Hayate Girls Part 1

Sanzen'in Nagi - Girls

* Age: 13, 14 with the passage of time.
* Height: 137cm
* Weight: 29kg
* Blood type: AB
* Birthday: December 3
* hair colour:Yellow

Sanzen'in Nagi is the only heir to the Sanzen'in fortune. She has an otaku-level hobby with manga, anime and video games, and draws her own manga, which is called Millennium Legend: Magical Destroy. She is good at finance and likes to learn. She has a crush on Hayate, and has misunderstood that Hayate loves her since they first met. But because this is only a misunderstanding, she often feels that Hayate isn't interested in her. She sometimes tries to make him have interest in her in many ways, but her plans tend to end up in failure. Nagi is afraid of dark places and has absolutely no sense of direction. Her only surviving family is her grandfather, whom she doesn't like. She regards Maria as a mother or older sister figure, and warns Hayate not to touch Maria in any indecent way or she will never forgive him. She totally lacks experience with cooking and accordingly is prone to making mistakes (such as mistaking dish-washing detergent for cooking oil) when she attempts to cook. She has a pet tiger, Tama, whom she refers to as a cat. Her mother is shown in Volume 12 of the manga.

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