Hayate Girls 7

Risa Asakaze

* Age: 16
* Height: 167cm
* Weight: 48kg
* Blood type: O
* Birthday: July 13
* Hair Color: Brown

Asakaze Risa is the head of the disciplinary committee. She is often seen hanging around her friends Miki and Izumi. She speaks rather boyish and likes to cause trouble for fun, which is ironic since she is the head of the disciplinary committee. Her family lives in a giant Shinto temple.

Miki Hanabishi

* Age: 16
* Height: 151cm
* Weight: 42kg
* Blood type: AB
* Birthday: September 9
* Hair color: Blue

Hanabishi Miki is a member of the Student Council and the vice-representative of Hayate's class. She specializes in investigation work, which may be the result of being the daughter of an important government official. She has a mischievous nature, especially when it involves Hayate or Hinagiku. She seems to have a soft spot for Hinagiku (especially when she shows a little tsundere personality during Valentine's when giving Hinagiku chocolates and during White Day when receiving from her). Her friends Izumi and Risa are often seen with her.

Aika Kasumi

* Age: 17
* Height: 160cm
* Weight: 43kg
* Blood type: B
* Birthday: October 9
* Hair color: Purple

Kasumi Aika is the vice president of the Student Council. Like many other Hakuo Academy students, she comes from a rich family. While she may be seen as a sweet, kind, and gentle girl to most people, secretly she is also very manipulative and takes advantage of any situation she sees, a fact only Hinagiku and Chiharu are aware of. Despite that, she does care about her friends and would never betray them. For example, when she learned that Chiharu was secretly working as a maid for Sakuya, she hid this secret from everyone despite the fact that she wrote it in down in her notebook in order to remember it.

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