey I don't drink much I won't over do it because when I want to stop I will, and I do. I don't smoke or any of that shit. I have a good time but not to the point where im going tot wake up the next day feeling like shit.
I enjoy what I'm doing and I hope I can keep up these fun times.


Tsuki is the new puppy, she's 7 weeks old loves to play and cuddle. Right now I've been potty training her and she's a fast learner. Her dad's name was megatron, and her mom's is Bella. She's tough as FUCK! she falls not once will she whimper. She only whimpers if I'm out of her sight. She's getting pretty possessive with me now. I don't know what I'm going to do next month. I'm going to miss her so much. My mom will be taking over. I mean I get to be with Shayde, but I have to leave Tsuki behind. I can never have cake and eat it too T^T
Well I'll be with her again, and then we'll be able to sleep and play together again, so for now im going to make sure she's loved... until my mom gets home. I still need to make sure my buddies out here won't miss me too much. (I'm super fun believe it or not)

Truth vs. Lie

I was told at a young age I was an accident, by a relative. After a few days of being told that I asked my mom. My mom told me "well I love you, but you weren't planned. And if I could go back I would have never had kids"
When she told me this I stood there in silence then I smiled and said i was going over to a friend's house to play. I wasn't mad at her I was happy, I was happy an adult was being honest. I know it's fucked up but that is why i trust my mom. I wasn't even 10 yet and she told me something so honest. It hurts a bit now that I understand. But I still trust her and I love her for being the most honest person in my life. I can't take lies no matter what they're hiding. The truth works so much better for me. I can trust you even if I don't like you. I can hate your guts, but I'd still trust you if I had to, only if you never told me a lie.

Lies lose every time with me. I'd rather feel the slicing pain of the truth than thousands of knives to the back from a lie.