Hi im hinatafan379 and im proud 2 present this world 2 all of you who like hinata and naruhina,i myself am a big fan and you mite think my posts will be stupid cuz im a blabber mouth and theyll probly be romantic and ill tell you in other post but all hinatafans are welcome


aw their so cute together! yuck!today bluhart told me that she saw my ex,Loren, checken me out!it was so nasty!

WTF?! shinoxhinata?!

OMFG!shino and hinata?!thatz jus f*cked up!i kant bleive it!this is way worse than sasukexhinata!ah!im guna die!


look!naruto has a GF!and itz hinata!i love this pik so much!it lookz like shez guna kiss him!well ne way itz cute!

Anbu couple!!!!

itz Anbu Naruto and Anbu Hinata!i totaly fell in love wid thiz pik!i think it lookz totaly adorable!

Hinata Rules!

heres anothr pic i found of Hinata,im guna try to find sum NaruHina pics if i can...theyr such a cute cupl!i found sum of hinataxkiba but idk if i shuld post em or not......but i still like Naruhina and im still not sure bout SasuHina....still thinkin bout her n Sasuke...kuz they seem gud 4 each othr...but then agn they dont...so yeah...