Hayate Girls Part 2

Hayate Girls - Maria

* Age: 17, 18 with the passage of time
* Height: 158cm
* Weight: 42kg
* Blood type: O
* Birthday: December 24

Maria is Nagi's maid and surrogate older sister/mother, and is the only one who understands the problem between Hayate and Nagi. She is the character with the most common sense in the series, and appears to be the one in charge of everything in Nagi's manor, since everyone from the head butler to the SP either obeys or fears her (or both in some cases). She's good at general housework and likes games of all kinds, though she is deathly afraid of cockroaches, which she refers to as "the dark life-form that exists in the kitchen and other places". She has also proved capable of self-defense techniques in times of need.

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