<_< This Is Frans Character Song ;] Im A FRAN-GIRL (Fran Fan Girl Im Also A Bel Fan girl and a Lussuria Fan Girl And A Levi Fan Girl And A Squalo Fan Girl And A Marmon FanGirl But Not A Xanxus Fangirl).
^^ this is the world of ME! ;] i hope its not boring this is just a way for you to get to know me better ^^ dont feel pedoish for reading this :D ive written this so you can read it!
Name: Holly Keane (Please Call Me Kida Tiamor xP its my Onling Name)
Age: 14 (28/03/1996)
Appearance: Eyes, Grey/Blue/Green. Hair, Ginger!!! ;] (not CARROT). Complextion, Pale light freckles blonde almost invisible Eyebrows,
Height: 5''10 (and still growing)
Weight: (OH NO) 8 Stone ¬_¬ (im tall not fat ok?!)(im actually quite thin)
Habits: i have alot of word habits (right now they are: Peh, Bullshit, mwhahahaha!) i have an OC where i have to make my hands do patterns (dont ask its rather crazy)
Pet Hates: PEOPLE LAYING IN THEIR BED BOSSING ME AROUND ALL DAY WHEN I HAVE THINGS I NEED TO BE DOING!! (mum) lmao yes thats a pet hate of mine, people always being right (IM RIGHT!) people who dont shower or brush their teeth often enough, People who smell like Horse piss D: god no, preachers, artists annoy me the ones that are all like "nooo im such a shit artist" if i get a compliment im like "thankyou" unless i genuinly dont like it ;], Pedos, pointlessly nasty people who have nothing better to do but to swear at you and call you names ¬_¬ conversation killers, over defensive people, People with trust issues people who talk to much OK IMA SHUT UP WITH THE PET HATES NOW! (daymn so negative)
Personality: i has like two settings xD: Hyper, Bubbly, Funny, Annoying/ Depressed, Moody, Quiet, Tired, Feisty (rawr), Angsty
Animals: Birds, Big Cats, Fish, Seals, anything logically amazing
Food: Pasta's and Breads
Music: Metal, Alternative, Screamo, Emo music, Rock, Classical (bet you werent expecting that!) Folk (sometimes)
Films: HORROR >:D Gore, phycological, Detective (actually i hate detective films but love detective books)
Books: Fantasy, Detective, Realistic fantasy (no unicorns or shit just like people with magic like vampires or the Charlie Bone Series (I WAS 11!!(wait thats still not very young... O_O))) my fave series is The Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness! ;D
People: i like the unusual people, the people who just want to enjoy life and be free and dont feel they have to be fake for me to like them
Subject: English, Spanish, Biology (coz my teacher is so shit i just draw pictures all lesson O: Badass) Art, Social Studies
Phrases: You Been Stealing Me Cattles (in a farmer accent) ITADAKIMASU!!!, (this isnt a phrase but i say it so often it should count: "YOUR BANNING ME FROM THE LIBRARY FOR LAUGHING! THATS NOT A VALID REASON! I DEMAND YOU LET ME STAY" they then tell me off and tell me to get out i then say "IM WAITING FOR MY FRIENDS! YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE" i storm out of library acting all pissed off (its well funny xD) and whilst im leaving they say "And dont come back for the rest of the week" so i say "I WONT COME BACK, EVER AGAIN!! WE DONT WANNA COME TO YOUR LIBRARY!" i cross my arms put my nose in the air and walk off i hear them complain to each other about HOW RUDE i am ;] this happens every monday) ;] lmao im not gobby i ust tend to get a little loud when people act petty xD
Style: Emo ;]
Favorite Season: Spring and Winter
Half Empty or Half Full?: dunno depends if you emptied half of it or filled half of it S:
Fave thing to do: Huddle in my bed alone with some loud music playing, Cry and dream about some anime series im into at the time and wish they would come bash my door in and save me from this Hell (im still waiting for your Cue Belphegor!!!! or Fran or Lussuria or Squalo or Gokudera or Shoiche or Marmon or Skull or Xanxus or Levi-A-Than or Byakuran (WDF PLEASE NO D:)
xD im so boring but i like talking to new people so now you know everything about me and i dont know anything about you! ;D you should leave a comment and try to make friends with you (it might save your life when i take over the world) ;] Everyone Ignores Levi D: Just Coz He A Devoted Pervert D: UFU ~ <3!!!


Oh Yay life is fun lost my ipod usb so i cant take my ipod to Egypt tomorrow, ima die, literally DIE music is my addiction D: まぼろし O: Marmon, Mukuro, Kawahira, Fran, Genkshi, Chrome, What do these people have in common i hear you ask? まぼろし thats what ^^ lmao im so say ¬_¬ Maboroshi is the Romaji Translation ;] Silly Marmon UGH IM SO FRICKEN BORED D: I am severely Dissapointed in my Katekyo Family v_V (Me/Fran, Farah/Tsuna, Nes/Hibari, Ren/Mukuro) they never do anything although i didnt make it clear that they should do anything ¬_¬ shh ¬_¬ i told this guy on Omegle that i didnt want to see his Banana ¬_¬ stupid W*nkers >_< literally i hate Omegle so why do i go on it?! grrr v_V although it is fun to tell the old me that their dicks are small they get really upset :| im a nice child V_V
im so FRICKEN BORED with a sore throat from SHOUTING "IM SO BORED" all the time v_V


Amost finished

Gypsy Horse

Yes theres these Gypsy's that live at the entrance of the Woods where i walk my dogs xD they have this beautifull Horse/Pony its really friendly ^^ i went over to it and it came right up to me and started trying yo eat my camera xD i was trying to get a picture looking from the tip of its nose up along his face ^^ that one didnt come out too well coz he breathed on the lense O_O but this is a beautifull picture of him ^^ you can see me in his eye :D i also learnt how to blur the background xD im so Narcassistic i have like hundreds of pictures of myself posing on the camera D: it has a fold out screen so you can see yourself as you take the picture! :D its amazing xD oh something went wrong with my bottom front teeth S: i have like 3 that cluster together coz i never had a canine milk tooth so it sorta came thru the bottom of my gum and F***** Up the layout of my bottom teeth they all crushed together D: anyway the least messed up of the 3 has a massive chip outta it that i did about 6 months ago and the nerve is showing... thats not whats wrong though yno if you wedge something between tightly packed teeth? (maybe) well it feel like that all the time D: ive had a toothache so i know its not that, i thought i might have something between my teeth s i flossed and im not kidding i almost cried with the pain D: its faded now (after falling asleep for 3 hours) xD school closed after First Block ¬_¬ Snow xD its not even that snowy!! its all melted! D: if you wanna know why im writng this its coz im waiting for Photobucket to upload my picture so i can put it on here... WAIT SH*T THEY ALREADY ON MY COMP >:O WHY I NEED IT PHOTOOBUCKETED?! im so stupid sheesh Ciao :3 Can anyone Reccomend a VERY VERY Gory Horror Manga/Anime (preferably Manga)


O: BLUE?!?!?!?

ME =3

Oh yay more talking about me xD I Love Photography ;] and havent i been working up a treat for all of you! :D i hope this doesnt violate any site rules D: if it does tell me mk?! D:

This little (or Big) Abomination might be me :O i cut my fringe yesterday and yes its supposed to be this long and it looks a little wonky in the picture but it looks fine in real :O *future hairdresser here* (if you want a mullet) xD lmao hey does you lot know howto put more than one picture in a post? S: i KNOW! ill create a slideshow and put it on youtube and then ill embed it on here ;] btw in my pic my hair looks rather odd :o