Need some help with your writing?
Looking for someone to talk through your ideas with?
Look no further!

The general idea of this world is to create a place where everyone can share ideas for stories/songs/pictures/videogames anything really!
You can ask for advice on how to deal with a problem or look for inspiration and whatnot.
It's also a dumping ground if you get ideas but know you aren't going to use it and you want to put it out for other people to use.
So come in! Look around, leave a comment, have fun!

[If you want to be a guest poster just let me know and I'll add you on!... If I can figure out how to add guest posters...]

Warning: It is up to you to protect your ideas and how many details you want to disclose. I won't steal your ideas but other people might and I can't be held accountable for this. Dumping ideas that you aren't going to use means anybody is welcome to use them. If you're worried about idea stealing, use caution when discussing things on here. (you can PM people who will definitely not steal your stuff if you want to go into details)

[Writing Experiment] The Epic Saga

Having trouble getting that Lord of the Rings style epic saga on the page?
Try writing a poem about it first!
No need for rhymes if you find that too hard, but using stanzas and poetic ways of thinking will help you figure out the flow of your story. What events are actually important? What parts seem to have a lot of emotion behind it, and in contrast, what parts still seem a little stale? Where is the story going and what are you trying to accomplish with it?
Just a different approach to try and get that masterpiece started!

[Writing Experiment] The Gender Swap

Perfect way to throw those gender stereotypes out the window.
After you write a story or script or anything like that, switch the genders of every character in the story, only changing things like pronouns (and necessary body parts you know what i mean) don't change anything else.

Added twist: you can tell people that you did it at the beginning or end of the work if you want them to think about it just a little bit more.

Happy writing!

[Free Idea] The Power of Art

A world/race/typeofmagic where people can draw over themselves to become something different. You wanna be a tiger? Just pull out the orange and black markers and start drawing!

(crap idea but maybe someone can get some sort inspiration out of it)

Character Advice

Let's start things off!

So I've been having trouble with a tv show script I've been writing. The characters get along too well. They're all friends and not enough drama! Any suggestions? I don't want this story to die, but I'm loosing sight of how to keep it interesting.