Hayate Girls Part 5

Hayate Girls - Isumi Saginomiya

* Age: 13, 14 with the passage of time.
* Height: 144cm
* Weight: 30kg
* Blood type: O
* Birthday: September 24

Saginomiya Isumi is a purple-haired girl who always wears a kimono and, sometimes, a stole. She is Nagi's best friend; they met at a party a long time ago. When all the other children, Sakuya included, laughed at Nagi's first attempt at writing her own manga, Isumi took interest in it and asked Nagi how it ends. Nagi then asked Isumi (in a childish sense) to marry her. Like Nagi, Isumi is very rich. Unlike Nagi, Isumi is soft-spoken, kind, and can cook well. While she does not have an awful sense of direction, she constantly gets lost due to the fact that she is apt to forget her destination and believes herself to be reliable and independent; the fact that she can disappear from people's eyes instantaneously only complicates the matter. She also has a habit of saying, when she doesn't understand how to use a machine such as a cellular phone or a vending machine, that the machine is broken. She displays a high level of empathy for Nagi's feelings; however, she does not recognize Wataru's love for her, a fact that Nagi, Maria, and Hayate comment on.

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