Background credit to ~zygat3r(deviantart)

Nickname:Hiro_Masaki, 2Evolution

Been making stuff since 2002 and still kinda a noob at wallpapers since Sakura_Kokoro(my sister who brought me into this)has done this alot longer than me.

As you can see I'm a person with few words....but watch my creativity take over

Farewell and Goodbye

I dislike it for some reason...

Picture Perfect

Bored and about to sleep ......enjoy!

Where Am I

A short fast wallpaper made and I'm might try something hard later on (hopefully)..

Edit:3/29/2010 was featured and man was a hit by all, gotta admit (feature) best way to check other artist out there if your lazy!

Black Rock Shooter, Blue challenge

Finally made some for the blue challenge, plus I have the 2500x1600 version which I will adore lol!

Who... Meme?

Been tagged by NedzumiNya.. RULES
- You must fill out EVERY question! No skipping!

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