Yeah so this is just me talking about my life and stuff. If ya don't wanna' know, then go away. It's not like I care, I'm just required to do this. So if ya care then keep readin', if not, the get outta' here.


Just Updatin'

Nothin' much new is goin' on. I've been tryin' to get onto skype to talk to all of ya again but as always, I've been busy. Now I'm just makin' another post so I don't look TOTALLY inactive. Sorry 'bout all this all the time. One day I'll be able to have a lot more free time.


Yup......bored.....dunno' what to post's up with all you guys out there?

Not Being Active

So yeah, I haven't been posting much. I've been really busy. I mean, like, ALL day! I really don't have much time to myself at all like I used to. Sorry about that. So I just gotta post a bit more, an' I gotta make sure I comment on more of all yer stuff. But hey, if ya ever wanna' just say hi, or check to make sure I'm still alive, ya can always send me a message. I don't bite...'cept when I'm mad. So...just don't make me mad.

When Did This Happen

What the hell is this?!
*Reads Like This:*

External Image External Image External Image External Image

I didn't know Ichigo was spying on me!!

New Picture

Figures, I made a post yesterday and had nothing to say, a day later, I do. Oh well, so I'm posting twice in one week, sue me if you're that upset about it.
Anyway, I didn't like my last picture. Read the post if you're that interested. But I was smilin'. I don't do that. So I took a picture of myself! It's better, 'cuz it shows that I don't smile! It takes a while for theO to switch out the pics after I change it, so give it a minute or two, and you'll see it.
And a couple of you guys have been askin' why I've been so busy. Guess I could tell ya. I've been trainin'. I need to get stronger. I mean, I could wipe the floor with a lot of people, but I don't wanna' fall behind. ((Actually, it's because I've been searching for a car, I got my license 2 weeks ago, so I haven't had much time to be online)).