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Animal Parade and Sunshine Islands Preorder Extras!

Natsume has finally released what the preorder item will be when you reserve either Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands or Harvest Moon: Animal Parade on either Amazon.com or Gamestop.com.

When you preorder SI (Sunshine Islands) the plushie that will be given will the cute little piggy. Thus, when you preorder AP (Animal Parade) you will get the super cute Duck!

You can only get these exclusive plushies by reserving your copy of either game. All other earlier plushies were also obtained by previously preordering certain Harvest Moon Games.

So far, the count for Harvest Moon related Plushie products are as follows: Cow (A Wonderful Life, Save the Homeland and Tree of Tranquility), Sheep (Magical Melody), Black Cat (Harvest Moon DS), Chicken and Chick (Island of Happiness) and now the Piggy (Sunshine Islands) and Duck (Animal Parade).

As for release dates, the listed date on the Gamestop.com website is:
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands: November 10th, 2009
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade: October 10th, 2009

However there are no official release dates by Natsume, so use these dates as a timeline to roughly when both games will be released.

Better get on that pre-order!

Euro Magical Melody Now for America! But What's the Difference?

New information on a "new" Harvest Moon game coming to America this month! The European version of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (MM) will now be available to North America this month on the 25th.

However the question is: Is this Wii version worth getting?

When comparing the Euro and American Version, there is no difference at all. Cases look the same and features are exactly the same.

But for fans that own the Gamecube version of MM, what is the big difference? The only two differences between the Wii and the original Game Cube version are: You can only play as a male character on the Wii and you can play it with the Wii Mote.

The only thing that makes this game appealing to get are but three reasons:

1) It will be sold for $29.99 which is VERY cheap for a new Wii Game.
2) GameStop will be giving out "exclusive" items with it's release. If you've pre-ordered previous Harvest Moon Games, it came with goodies such as a stuffed animal cow or sheep.
3) You are a Harvest Moon fan/collector. It's always a must get!

That being said, the second reason would be the only reason appealing enough for me to reserve or get. Otherwise, i'll be sticking to the gamecube version.

Will you be getting it?

Harvest Moon Games to Come!

First post and update to the Turnips, Chickens and Weeds (TCW) are the games to come to North America released by Natsume!

The two games most anticipated for the American release would be:
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

If you have not heard of these, let me give you the short break down on what they are about.

Animal Parade (AP) or Bokujyou Monogatari: Wakuwaku Animal March will be released for the Wii and is pretty much ToT (Tree of Tranquility) with a different storyline and more features. For example, you can choose from two different types of "characters" for gender. There are also two more bachelors and bachelorettes and time is slower than ToT. For more information, visit Ushi No Tane's Animal Parade Guide! The release date for AP will be October 20th, 2009.

Sunshine Islands (SI) will be released for the DS, and it's speculated release date will be November 10th, 2009. E3 premiered the game this year, which in hopes will boost up this sequal. Sunshine Islands is almost identical to it's pre release counter part, Island of Happiness (IoH) with added characters to marry, helpful tweaks and added features. For more detailed information, check it out here.

Stay tuned for the soon released Wii Ware Game related to Harvest Moon called: My Little Shop!

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